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A Sep 11, 2018

To whom it may concern

I write to you after after 9 months of frustration and bad experience at your franchise/branch in Egypt: Golds Gym Egypt Elite - Kattameya Heights

This branch is in fact labeled "elite" promising and communicating an even more elite service than Golds Gym regular standard; however that is completely not the case.

Over the past period of 9 months, I can count the days of which towels were available, no machines were on "maintenence" or the showers didn't smell.

I suffer from hyperhidrosis, which makes it very uncomfortable, unhygienic and definitely not an elite situation, to wipe out my sweat every day in my own clothes. I've submitted several complaints and requests, to the operations manager, who seems to be changed every couple of months; with no avail.

It took the place 3 months to realize and fix a huge piece of shattered glass above head level, which was very unsafe for clients over the period.

I'm fed up with the unprofessional, unhygienic, reckless and frustrating experience and attitude; which seems will never change. This doesn't stand even close to the standards of Golds Gym, and definitely not an "elite" or even normal service. This place is one of the most expensive gyms in egypt and can't even offer towels on a daily basis.

I kindly request immediate refund to my remaining subscription and this is a kind note for your action, as I'm sure this is not what the brand stands for.

Thank you for your consideration and support

Ahmed Ezzat Elsobky
Chairman & Managing Director
Generations Genetics Medical Labs

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