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On September the 17th 2017, I had my worst ride-share experience ever. For the last 3 years I have been using Uber throughout the world, always receiving impeccable service. However, at the recommendation of a friend, I tried GrabCar for the first time on this trip, as I had heard GrabCar offered lower fares. Now I can see why - I won't be making that mistake again.

On the date in question, I was shopping at The Pavilion KL and needed a trip to Isetan to pick up some shopping on hold, then to my hotel 'The Ritz Carlton', then the airport. I booked the first GrabCar with trip ID ADR-[protected]-2-004. I then went inside, fetched my items and then we went to my hotel to collect my luggage and then we headed to the airport, I began to book the trip through the GrabCar app. The driver told me this was not necessary and informed me that he had already done this on his end. I was very skeptical of this since no Uber driver has ever done this, but he assured me this was a normal part of GrabCar service. I mentioned that the standard KLIA fare was RM65, which he agreed to.

When we eventually arrived at KLIA (after he made several wrong exits), the driver demanded a fare of RM250 cash. I insisted that the fare was RM65 plus tolls and that I wouldn't be paying any more than that. He began to become quite heated with me, insisting that I pay him the extortionate fare. As my flight was departing soon and I felt my partners and my safety was threatened, I attempted to haggle him down. He refused to go any lower than RM200, claiming that this was normal and I was wrong about the fare. Desperate to get out of the car and onto my flight, I paid him the fare and took my bags.

This is the most disgusting experience I have ever received. Immediately, I demand a full credit of the RM200 I was forced into paying. I have never experienced this kind of scamming with Uber, and do not tolerate being extorted.

I have since submitted 3 tickets to try and get a resolution to this experience, but still, have not had anything resolved, I first ticket number is ([protected]), all my details are inside this ticket.

Also, I have tried calling GRAB supports 1300 with no success, it does not work from Australia, (+[protected])

I look forward to your immediate response.

Marc Robinson

  • Updated by Marc Robinson · Oct 16, 2017

    Sorry, the date of the incident was September the 18th 2017


  • M
      Oct 19, 2017

    @marc, You have been cheated/scammed big time by the Grab driver. It is a pity. You have the e-mail an official complaint to Grab Malaysia with the car plate's number. Copy the e-mail to SPAD (the local regulator): [protected]

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  • D
      Dec 02, 2017

    I have a different complaint. I am in Australia but some one is using my name in Penang & Grab has emailed me receipts on 2 occasions with my name!!
    On 27/11/17 - Booking No: ADR-[protected]-3-021 & on 2/12/17 - Booking No: ADR-[protected]-3-026.
    What is going on ?
    Name of the 1st driver: Abu Bakar Bin Rahim & the 2nd driver: Yeoh Chee Boon
    Can Grab Clarify?

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  • J
      Feb 20, 2018

    You got cheat by the driver. Complain him. And one more grabcar prices is excluding tols. And uber price is including tols

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