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E Aug 06, 2018

good day, there is no one to complain to here in the philippines no complaints desk nothing so i want to call the attention of golds gym international, because i believe that golds gym have a specific standards and is a great company thats why i enrolled at golds gym, an incident happend yesterday august 6, 2018 4:00-5:00PM (philippine time) myself and my cousin are enrolled at golds gym blue bay walk macapagal, we started working out like 3 minutes and all of sudden a coach at the said gym watched and stares at us then goes his way directly to the club manager and told him something, then as i watch him after a few minutes the manager goes at my direction and confronts me telling me that i am not allowed to train with my cousin for i am a licensed professional trainer, i feel so disrespected and offended because trully i am not what they say i am, i am a normal athletic guy who wants to train my cousin like i do because he doesnt know anything and he is so fat. ofcourse i need to tell him the basics of working out. i hope you could reach me for further details. if not i may go to court or even the media for this. this is not the stndards im looking for, i was disrespected by disrespectful staff.
the coach that reported me was louie carl viros. it was pure [censored] when you only see us for 3 minutes and accuse me of being a professional PT

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