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This happened on 9 March 2019. I made my booking at 2.40pm, found a driver at 2.41pm, all the while standing at Stephen Riley Centre in NUS. My destination was at SIT Dover. I received the notification that the driver has arrived at 2.46pm (me thinking he was waiting at Stephen Riley Centre drop-off point). The driver was Choo Kim Leong, Simon. License plate SJB780U. Booking ID: IOS-[protected]-9-001

I made my booking at Stephen Riley Centre in NUS, thinking that the Grab car can drive over to pick me up at Stephen Riley Centre. Grab app detected my location to be at the NUS bus stop which was far from my actual location. I did not notice anything wrong as I thought the grab would drive to Stephen Riley Centre. I thought that Grab app had accurately detected my exact location (the road name indicated represents drop off area of Stephen Riley Centre in NUS) and would drive to where I made the booking from. I only found out the driver was at the bus stop after he arrived as he only replied to my messages after arriving. I was unfamiliar with NUS as well and had to take time to find my way to the bus stop by using Google map. The driver said I was overcharged by $8 for booking at wrong location and arriving late. With this, I regret putting too much confidence in the Grab app with regards to the accuracy of location detection.

I went to check the terms and conditions. There's only surcharge of $5 for every 5 min late (after 5 min grace period) and no surcharge for booking from wrong location. No information found on surcharge for wrong location (Grab app detected my location wrongly to begin with). (attachment: Screenshot of Driver Waiting Time Conditions by Grab)

I feel upset that I have been overcharged and it felt like I was being taken advantage of by the grab driver as he could tell I'm new to booking rides with Grab. My ride was from NUS to SIT, a less than 10 min ride. I find it unreasonable to have been overcharged by such a huge amount, given that my location has been detected wrongly by Grab app in the first place and the driver did not inform me beforehand where he will be stopping by at. He only told me he was waiting at the bus stop after arriving, which by then was too late for me, considering the time I took to ask him if he could drive over to Stephen Riley Centre and asking for where the bus stop is.

Being my first time booking a grab ride on my own this has been an unpleasant experience for me with Grab and I would like to request for refund of the additional $8 I was charged with into my bank account for miscommunication of location by the Grab app and the unreasonable charge of $9 for a short trip from NUS to SIT. $9 may seem like a small amount to Grab and many others but it's a pricey amount for a short trip (

GrabCar / GrabTaxi
GrabCar / GrabTaxi
GrabCar / GrabTaxi
GrabCar / GrabTaxi
GrabCar / GrabTaxi

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    I realized my complaint was cut short by this website and so will be posting the second half of my complaint here:
    pricey amount for a short trip (

Mar 10, 2019

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