Gold's Gym - San Diegovery bad experience!

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My experience with Golds gym in San Diego was nothing like any other gym I have ever been to in my life. The problem that I had with Golds is that Golds would have hoped to become my historical partner but also never offer anything financially to the entire world other than closing gym costs.

You see Golds figures too advance at all things whether they were there or not it wouldn't make a difference. I worked out in gyms like worlds and Rockys that were managed by real sized men with real sized spotters physiques where I could have really gotten stronger in a real gym atmosphere. People taking numbers at Golds were mostly military runners who also would not have beaten certain high school competition though they are now in college. It was a place for fads and football fans none of whom could truly play the game anything affective or realistic. But yet they were there. Golds is the type of a gym I would make a second investment in if I was looking for specific equipment that I did not happen to find any place else but no longer need. Which was why I left a lot of weird dudes in a not completely public place of view that no longer includes me because I'm much smarter than the fine print of Golds contracts and its football fantasyworlds.


  • Ca
    carlar Sep 01, 2018

    I don't mind that my location (Burlington, NC) is closing overnight now but opening at 5:00am is not early enough for me and several others. I have to go in at 4:30 because of my work schedule. Please reconsider this 5:00 decision. I don't want to leave this gym!

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  • Ro
    Robocoto Sep 02, 2018

    I am complaining about instructor patty quintero in golds gym in brownsbille because she did not explained class instructions on English and i fell down..i was told by her that she does not know english..i am already Gona..fight da case in court and request money for that negligence..its better if u let go of this employee.

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  • Ma
    MarissaKeeper33 Oct 22, 2018

    I unknowingly signed up for a contract online and they wont let me cancel it! Ive visted the actual location to resolve the issue but have never gotten any help. A manger emailed me today, saying he heard I had an issue. That was the full content of the email. I will never recommend this gym and will activly tell people to avoid them.

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  • Am
    Amr helmy Nov 11, 2018

    Everyday @ 8 am I ask about towels, but not avilable becouse the dryer is broken for month ago .

    Also the in body machine not found for 2 months ago .

    Everyday I ask a bout this machine .

    The answer : may be tomorrow or after tomorrow .

    This is golds gym zayed.

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  • Ca
    Cat36 Nov 13, 2018

    I don't like the idea that I was charged 3 tmes for the month of December 2016. That meant I got charged $63 for the month instead of the $42. There should be a set date for twice a month not a bi-weekly payment.

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  • Ha
    happy jais Dec 12, 2018

    My name is Harshita Jaiswal,
    I am the trainer of the Gold Gym, the manager of the Gold Gym of the Varanasi City, Anoch Ahamad. She has invited me to have sex in the hotel and if I do not go, then I have thrown him out of the gym. whose is my proof. Will I call the media And complete proof live show

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  • Ta
    Tamara93 Feb 11, 2019

    I have been trying to contact the gym since October 2018 about not receiving my month of personal training I pre paid for. Everyone is dodging emails and never gets back to me, today Dustin (who we've tried to get ahold of for a good month) got all mad because we finally caught him dodging calls & emails. I am done waiting.

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  • Al
    Alikorshed Oct 07, 2019

    Golds gym (sheraton branch) in egypt is the worst ever. Very poor service, no maintenance, not clean, very bad image for golds gym. Complained several times with no response . Attached are the pictures of bathrooms.
    Towels are all cut. Really poor service and high value of money against service provided

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  • Pr
    Prashant awachar Dec 08, 2019

    Respected sir
    Am prashant awachar also member last 6 month gold gym .just I remember to you pune new gold gym there are not a perfect service and product and bathing not clean .jast a thing my money wst
    Please I tell u that action

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  • Sa
    SAM Ibra Feb 01, 2020

    Recently golds gym Saudi Arabia Jeddah male branch changed the drinking water system and it us always empty we have complained to them many time without luck..we have even contacted their customer service center withoutluck

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