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Made reservations for my family to stay at Great Wolf Lodge for our summer vacation and the 4th of July celebration. Payed extra money to stay in a large wolf lodge with loft. First night we stayed my youngest daughter told me she saw a bug on her bed it was late so I had my youngest daughter sleep in our room with us. The next day my oldest daughters friend while we where in the elevator expressed she got bits all over her legs. I looked into it and noticed there was bugs in their room. I notified staff and was told to wait for someone however no one showed up I'm guessing it's from their staff not being able to speak English very well. Missing out on all our time on our vacation I went and spoke with a manager. He came to our room with the "room keeper manager" he called his self and tore the room apart to look for bed bugs. They said they will have someone come the next day due to it being the 4th of July and took all our clothes to dry them to kill the bed bugs. When a wolf pack worker came to help and get more of our clothes the also saw the bed bugs and we took we pictures of them and handed it to him in a napkin. Then then said to take prober steps we need to let the heat dry our clothing and told us we had to toss our kids character teddy bears and kids great wolf lodge pillows and snakes and a few other bears won from previous stays. We then had to purchase clothes until we received our clothes back which took over 15 hrs total and still didn't receive all of them. We where told they would compensate our family two future night for free for our lost time and they said they will compensate everything else until they found out The BBB was contacted on my family's behalf. Once they found that out they wouldn't speak to our family and they would try to help our family and they didn't return all of our family's clothing. .in addition after the found the bed bugs the made us move to a smaller room and wait there all day to tell us what they can take care of which ended up being nothing Rachel told me to talk to BBB she will not help our family and Jason told us contacting the BBB does nothing for our family and will not help our losses nor our situation. All Great Wolf Staff discriminated my family force tacting the BBB because they didn't want to try to help my family. They had no good customer services nor did they care that we where losing sentimental items. Our family trip that was suppose to be fun and a time to remember ended up being a nightmare and traumatized my children. My family and I hope that this never happened to any other family and we are very sad that it cost us over $1, 500 at the least of losses and lost time that we can never get back. Please help make this right for my family by compensating us back our money, our time that was suppose to be our vacation time and we couldn't even swim due to them not returning our swim suits also and us having to wait for 24hours on the check list they had to do for them to get back to us and still they never did and, our lost items infested with bed bugs, our clothes that wasn't returned please see pictures attached of proof of bed bugs In our room and my daughters legs from sleeping on night on there.

Great Wolf Lodge
Great Wolf Lodge
Great Wolf Lodge
Great Wolf Lodge

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    I raised my kids well so you can keep my kids out of your comments. My children are the ones who noticed the bed bugs in their bunk beds! And my punctuation has nothing to do with how filthy Great Wolf Lodge is with the bed bugs infestation. I don’t need compensation for our horrible stay however I would like my kids clothes and items replaced that they never returned after heat testing them. In addition the teddy bears they made us throw away due to being unable to heat treat them to kill the bed bugs. And that’s funny the pictures where taken from my phone not the internet. So maybe you should get a life instead of trying to put others down with your petty unnecessary comments! Here’s another picture taken from my phone of my daughters legs from sleeping in the bed bug infestation at the WI Dells Great Wolf Lodge!!! Guess what that pictures in the WI Dells GREAT WOLF LODGE elevator!


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    My daughter just betrayed me. She told the social worker that I hit her all the time and cover up her bruises with clothing. She is now dead to me.

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