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cargo de 950 euros por un golpe que ya tenía el vehículo

Mi número de reserva es [protected] en aeropuerto de Malta. Alquilamos un vehículo durante el periodo de 01/06/18 hasta el 07/06/18. Al recoger el vehículo este tenía multitud de golpes y rayones, era de noche y la revisión no se podía realizar muy bien. Durante los días que tuvimos el vehículo no tuvimos ningún problema ni accidente. Al entregar el vehículo el personal del aeropuerto se sacó de la manga un golpe en la parte baja del vehículo próxima a la rueda trasera. Entre unas cosas y otras amenazaban que no devolvían la fianza si no firmaba el parte, eso mas las prisas el problema del idioma, el personal mediante engaño comentan que van a realizar un cargo pero que lo devolverían, cual es la sorpresa que lo que me decían que era una devolución de parte de la fianza de 1100 euros, se trataba de un cargo de 947 Euros, por un roce que hasta oxido tenía de lo viejo que era.

full payment not received.

Contact Number - [protected].

Vehicle Registration - 2058KBK. Fiat Panda.

Date rented - 28th May - 8th June 2018.

Airport - Manises, Valencia, Spain.

Agent booked through - Cartroller Promotions.

We collect and returned the car with no problems. The car was returned full with petrol.

However, a charge of $1, 450.89 was charged to my credit card. They told me this would be returned if everything was ok. When we returned the car everything was ok. However, we only received @1.364.81 back on our credit card.

This is a difference of $86.08. I can understand there might be a slight difference but definitely not this much. I have used many other car hire companies and never had this problem.

Was this a petrol amount that was not credited?

Please can you find out an explanation for this?

Geoffrey Luker
US phone number [protected].

extra charges on return

Over 16 years of overseas car hire, this is the first company not to bother checking car on return. They were just uninterested and pointed to a key box. 48 hours on return to England, low and behold I have a charge of €200 for an apparent damaged bumper. What makes it worse is instead of £190 fee exiting my bank account on approx the current exchange rate, they somehow make €200 euros equal to £280. I emailed Goldcar a week ago asking for a photo of the damage to see if it matches the photos that I took on returning the car which shows no damage. Unsurprisingly, no response from Goldcar. Oh, the paperwork when the car was collected highlighted damage to the bumper!

extra charges on return

car rental

When we arrived to drop the car off, there was a man directing the cars into the car park, he directed me in to the car park because we were in a traffic jam and told me to go into the office, I parked and did as he asked. I took the baby chair in to the office as well, but the ladies in the office said I had to take the car somewhere else. All our luggage, baby and other child were already waiting to get into the airport. So left it with them. I paid top rate to use your service, never had a problem with gold car before, am not very happy at all.

car rental

I just rented a car at Goldcar-porto-airport-office. They charged me more than 180 euro for a little scratch on the door, that was so little that we haven't seen it when I took the car. I just drove to the place where I had to go and the car was parked in a garage where it was the only car. So nothing happened, the scratch was too little to be seen, simply. I want the money back. When you give back the car, there is no time to complain because the flight does not wait. It is difficult to find a way to get customers service. Please answer

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car hire

I hired a goldcar from nice airport, the car was returned in damaged and with full fuel, there terms and conditions state that the fuel deposit and the £1300 deposit will be returned within max 8 days,
They have not returned my money ! After 14 days do far ! Their customer service will not discuss over phone, you have to log ‘ An Incident ‘ on their web site !
AVOID AVOID AVOID !!! This company are crooks !!!

[censored] that work at the airport in madeira

I'm sick of those people you call staff at the desk in airport Madeira island. Mónica is one rude...

charged for damage which was on car when we picked it up

We collected a car from San Javier airport and noted the damage which was already on the car. On returning the car this damage was pointed out to us and we were told we were liable for it! We disputed this but got nowhere. There was a previous repair to the car for which we have been charged 200 euros, slight marks on back passenger door charged 200 euros again and brush marks which will polish out charged 150 euros. GoldCar have charged us in total just of £495.00!!! We are therefore disputing the damage and also the amount we are being charged even if we were responsible for this damage. This claim by GoldCar is fraud on their part and we are challenging their claim.

no contact from customer services and owed money

I had a booking from the Alicante Office on the 25th April
We checked the car but did not see how bad the tyres were until after arriving at our destination, the next time we went to use the car, they were bold to the wire on the front and highly dangerous to drive on.
We also had a slight cigarette smell, and found a cigarette butt in the boot.
We contacted the contact center on the 1st of May and were told that as we didn't have super relax cover that we would have to pay for recovery and also get our way back to the airport to get another car. We later realised on return that Breakdown is included in the standard cover so why were we told this.
We spoke to a manager and I was asked to email photo's of the tyres to [protected], the manager called back and confirmed that we could get the tyres replaced and would be reimbursed if we returned the invoice in the name of goldcar. So this is what we did. The Alicante office were very apologetic and surprised at the issue. We could not raise the issue on the online system as it did not recognize any of our details despite being logged in with the same details at the time. So the office raised a case for me and emailed me the reference the next day.
I had no response so contacted the customer service number, they advised again to raise it it in writing on the website, I explained the issue there and they told me (Incorrectly) to write to [protected], as I didn't get a response, I contacted the number again and was given [protected], so wrote a lengthy email to them.
No response, so called again, not helpful, told me to email, so I chased again via [protected]@... No response, called again, this time more helpful, could see the photo's that id sent an the communications and notes, put on hold while spoke to team and was told that I would get a response later that day. Well, I did get a response, saying there was no record of any of my complaint and basically dismissing my claim and complaint. I responded, still now a week later, no response. I call up, no help, told to email the CS team again.
No way of escalating my issue.
I am owed money, and had part of my holiday ruined because I could not use the car.

car rental

I rented in Catania (Sicily) a vehicle for a week, on the check-in nothing was announced on the vehicle and no one was present to do it with us at 10am, everything seemed in order, at back, bringing this car (a Peugeot 308) leaning down, a check out employee finds us a scratch of 40 to 50 cm on the front bumper to the right, strictly invisible if we do not bend hard to see it ... and of course the deposit left of 1364 € visa card platinum is likely to be used to redo a painting (or simple polishing). I add that I have not scratched or touched and I suspect this agency Goldcar to try to scam us simply ... in total it would have to inspect very finely this car (lying on the ground!) Before take it and report this scratch.
I enclose the photos taken this morning at the agency of Catania, a catch at man height (nothing visible IMG_4596) and the other at one foot, IMG_4597, where appears the damage
I also enclose a copy of the rental contract with Goldcar Catane following the payment by Visa card of the Lyon Catane AR flight and the car rental contract taken at the same time.
Of course we expressed our extreme dissatisfaction with the interested ... the agency Goldcar in Catania, this morning May the 21st. We were told that we had to take the special insurance (to pay of course) or to be able to do a very accurate ckeck in... implying really uneasy look...

car rental
car rental
car rental

car rental charges

I rented a vehicle from GoldCar Rental with my booking via Expedia for my holiday.
I collected the vehicle from Majorca Airport on 12/05/2018 and when collecting was told I must pay 111.00Euros for fuel deposit which I was advised would be refunded to me when the vehicle is returned with a fuel tank of petrol, and also 209.47Euros for insurance, which I assumed was to cover anything accidents that may happen whilst driving the vehicle. Later when I arrived at my hotel and was checking over my booking details with Expedia I noticed that it stated insurance including damage waiver was included in my booking, and decided I would mention this when returning the vehicle at the end of my holiday as I was sure it would of just been a returnable amount.
At the end of my holiday, on my way to the airport, I filled the vehicle up with petrol and I went to the desk to return my keys and advised the gentleman about the insurance and he stated that I would need to take this up with someone else at the other desk. I went into the airport, but was unable to see 'the other desk' to take this matter up, so decided I would email upon my return but am unable to locate an email address on the website for GoldCar Rental.
I have now returned from my holiday and received an email, from '[protected]', stating that I would receive a refund of 110.00Euros, minus 7.00Euros Fuel Tank and 50.00Euros Penalty for Full Tank Breach?
I have attached photographic evidence that the vehicle tank was full upon leaving the vehicle at the airport car park as requested and also photographic evidence that the insurance was included in the initial car hire.
I would be grateful of the full refund of 320.47Euros instead of the 53.44Euros stated in your email.
Could you please respond to this complaint by 27/05/2018.

car rental charges
car rental charges
car rental charges

car rental

We issued a formal complaint to Goldcar Rental through email.

On Thursday 10th of May my husband and I rented a car from Goldcar at the international airport in Malta. The staff were friendly and presented a well-run service at the desk in the store. After everything had been arranged, we went to collect the car in the car-park. The car we got was a Peugeot 107/ 1.0/ chassis VF3PNCFB4CR026370. It was clearly in very poor condition, on both the outside and interior of the car - please refer to the evidence of this in the attached photos. There was a dent on the left side of the car which was obviously the result of a collision. On the way out of the airport, he could feel something was unusual about the car and it was making a strange noise, but we assumed that it was something minor relating to the fact that car was generally damaged and had been crashed before, so he continued driving to Hostel Jones where we were staying. He drove for 20 minutes and parked the car until around 9am the next morning. At that time we made our way to the boat departures to Comino. This was a journey of around 40 minutes and we parked the car again until around 1:15pm. After that we had a quick stop at the Popeye Village and followed our way again to Mdina. At this time, the car stopped responding, lost power and a weird smoke started coming under the hood of the car. He switched the car off and when He switched it on again, to our surprise the gear wasn't responding at all. We contacted the emergency number and the staff arrived less than fifteen minutes later. They checked the car and informed us that the problem was the clutch and that the whole part was broken. They demanded we sign a document agreeing to pay €923, 94 for the problem. He refused to pay this amount as We knew we were not responsible for the damaged clutch. The two representatives of your company then told us that if we did not sign the document then they would drive away and leave us where we were. Both my husband and I felt threatened by this remark. Since our only other option was to be abandoned by your company in an unfamiliar place with no car, He reluctantly signed the document, feeling under duress to do so. The amount charged seemed excessive for a broken clutch. Since this incident, we have investigated the market rates for the replacement of this part (including labour) in Peugeot cars, both online and in several Peugeot dealerships. However, to reiterate, if He had not signed the contract authorising the payment, we would have been stranded with no assistance.

At the time of the incident, we attempted to discuss the fact that a clutch does not break in less than 24 hours and the car was already damaged when we took it. However, your staff representatives were not open to listening or discussing the fact that we were accused of breaking something that takes time and low or no maintenance to break.

The towing and the replacement car arrived after 2 hours without a full tank, as shown in the photos below, even though we had to return it with a full tank. We completely reject the amount charged for several reasons, most importantly because we didn't damage the car or any part of it. We would like the company to resolve this complaint immediately.

Furthermore, we request that you forward to us evidence of the maintenance history of the car - the vehicle had more than 69.000km driven and also was in very bad condition as we said before and as demonstrated in the photos.

On the basis of all of the information outlined above, in addition to the indisputable photographic evidence supplied with this e-mail, we request an immediate refund of the amount we were unduly forced to pay on the credit card. We expect a satisfactory response within five days of sending this e-mail to you. If we do not receive a response from you on or before Friday 25th May, we will take further actions to get this issue sorted.

EVIDENCES - Provided by email:
Car conditions both interior and outside: 19 photos
Contract, Damage invoice and Receipt refuelling: 03 photos
Whatsapp Conversation with staff member: 05 photos
Routes:04 photos

Kind regards,

Patricia Dias

car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental
car rental

car hire additional charges

Contract [protected] 18-27/04/18
I have attempted to email full details as advised by Customer Services but not acknowledged as valid site?
On collection of car charged E286.39/£259.20 which was advised would be refunded on return of the vehicle in same condition + full tank of fuel, which it was. Only received E63. I was fully insured via Ryanair as purchased Damage Refund Insurance. Paperwork states on collection of vehicle to decline additional insurance as have Axa policy. The subject did not arise but I did confirm I would receive a FULL refund. Please refund E223.39 due to me as soon as possible.

car hire additional charges
car hire additional charges

car hire


Carhire at Catania aerport with Goldcar, on arrival I was refused a car, and no refund of the cost of carhire, booking ref:[protected]

Because I did not have a credit card, I told the desk manager that I had the deposit covered on my debit card. The desk manager said it was company policy to only accept credit cards as a deposit. But I hadpaid for the car on the internet with my debit card!

I was told I could not have a car or a refund on the rental, I had to go to another carhire in Catania and hire another car on my DEBIT CARD with the Deposit of only 500 euro instead of 1, 200 deposit for the same group a car.

I am in the process of trying to claim my carhire fee back from Goldcar, no reply yet!

It seems to me that this company is running a business that that has no ethical standards or a duty of care to its customers, in fact it just steals customers money at will, even though it has recieved sanctions and fines against it. IT continues to act in a criminal manner, and this needs to be exposed through the mainstream media and TV. I am sick of being ripped off by rouge companies that are allowed to steal openingly peoples money.

"After many complaints received by the ECC-Net (where ECC Sweden is included) regarding the car rental companies Goldcar and Firefly, the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) acted. Goldcar and Firefly get a fine of 2 and 1.6 million euros because of their unfair practices.

Booking a rental car online could be easy and cheap. But often consumers are urged to pay additional fees when they pick up their car at the rental desk. It is therefore good to read the information on the rental car company website when you rent through an intermediary or a tour operator.
Insufficient price information on additional insurance

Goldcar is punished now for aggressively advertising their additional products. The Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) declared: Goldcar does not inform consumers clearly and sufficiently about coverage and prices of the additional insurances. The AGCM did also not accept terms and conditions regarding refuelling. The Competition Authority criticized the company for taking advantage of consumers being in a weak total, a fine of two million Euros was imposed on Goldcar Italy and Goldcar Spain"

car rental

After returning our car we have been charged for damage that was already present when we collected the car we stated at the time we were unhappy but was assured that all damage had been noted and we examined the car with a memeber if staff to make sure of this however on return to the uk I telephoned customer service to find out why our deposit hadn't been refunded only to be told it have been with held to pay for damages

  • Ma
    Matthew Dalgleish Apr 29, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Criminal actions by company keep on happening they need to be closed down and Directors imprisoned. This needs to be taken to the EU the Mainstream media & TV
    to expose the criminal acts of this company.

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additional charges

Goldcar claim I drover nearly 24, 000kilometres in three days.

According to the receipt I have had €3, 600 deducted from my credit card for 23, 997 additional kilometres at a charge of .15 euros a kilometre for e rental April 20-23 at Nice Aeroport.

So one of the following is true

My Citreon C4 is faster than a Bugatti Veyron and drove ate 333kph non-stop for 72 without refuelling on 8 litres of gas.

I'm Superman and carried the car from Nice to New york, onto Los Angeles, down to Sydney, upto Delhi and back to Nice in three days.

Check out the receipt.

additional charges

car rental

To whom it may concern,

Firstly, Please see attached for picture.
I (Hugo Nelson) paid for what the clerk deemed as new damage (a scuffed bumper) of a Goldcar vehicle registration: OQ2326 which I hired in Malta (Agreement no: [protected]). Date 8 April 2018.
I cannot see why I had to pay for the damage separately upon return of the vehicle since a deposit of Eur 2 500 was paid upon hire. Can this be released as soon as possible please?

The nature of the damage is very minor. When the total amount for the vehicle hire for 10 days (Eur 463.22) is compared with the amount for the scuffed bumper (Eur 487.34), one sees that the damage charge exceeds the rental of 10 days and leads one to question whether this is a fair bill?
The charge seems exorbitant.
Could your organisation please consider reducing the amount charged for the damage?

Sincerely Hugo Nelson
(email: [protected]

car rental

unethical behaviour - reservation [protected]

we hired a car from Goldcar on the 31 March 2018 at 21:00 from Alicante with a drop off at Murcia 6 April at 18:00.

The car was not the one we ordered she said at the desk your car has been given a way so you get an older car sorry.

We checked the car over and took photos which unfortunately did not take well due to the dark.

When we returned the car after having put only 75 miles on it they said we had damaged the drivers seat with cigarette burns, neither of us smoke, we had curbed a wheel and damaged the back bumper.

When I told her we hadn't done this damage she laughed and said welcome to Goldcar.

We have now been charged £760 from my credit card however I believe these damages would have already been charged to the last driver.

The card had 9000 miles on it the inspection sheet had no marks at all which I find hard to believe.

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 I would like to see previous inspection sheets and damage costs. If I don't receive this information before 30th April 2018 I will contact the Police and ask them to investigate Goldcar and its Code of Conduct.

I believe you have been totally unethical and disingenuous and whilst I have paid the damage I will continuously promote your company on TV, radio and media advising the public of your behaviour.

Michelle Clark


Having hired a car from 11/3/2018 to 30/3/2018, on return of car there was half a tank of fuel left, since...

awful service/awful car/a complete rip-off

On the 17 march 2018 I rent a car in Venice airport . Service was awful and the car was even worst.
They gave a car that had one bulb not working. considering that it was 1 am we rejected the car and ask for a new one. The customer agent disappeared so I had to go around the block to find him. He then gave us another car which was completely smashed and he said not to worry since we had just paid for a comprehensive insurance cover.

We were ask to leave € 1500 for the deposit. Is this normal????
I had the impression they were forcing people to buy expensive insurance!!!
It's 4 days that we returned the car and we are still waiting for the refund on the payment that we've made on fuel

I will never rent a car from them again

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