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they won't let me make payment in person, say there are no payment centres

Gmac claims you can only make a payment by mail. They say that there are no payment centers, you can't even pay your loan off at the car dealership where you purchased your car.

When you try to contact them by phone, it is a joke!!! You get transferred from one person to the next, but they can't put you in touch with anyone in charge.

I guess you can come and get the auto, because I can't make a payment. So sad that corporate america is automated and we wonder why the price of everything is going sky high.

incompetent system

Original Home Eq. Loan summer of 2007 with Ditech. Data entry at Ditech entered my SSN incorrectly in transfer to GMAC. It has been a nightmare ever since. All my banking is electronic., I do not even own paper checks. Ditech web pay site down most of the time. Registered on GMAC site. GMAC site keeps wanting me to re-register due to someone trying to gain acess 5+ times in a row. No communication between the Ditech and GMAC system and people. Payments not accepted due to SSN & Ditech vs GMAC account # and my SSN data conflict. Fight to get phone pay and late fees waived or refunded. Customer service phone voice quality very poor as is the understandability of many of the representatives. Advice, steer completely away from these organizations or transfer you loans to another source.

  • Li
    linda Jan 28, 2009

    i too was ripped off by gmac.i tried to modification loan and was told to send in a 940 written by my bank themselves.and then 961 a month.they said the 961 wasn, t enough to redo the loan and sent it back but they cashed the check the bank had made out of 940.they won, t tell me where the 940 is.And to begin with i was scammed out of my home cause me and my husband were falling behind on our wells fargo husband found this guy who would help us save our home and do something like a buy back deal and our name would still be on the house.we sent the checks to this guy who helped us.After my husband passed in 06 i kept makint the house payments and was trying to get a new loan for myself.then in june of 08 i got a letter from gmac that the house would go to forecloser.i paid 1200 checks to this guy we sign with in 05 and i found out our name was never on the loan that he brought the home from us altogether.and then i later found out he took a 2nd mortgage on the house with another co greenpoint mortgage in aug of 06 right before my husband died.there was 10, 000 taken out of the house.i cant get a loan because this guy won, t work with me a Mr George Hatfield has my home along with Gmac.Gmac won, t do anything and took my money.I now have 2 weeks or so to get out of my house.Its going to be auctioned now.This is m home and i don, t want to move.I can get my own loan now but how to i get it from gmac? and not only did i lose money to this guy who took my home and he didn, t pay for 11 months on the home.So i lost all that money money i sent to gmac now and lost my home to this Mr Hatfield.I have no money to move or a place to go.Mr Hatfield did a modification wth Gmac and letter was sent to my address saying the loan was ok and to send in those 2 payments i talked about.The house is going to be gone and i don, t know how to get it back or who to talk to anymore.I want to file a suit against Mr Hatfield for what he did and Gmac.I live in Delaware can anyone tell me who to talk to and where to go to stop them from taking my home.Thank you

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ruining credit!

Everyone on here that is filing a complaint against gmac financial services needs to submit their complaint...

late payment posted on my credit life at the credit bureaus has ruined my credit!

About 3 weeks ago, when interest rates were cut by the federal government, I decided to refinance my home. I filled out all the paperwork. For all intents and purposes, the loan was a done deal. The bank where I applied submitted everything to the underwriter for their approval. The underwriter then sent me some final paperwork to sign and return to them. Again, it was a done deal. I even had the appraisal performed that brought in a good price with no depreciation in value, even though there has been a mortgage meltdown in this country. My savings each month would be about $700.00 to $800.00.

On tuesday, when my mortgage loan was to have been approved, the underwriter did not approve it. This was the same day that the federal government cut the rates again by 3/4 of a point from 3% to 2 1/2%. This would have meant even more savings for me each month over a 30 year period. I was shocked and so was my loan officer at the bank. She proceeded to tell me that the underwriter denied my loan because they said gmac financial services put a late payment on my credit report at the credit bureau's.

For the record, I have never been 30 days late on a truck or car purchase or lease in the past 39 years. And I have purchased or leased 17 vehicles in that time. This could not have come at a worse time. This has cost me $175, 000.00 plus $700.00 to $800.00 savings each month. I make my truck lease payments on my 2004 chevy tahoe z-71 on the first of each and every month. I have 11 payments left. I receive a monthly disability pension check on the first of each month. I made my january 18, 2008 payment at the post office on february 1, 2008. Again, I am never late!

Gmac financial services began calling me in february that they never received my payment. I told them repeatedly that I mailed it on february 1, 2008 at the post office. I called moneygram to find out about the two money orders I mailed to gmac, one for $500.00 and the other for $131.61. They told me that if I want reimbursement of the money orders, I would have to file two claim cards from their website and mail them to money gram accompanied by a $12.00 money order for each.

So, I mailed two money orders, claim cards and original receipts to money gram for reimbursement for the two money orders that I mailed on february 1, 2008. This past friday, march 14, 2008, I received the money gram checks for reimbursement from moneygram. On monday, march 17, 2008, I withdrew the $631.16 from my savings account and made payment to gmac at walmart so that they would get it within 15 minutes.

My mortgage loan officer said that if I could get gmac to remove the late payment from my credit at the credit bureau, the underwriter would approve my loan. So, I called gmac and spoke to two people this past tuesday, sylvia and john, her supervisor, john out of the oregon office. After a lengthy discussion on the telephone with john, a supervisor, he refused to remove the late payment from my credit report at the credit bureau. He told me that gmac's policy is that unless they have made a mistake, they will not remove a late payment at the credit bureau. I attempted to explain to him that gmac did in fact make a mistake by applying the wrong payment to the wrong month.

I have no control over the post office and how they treat mail. For whatever the reason, I did in fact make my payment on time as I have done fot he past 39 years, and never late! Why on earth would I make a payment when i'm refinancing my home. I have all the documentation to prove it!

What are my options? Gmac has cost me an awful lot of money long term, 30 years long term in fact. I filed a complaint with the bbb in akron, ohio, and an investigative complaint with the transunion credit bureau as well as equifax and experian. Additionally, I wrote a letter to the new ceo of gmac financial services who assumes this position on april 1, 2008 with all supporting documentation.

Do I have any legal recourse? After all, I did make the payment as agreed to when it was due. Gmac has cost me a small fortune over the next 30 years. Gmac has 267 billion dollars in assets. I would think a jury of my peers would definitely agree with me. Can a civil suit be filed? I late payment on my credit report will ruin my credit the remainder of my credit worthy life.

I am soliciting all law firms if they are interested in filing a civil lawsuit against gmac financial services, located at 200 renaissance center in detroit, michigan on my behalf.

  • Jr
    jreas77 Feb 23, 2009

    I would love to know if others are experiencing this as well as us. They never recieved my online payment and consequently are dinging my credit for not recieving the payment. They said that I could write a hand-written letter to all three credit bureaus to refute the issues, however why should I invest the time becuase of their incompentence? Please let me know, I would love the oppurtunity to be apart of the reconciliation.

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  • De
    devistatedbyGMAC Feb 24, 2009

    I too am going through something similar!! As we speak I am on hold(go figure) with GMAC corporate!!
    In Sept 08 I began a loan modification on my morgage!! ( I was NEVER late on my morgage and was doing this to be pro-active because I was starting school and would not be working as many hours) I mailed them the down payment via Fed-Ex overnight (Thank God it was tracked)!! They claimed they NEVER recieved the check! Well according to Fed Ex not only did they recieve it someone in their mailroom signed for it!! I continued to call back and forth for FOUR months!! During this time they assured me that not only did I not owe any money because I was in the process of a loan modification but it would NOT affect my credit rating because technically I was "between" loans!! Well...
    Last week I applied for a small four thousand auto loan though my bank and was declined because according to my CREDIT I was 90+ days late on my morgage during the months of September through December!! I have spent the last 48 hours talking to customer service rep after CS rep!! Still I have got NOWHERE!!! I am now unfortunately going to have to resort to legal ways of which I have yet to figure out how or where I will get the money for this!! After all the entire reason I began the loan modification to begin with was because I was going back to school(of which I am now a full time Nursing Student)!!!

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terrible experience!

Gmac mortgage sucks!!! I had heard on the news and also in the news paper that gmac was going to work with...

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unwarranted collections pursuits

I have a vehicle that I financed with GMAC. The deal was a rush job that I was basically powerless to stop; I had just moved to LA and my company -- which had previously been financing my stay -- decided to return my rental car and end my hotel reservation, effective immediately.

Needless to say, this put me in particular financial peril, as a result I was forced to spend nearly $3500 cash out of pocket for the car and my place of residence. This lent itself to my becoming one month behind on the payment, but until the fourth month, I was making on time payments, awaiting the opportunity to fully catch up.

However, just 2 weeks prior to the due date of my fourth payment the fuel pump malfunctioned and cost me $555 to fix. This put me two months behind, and finally, medical expenses that I had to pay on my Mother's behalf put me somewhere between 2 and three (not quite three) months behind on the payment. None of this was unbeknownst to GMAC!

Throughout this time I have made numerous phone calls to GMAC customer service, and the GMAC collection department has called me; however, each time I speak with someone from GMAC there is no cooperate recollection, or access to such records describing the correspondence that has taken place between myself and the company. This was initially a cause for concern when a rep told me that the collections calls were generated by a computer, and no matter if I called everyday, these calls would still be generated. At this point, I have obtained a new (higher paying) job than before, and I simply requested -- from the company where I am spending a ridiculous finance charge for a used vehicle, continuously depreciating in value -- to send me a record of our conversations and they told me that they would not do that. The best explanation that they could offer me was that the records belonged to them, and that they could not provide a written statement for me, stating that I had called in to establish discourse with them to ultimately protect myself from unwarranted collections pursuits. This was in response to a threatening mailing I received after making a payment on 11/16.

I find this to be both lacking in integrity and dangerous for me, the consumer. The least that GMAC could do, is offer me an adequate explanation of the policy. I am getting older now, and I have always been fairly wise/intelligent, and I am sick and tired of having my intelligence insulted by the minions of corporations who -- more times than not -- lack the ability to think for themselves and thusly treat their conversations with me as they would a written response to a training test. I am not on paper. Can you all help? I find that I need to fight organization with organization!



As another person stated in this blog-gmac does not communicate with other depts. I was late 45 days on one...

ruined my credit and refuses to fix mistake they made

Gmac financial services -

I bought a car that was financed through gmac. When I sent them a large payment I called to see how it could be posted. I was told that it would have to be posted as payments and they could not post it to princible because of finance charges.

Well I was told by there supervisor I was paid all the way up to february of 2008. Now I am getting collection calls everyday that they have not received my payments. No duh I am supposed to be paid for 5 months. Turns out they posted it to princible after all and now refuse to fix it. They have dinged my credit with late payment report to the credit bureau's and I don't have the money to pay them.

I have been on the phone with them at least three times a week for a month now and they still won't fix their screw up. No matter what you do when you buy a car if they tell you gmac took your loan run away they don't help your credit they ruin it.

poor service!

My car was reposed on Monday, to find information out about this it takes at least a 1/2-1 hour to get...

no customer service!

Gmac is the worst of the 8 different loan co. I've had. Their different depts. Don't seem to communicate...

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