Gold's Gymmoney stolen from my locker

Na Sep 30, 2019

On 28/09/2019 i went to the gym to workout and like every other day i put my bag, which had my wallet inside, in the locker and i safely locked it using a passcode.
After my workout i took my bag and left 10 mintues after leaving i notliced that my wallet was empty any my 80 JOD were gone. i contacted a contact person at the gym and he told me that he will take action and get back to me but he didnt.
so the following day on 29/09/2019 i went to the gym and asked to see the GM to submit my complaint verbally and officially but they didnt allow me to see the Gm and instead they asked me what happened then i told him and they told me they cant do anything about it as there are no cameras in the ladies locker room.
i told them that it is not a matter of cameras all lockers are locked using a passcode that evey memeber choses however there is a master key that is used to open all lockers ( if some get stuck or something) and this key is with the locker staff that is why i am accusing them o stealing my oney and helding them accountable to whta haapened.
Tey havent reacted nor took a professional action towads my complaint and my money is gone.
I hope this complaint get to Gold's Gym Franchise as it will affect their image and reputation and i am sure it will happen to someone else.

Thank you

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