Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS]bus stop on the main road woodstock, in front of 41 sir lowey road

R Sep 11, 2018

Good day

I have been taking the bus daily to and from this stop for over 2 years. More recently than before the afternoon drivers ( bus that leaves Capetown by 350) would just drive past. This happens when it is not even full. In the last month i was told by the bus driver that i am not standing at the bus stop. There werw other bus commuters standing there too. The bus i catch is the main road: cape town - retreat bus. After this i stood where that driver pointed. At the pole, depicting the bus stop sign: the blue one. Today the 350 cape town retreat bus, stop almost pass me. Then as i get in the driver says that im not standing at the correct stop. I don't understand, first the one driver says I must stand there then this says I must not.

Could someone please clearly indicate where this bus stop is.?
As this affects my travelling. If the bus does not stop it mean i need to wait for almost 30 minutes for another, then wish the driver stops.

Please assist in resolving this.

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