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Date: october 1, 2019

Description of incident:
I had called to update my bank information so that they can get my funds out of the correct account and now my funds are going nsf. I had called once and spoke to a women who wouldn't provide her name. She assisted with removing the extra charges on my account. Two weeks had gone by and a associate at the gym told me I had charges on my account due to "wrong bank information". I then called the head office again, the same lady I had spoken to last time took my call again. Her tone of voice was rude and disrespectful. She had mentioned that she remembered speaking to be 2 weeks prior and that she had told me that I was getting charged nfs fees due to it coming out of a closed account. I had told her that she infect did not mention that and that she had told me that I had provided the wrong bank information. She kept saying my name wrong after I kept correcting her 4 times. She also went on speaking over me, raising her voice and hanging up the phone on me after I had politely mentioned to her that I wasn't finished speaking and that I would be ok with speaking to someone else. I am furious as to how I was treated. Extremely disappointing for such a big franchise! I would really appreciate if the extra charges be removed from my account and the funds that had not been payed, be payed.

Best regards,
Khadija hadi

Oct 01, 2019

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