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S Aug 06, 2018

We had a terrible experience with Gold Car on our honeymoon. We reserved the car through discover car hire and had a quoted price and coverage through them. When we went to pay the balance, we were overcharged by almost $200. They were deceitful and dishonest. They did NOT explain that this included OPTIONAL coverage, otherwise we would have rejected it. We paid it and took it up with discover car hire as told, but then they told us that it was because we had "opted in" for this coverage that was never explained to us. We reached out to gold car hire and did not hear back for almost a month, after we reached out to our credit card company. They had the audacity to say we "unknowingly benefitted" from their coverage and would have had to put a deposit down on our credit card, again information that was never given to us. I will never use this company again and have told everyone I know to stay away. Terrible customer service and incredibly frustrating experience on our honeymoon. Their website says they have 4/5 stars, but clearly do not include the negative reviews. I went to the ones posted from the airport I got my car at, and my review is somehow not there. Terrible! We would like a refund of at least the $187 we were overcharged, if not more for dealing with this hassle.

Date:July 2 2018
Confirmation #: [protected]
Booking #: DC-325389
Client Name: Leo Goral

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