GoIbibocheater company


This Goibibo is a total scam!
I booked a flight via Goibibo website and they took my money. I thought that everything was fine but that moment I had no idea that they only took my money and didn't process the booking.
After that I went online and checked the reviews and was shocked! I decided to cancel my booking and ask for a refund. Goibibo customer service rep didn't actually care, he said that cancellation was not possible. Then I asked about my flight and only then I was told that my booking was on hold for some reason. They said that I have to pay extra money to complete the booking. Are you kidding me? I paid for the ticket and had no idea that I also have to pay some extra for booking process! Never ever I was asked to pay for that! It's completely ridiculous and definitely a lie! I had no other option so I paid and guess I was lucky that in the end I did receive the ticket. Lesson learned. Will never use Goibibo again!

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