GoldCar Rentalcharges for damage that were not my damages and I have the proof!

I rented Vehicle 3323JYF Seat Leon 1.2 TSI Style 110CV Grey on 3/02/19 to 17/02/19 on contract [protected] there was a lot of damage on the vehicle and myself and another Goldcar representative went around the vehicle to check off the damage and I signed for this on sign out.when I arrived to return the vehicle - the vehicle was checked and signed for against the damage on sign out as above. (this damage was never updated on sign out)
I had booked a car for another 2 weeks but they had no cars left so I was told to take the same vehicle out again. - Vehicle 3323JYF Seat Leon 1.2 TSI Style 110CV Grey 17/02/19 to 03/03/19 and given a new contract: [protected] - when I went in to request the car, I was told by Sergio to just take the vehicle as it had been sign off on return.
So I did but this was incorrect Sergio should have taken the damages into the new contract. So on return the car the second time, I have been given a huge damages charge. I have sent in copies of the proof that I have from the previous contract but this does not seem to matter. I was forced to sign the car back in by some pretty nasty staff and told to go again!
I was told to claim on my insurance? Why should my insurance pay for Goldcar's surly incompetence? but also this is fraud surely?
I have attached the photo I took on sign out after returning the car after the first 2 weeks and the photos that the staff took of the same damage from the sheet marked with highlighter on the second proof of damage sheet.

GoldCar Rental
GoldCar Rental
GoldCar Rental
GoldCar Rental

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