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Goodlife Fitnessdiscriminating bigots

I attended this gym for four months, and from the minute i walked into their facility, i was harassed by the personal trainers. I was called "sir", and mocked and ridiculed because i present in an androgynous manner. They would gang up and bully me relentlessly. When i complained to the management their response was referencing their "token" lesbian Allison they have on staff, and that "she gets called sir all the time doesnt bother her". They also told me that the guys involved had called me "sir" in error. However, they said and i quote "hope you had a good workout out today SIR" as i was going into the women's only section to continue my workout. Had they of truly thought i was a male, dont you think they would have prevented me from going in? The managers are unobjective and totally unprofessional. When i was referencing one of the trainers by name and his misconduct with me, she kept on correcting my enunciation of his name. Why is it more imperative that i say someone's name correctly but it isnt an important issue when they mistakenly reference my "gender"??? I was perpetually harassed by the trainers friends and colleagues on the floor when i was trying to work out; goading and harassing me interrupting my workout i would do alone in the studio. In fact there was an elderly woman that came into the studio when i was well established in my workout and proceeded to hit GOLF BALLS one of which missed my face literally by half an inch. When i went out to complain etc, i said it was a matter of safety; i had asked her to move and she refused. Luiz Hernandez told her to stop hitting the balls because it was a potential risk, and then turned and verbally attacked me saying i had no right to be using the studio to run; go run outside or on a treadmill, and that i was disrupting the use of the studio by "their members". so an us and you scenario. If i can go run outside, then she can go hit her golf balls in her backyard or at a park! I have just as much right to use the space and how i see fit especially when i was in the space FIRST. The manager defended this woman and said i was the one "being unreasonable and she had every right to hit golf balls" at my head no less. ???? Then the final broo ha was i was in the body attack class and these two large statured women kept hedging in on my space while i was trying to do class. We set to the floor for push ups and this woman had her spot taken by another woman so she takes my space. She literally put her big huge smelly clown feet directly in my face. I said excuse me will you please move up so your feet arent in my face? She smiled and laughed and refused to move. I finally hit her feet with my left hand and said how disrespectful. I said if someone else took your spot go deal with it with her instead of bullying me and being rude to me. Show some respect. Jen Toop put ME out saying i was the one that was inappropriate for "hitting" her feet. Well why is it that certain ones of us are designated subordinate and our rights and feelings dont matter s much as anyone else that exists? That is blatant discrimination and inequity.
They put me out of all Goodlife centres in canada because this woman bullied me and i dared to stand up for myself; because the personal trainers were violating my human rights, and i spoke up against it, that some rude and irrational woman came into a space after me that i was already using and starting hitting golf balls at my skull and i didnt tolerate it or think there was nothing wrong with that.
These people are a bunch of unprofessional redneck narrow minded ignorant hillbillies. The equipment is never fixed, the equipment in the womens area is second rate compared to the co-ed floor even tho a woman supposedly manages the place, and they gossip like a bunch of teenagers online. They have an attitude problem and nothing to show for it. The trainers were mad at me too because i dodged their annoying never ending harassment trying to get me to buy into their personal training rip offs. I witnessed them speaking disrespectfully to their clients young and old. They have NO ONE over the age of 35 acting as a fitness professional in the club. If you ride on the bus, or are of low socioeconomic status they will not either hire you or permit you to attend.
I wouldnt go there if you are rights minded and believe that all people regardless of ability or disability have the same equal right to enjoyment inclusion and RESPECT AND EQUITY.


  • Well go take some hydroxycut and call me in the morning. Jen and what was your name again? youre so truly forgetful.
    I was hardly "mean or rude or aggressive". If standing up for myself against your bigotry renders you an excuse then use it.
    You are so pathetic.
    Im so glad im not you . go eat something and drink some beer and live under your pitiful and sad patriarch Windsor ON. lol Some of us dont live in the dark ages, respect diversity, dont harass it then scapegoat it and lie to qualify your mistreatment thereof. If i was mean or angry or disruptive or whatever it was because i was being endlessly harassed. If someone sticks her jealous clown feet in my face, and i ask her to move and she laughs at me and sticks them in my face further? talk about immaturity. She is lucky that a back hand to her clown feet is all the jealous ### got. Next time ill do it Toronto style. Fill in the blanks red neck. cue the banjo music. lmao

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  • So
    someone/else Aug 19, 2011 the anger portrayed here against free speech...not one of the comments is true, the claims that "I know exactly who you are" ###...if someone hits me, no matter where I am, a gym, a grocery store, doesn't matter, they should be kicked out of that facility...or charged with matter WHO they are. As for the pathetic rhetoric regarding discrimination, give me a break...the reason people know who you are Donna is because you are very rude, aggressive, disruptive, and downright nasty to people. Discrimination is not at issue were not singled out except for your own doing...hitting, swearing, etc.

    as for the other comments, you just made my point by calling the people complaining against you "fat" should really think about what you say before releasing the words from your mouth...KKK mentality? Ku Klux Klan references?? Really?

    And as far as me being deliberately aggressive with you and you calling me a FB, you need help...I mean really, how immature and an obvious attempt at getting attention.

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  • What does treating someone "butch" even mean? Is that a way of qualifying your mistreatment of someone that presents in a way that you dont approve of? Hence why she says that you are a bunch of red neck meaning ignorant bigots. I couldnt agree more. As far as the token lesbian comment; it was highlighting their attitudes of singling her out when she complained about what was going on... and as far as the women referencing her claiming they knew who she was and their experiences with her in the change room the studio etc. This is hard evidence of the "othering" she was subjected to if they even know off the top who this person is. It sounds like a very hostile unprofessional KKK mentality as far as im concerned. The woman that claimed she came into the studio to her saying f B**** i know for a fact that this woman was friends with Luis one of the personal trainers and one of the "friends" she referenced that would constantly and deliberately disrupt and harass her as she worked out on the floor and in private in an attempt to get her to react and then get put out. Bunch of pathetic bullies. And the girl that wrote that comment is a bleach blonde desperado that has no self esteem and extremely insecure. The comments saying she should buy equipment and work out with her cats in her basement apartment; it would probably be healthier for her to do so then to be around your toxic bigoted pathetic ###. Jealous. First and last. Jealous. The comments about the cats and innuendos around the mental health and socioeconomic status and her mental health status around "anti social" etc PROVES again the attitude towards her was bone fida of discrimination and harassment. Even if she DOES have mental health issues or is anti social ( i wonder why she would be with such glowing experiences around such great people like yourselves) she still has the right to inclusion under the ontario disabilities act. As far as being charged for battery? Next time make it worth your while then and actually give her what she deserves. Im sure this woman was in better shape then the majority of the unhealthy witch hunters that bullied her there and even here in this forum. So highschool. pathetic. read a book and move . You need to experience life obviously not everyone lives like you and it doesnt make them inferior or unworthy of respect and inclusion!

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  • If youre butch ill treat you butch? What does that mean even? So you admit you have a bigoted and differential treatment towards someone you perceive presents "butch". As far as the token lesbian thing, that is what THEY placed her as to excuse their bigotry; if you were intelligent enough to get it. And as far as the women here that claimed they "saw me in their change room" and that "cursed" at them etc. Whatever; case in point that all you people did was harass and gossip and alienate me from the minute i stepped foot in the place. Other wise how would you know who i was? hot gossip fodder was it? And as far as the person i supposedly called an "f b****" you were deliberately aggressive with me disrupting my workouts constantly trying to get me to react so that i would be thrown out; in fact you are Luis' "honey" or wanna be anyways. You are so desperate yourself and so insecure it is pathetic. ps youre fat.

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  • Ja
    janet smith-jones May 26, 2011

    Your perspective is full of contradictions. I have attended this particular location for well over a decade and have never had issue with any of the staff. I find it hard to believe that a woman purposefully hit golf balls at your head, that any of the personal trainers would speak to you in the manner you describe. I have found that the staff do their best to build personal yet professional relationships with members. Like I said, I have never experienced any unprofessional conduct. Maybe I go into the gym to work out and enjoy the stress relief this affords me at the end of my busy work days. I have never been told "have a good day ma'am" since the staff all know my name and make it a point to be courteous. You use terms such as redneck, unprofessional, bigots, etc. Have you ever considered that your personal issues are let loose upon anyone who YOU do not approve of? You will not remember, possibly because there have been many people you have offended, but you actually yelled at me once in regards to walking into the fitness studio. I believe your words were something to the effect to 'get the "F" out of here, I was here first you F-ing B'...I am not interested in swearing or belittling you, but I have to wonder why, if you were treated so poorly, why would you wish to remain? Equal rights and all that, at the end of the day, your behaviour is so outrageoes that many are thankful that your membership has been revoked so that we may continue to enjoy OUR time at the gym as we have prior to your one against the world attitudes against a wonderful facility with wonderful staff. There are a number of community centres who may be better suited to your needs...less people in YOUR space. ps...I will not name names such as you have, however, those you have named or described are all good people who do not deserve your criticisms or your form of harrassment. Enjoy your life and please let others enjoy theirs.

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  • Li
    Living a positive life May 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I attend this same gym and witnessed your aggressive behaviour toward a woman in the change room one day. She and I were chatting and you walked in, stared at her, shook your head and did the crazy finger spin at her. When you went into the washroom she asked me what she did to get that reaction, sincerely baffled. We did nothing to instigate this behaviour from you and she was a little shaken from it. Frankly, many of us knew to avoid eye contact with you and it had everything to do with attitude and not appearance, by the way. I feel sad for you and hope you find some peace in yourself. Maybe you were harassed and hurt in the past but don't carry that with you. You can live your life behaving like a victim who has to challenge everyone or realize that not everyone is against you. Smile and the world smiles with you. It's true!

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  • Aw
    awesomedyke May 19, 2011

    "token lesbian?"... did it ever cross your mind that this person might actually be good at their job and have valuable experience and knowledge to offer. You talk about how the staff members were abusive and bigoted towards you, but you've just done the same thing to someone who's just like you.

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  • Sr
    srchng4care May 18, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    haha thats kinda funny ^^^^ if you look butch im gonna treat you butch !!! lol

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  • Sr
    srchng4care May 14, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    charged with battery thats funny shes lucky a swat on the feet IS ALL SHE GOT!!!

    and yes i would contact my lawyer also once even twice okay but constantly being bullied like that is wrong! i will agree you sound a bit antisocial but i think you have a good case here

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  • Br
    briesies May 14, 2011

    wow ... people DO NOT READ ... SHE didn't like that fact that SHE was being called Sir . SHE should have sued the crap out of this place !

    I pay to come to a place I assume I will get full consideration, she got abused, bullied and treated to hate crimes .

    I don't know the rules of law in Canada but if that was me I would be calling my Lawyer

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  • Ch
    chevypride98 May 02, 2011

    wow, most grown men find it very appealing and proper to be called sir. are you sure you dont have a bad case of antisocialism. Get a home gym and some work out videos and stay home

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