Godaddy.comfraud and cheating company!

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Please, do yourself a favor if looking for a cheap web host! Avoid godaddy at all costs!!!
Http:// < do not use for any web hosting, domain name registration or internet related business! This company is a bunch of scamming liars and crooks that will sell your valuable domains with faulty billing practices, lies, deceit, fraud and outright theft!

We own several websites, over 700. In the past 2 years, has lost over 20 of our domain names through no fault of ours! They will tell you the billing didn't go through, not send warning emails and sell only your most valuable domains!

In our case, it was adulttoy.Org and naughtylingerie.Net, two of our most valuable domains, sold at a huge financial loss to us, while they profit!!! This is while our automatic billing was fine for several other domains!!! This company is nothing but a bunch of lying, scamming, thieving crooks out to steal your domains (If you hold several) and sell them without warning!!! We implore you to use any other register or host but godaddy!

Godaddy has done this to us 4 times now!!! We were duped into staying with them as they supposedly gave us better customer service reps each time who assured us that it 'would never happen again'. The first time, they sold 4 lesser value domains on us in 2005. Then in 2006, they did it again, with 2 lesser value domains.

They did it again in 2007, losing 14 of our domains, (All were on automatic residual billing on the same credit card that had thousands in the account and was only used for godaddy!!!) this time, they sold the best domain at a profit, adulttoy.Org and gave us the other lesser valued domains back, as if they did us a favor. Mind, we contacted our godaddy 'executive support' (Some lying mope named dean)representative several times with these emails saying our domains were expiring, first, dean told us no domains were expiring, after they were lost, he told his supervisors this never happened. Total liar! We were fighting with them for 5 months over the loss of this domain and were told to pick another domain off of's aution site,

After we spent months removing the domain they lost from our other site links, after we spent days going over the domains for sale, when we find a comparable name, they then tell us it needs to be from the expired auctions, which are all garbage domains. This supervisor, a real winner named rod browning, told us to go back to the original rep that lost our domains to begin with. Unreal disgusting idiots! At this time, we find out they did it to us again, losing 4 domains, including naughtylingerie.Net, which was sold without any prior warning or email!!!

Then, this sap of a rep tells us to pay a redemption fee to get the other domains back, but the best one was already sold, 3 days after we received the only email saying these domains were in jeopardy! This idiotic customer service rep that works in bob parsons office (Godaddy president), his name is john godbehere, it is a very unique name, there are a few listings for him in scotsdale, arizona and we suggest you track him down if you are having problems with godaddy. No doubt he is at one of these addresses or numbers and would be incredibly easy to find.

Godbehere, c
6041 w pershing ave
Glendale, az 85304

Godbehere, carla
Kingman, az 86401

Godbehere, dan
26888 n 175 ln
Surprise, az 85387

Godbehere, g
Glendale, az 85303

Godbehere, joseph
2545 n 83 ave
Phoenix, az 85035

Godbehere, kevin p
31719 n 167 ave
Surprise, az 85387

Godbehere, kristin
Glendale, az 85306

Godbehere, m d
Waddell, az 85355

Godbehere, mike & sandra
28432 n 66 ln
Phoenix, az 85083

Godbehere, terry
28877 n 159 ave
Surprise, az 85387

Godbehere, walt
Glendale, az 85310

The best part is after all the ways godaddy screwed us over, they then call the police because we threatened to fly to scotsdale, arizona to discuss the matter in person. The police called our partner at 1:00am, waking him and his family from bed in the middle of the night. Godaddy is a scam, ripoff, lying, deceitful, dirty foul company that you would be wise to avoid at all costs. There are several other, much better webhosts available, dont give these nasty crooks one penny or control of your domains unless you want to go through something like this.

This company is run by a bunch of no good crooks, from bob parsons down to the lowlifes that have added features to our accounts, expensive features we did not need or ask for, almost every time we called for assistance. As unreal as it sounds, this company has done it all and more to us. They put our domains into several expensive blue razor (Http:// accounts without our permission, costing us an extra 3k a year. They sold our best domains that were worth thousands of dollars, not even including all the money, time, work that has been put out to fix the first problems they caused. This is thousands of dollars more! They signed us up for expensive email accounts we didn't ask for and never used since we didn't even know we had them until recently, and they also signed us up for some idiotic thing called 'investor's edge', which apparently is for site investors, however this is something we never asked for either, we never received signup emails for this stuff, nothing. It was as if they thought they have full run of your credit card and can do whatever they wanted with it, including selling your domains from under you and using the 'it was a billing problem' excuse with everyone and it is all bs! There is also a class action lawsuit that is apparently starting for this as well, you can contact for more info. As it is, we will be pursuing both our own suit as well as joining any class action suit that is started as well. And if you want more information, if you need any assistance with your own cases, we will be more than happy to provide any help we can.

We will be posting this multiple times on several boards, so if you see it multiple times, we are only doing it as a warning for others to stay far away from this disgusting webhost or things will get really ugly like they are about to get with us. And this john godbehere, he is nothing but the true meaning of a jerkoff, a liar and a punk ###.

So you know, if you have a problem as well, they all work on the same team and do not expect relief trying to go through their own reps. They are all lying dirtbags and this company should be investigated by the fbi! And if the fbi (Federal bureau of investigation) should read this, godaddy is nothing but front for a theft ring and multiple billing scams, they need to be investigated and closed down! Reported to all agencies including the better business bureau! There is a reason you never hear about godaddy anymore. It's because they suck, and are the true meaning of ripoff! Just look at the other complaints here about them. We are not endosing anyone else, we just want you to know the truth of what they did to us, after we gave them tens of thousands of dollars in business over the past few years.

They will be hearing from our attorneys now, we might just take that plane out there to discuss this in person, that is how mad this has gotten us! Avoid these headache inducing dirtbags at godaddy at all costs please! Just do yourself a favor and look somewhere else! Anywhere else but godaddy!!!

Do not do any business with godaddy under any circumstances!

  • Updated by venkatg · Feb 28, 2017

    in my godaddy account cloud service activated, there is not delete option, customer care is also not responding i was called so many times, without invoice the are detecting my bank credit card account

  • Updated by Tony Giang · Jun 14, 2018

    GoDaddy double charges on the account and threading to cancel the domain


  • Valerie Sep 13, 2007

    Unwilling to help resolve issues that are most certainly due because of there servers!!! Simply needed to know why there servers are bounces emails back!! Would not help at all!! All they need to do was search there spam log for my email address and tell me why it was rejected! Really unbelievable! Our company was thinking of moving our email over, not now!

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  • Na
    Name Withheld Mar 25, 2008

    I too have had unfavorable dealings with this Rod Browning guy. He is a liar and racist (used N-word in conversation). Also, been ripped off and lied to by many reps there in Executive Accounts. Watch out for Brad Larson and Jay Farrell. The fish rots from the head down.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Gottlieb Apr 02, 2008

    Godaddy has really turned into a shady company over the last few years. Very curious how the domains I DIDN'T want all got auto renewed at full retail price. Yet, somehow my valuable business domains (the ones with web traffic) "slipped under the radar" and got cancelled and sold at auction within 3 weeks. Rod Browning mumbled something about "not his responsibility" and "I can take my business elsewhere". Rod Browning is a clown. GoDaddy lost my business. And yeah, Brad Larson used to be my "rep" over there until I found out he was overcharging me up the ###. Mark Monitor now controls all of my domains.

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  • Ma
    Matt Apr 04, 2008

    Thanks for the warning! I was planning on transferring my site from Doteasy to Godaddy. Probably saved me a lot of headaches there. Any company that has questionable practices doesn't deserve my business.

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  • Bi
    Bill Apr 11, 2008

    They sold my domain names just recently. I just lost for no reason

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  • Ca
    Carl P. Jan 16, 2017

    @Bill Yes, all compalin about GoDaddy is all true.
    So better NOT TRUST to GoDaddy anymore.
    They are just getting money from us and sell our Domains to other people to get money again from the other.

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  • Sc
    scott Apr 17, 2008

    If you want things to get better you should call and tell them you liked the way things were when Scott was in charge of the executive accounts department before they started demanding 1 mil per month in gross revenue and cut the commission thus making reps lie to continue to earn what they have previously earned.

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  • Ki
    Kirk E. Apr 18, 2008

    Is this the same Brad Larsen that works in WildWest Domains? He's a certified lying douche. GoDaddy must have owed the clown Rod Browning a favor, cause that guy is clueless. Somebody mentioned Markmonitor- they are right-move your important domains to them.

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  • Se
    sean Apr 24, 2008

    Godaddy are 100% crooks
    they themselves do steal your good names and try to make u lose them or pay high fees to buy them back from the new owner WHO IS GUESS WHO. them!!

    they are 100% crooks I also have 100 names with them and will move ALL my names to another company now

    we just had this exact same experience and lost 4 names we have had for 7 years


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  • Vb
    V.B. Apr 26, 2008

    The bigger they get the worse they become. There were some really good reps there in the past. As a long time customer, I have dealt with many of the boobs listed above (Browning, Larson, Farrell, Rigney) and it so obvious these guys could care less about my domains or my business. I'm not a "domainer", per se. I do have over 100 domains but these guys won't give me the time of day. They say I need over 1000 domains to be part of the "special" group. ### these guys. GoDaddy does have some good stuff, but recently their incompetence and sketchy tactics just make me sick. I DON'T want to buy your crappy software. Just don't freaking steal my domains!!! My tech support rep over there told me they fired some of their reps for blowing the whistle on managment. Remember to renew your domains BEFORE they steal them!!!

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  • Da
    Daniel Mullen Jun 06, 2008

    I am a former employee and member of 's Executive Accounts Dept. This post was recently brought to my attention by a colleague. Rest assured, Godaddy is not out to steal your domains. They do just fine making a profit running their business the same way they have for years. If your domains are so important to you, why did you let them expire? Certainly, this is not GoDaddy's or Bob Parsons fault. The Executive Accounts (formerly Retention) department is, for the most part, staffed with genuinely concerned, proactive people. They handle large quantities of domains for many customers on a daily basis. Do they make mistakes? Sure. In my time there, we always owned up to it and did what we could to fix the few problems fairly. Renew your domains manually, check your account frequently, call your account rep often if you have questions. I've spoke with Mr Parsons on many occasions, and he always seemed honest about his intentions; to deliver good stuff at a good price. I think he does that and I learned a ton of good stuff, too.

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  • Te
    TEL Jul 23, 2008

    I have had a number of conversations with the presidents office at GD also...what a joke. They seem completely incapable of seeing "customer" needs and problems let alone fixing them. They are arrogant. They continue to say how important "customers" are --- I think they are tying to convenience themselves. I spoke with the manager of the presidents office (Karen)! I finally demanded my money be refunded but now am dealing with them not releasing my domain name. STAY AWAY FROM GD!!!

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  • Te
    TEL Jul 23, 2008

    Here are the email addresses of 3 GD executives. Bob Parsons number is 480-505-8815

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  • Te
    TEL Jul 23, 2008

    sorry..forgot the email addresses: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

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  • Dn
    DNForum Aug 06, 2008

    WOW what a shocker Adam Dicker in a state of controversy. It is really sad that GoDaddy has allowed this ### to be VP of their company considering he is a DirecTV & EchoStar hacking site owner who use to silently operate and and made millions of dollars, I even made $$$ selling my site to him. He is a arrogant and should be ashamed of themselves for overlooking or just being ignorant.

    Go over to Dickers website most of the Admins over there are former Satellite site owners. Same M.O just a different title under their names.

    Unfortunately, Rod Browning still didn't answer my question regarding why this name, if a backorder truly already exists and it is scheduled to drop in two days, is not on TDNAM yet if that is where you say it goes. Or whether or not other services will get the domain that is already in GD's control.

    While I believe it is a crappy way for GD to do business regarding the inability to check a backorder before one orders, the refund part is not my major concern today. My two questions are still why it isn't on TDNAM yet, and if someone places a backorder on a GD name, does it go to the other services or just TDNAM?

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  • Ja
    Jason Oct 24, 2008

    I stumbled across this complaint and couldn't believe some of the things I'm hearing. I see all of you getting on a complaint board not only to complain about GoDaddy, but to rip apart their employees. Apparently none of you have worked for a large company before. You call their employees "###" for following company policies, you give out employee's family addresses, and complain when they contact the police? I think the real "###" are the people that go on here and cry about their domains and, real classy, saying GoDaddy scammed them out of their domains. I am a GoDaddy customer after putting up with constant ### from Network Solutions and, and I couldn't like the company more. You receive an email 30 days in advance, 2 weeks in advance, 1 week in advance, and day before your domain expires, as well as having the option to put it on auto-renew. If you're an idiot and you don't update your credit card information, they notify you. If it attempts to renew and doesn't go through, they CALL YOU to tell you, as well as give you a 30 day grace period before you are charged $80 for the domain. I own hundreds of domains and have never lost 1 through GoDaddy.

    I think the person that started this complaint is an absolute piece of ### for coming on here to post employees personal information and rip them apart. You're pathetic, you're a coward, and I'm glad GoDaddy "stole your domains". It's because of people like you that there's so many maniacs in this world. Go call the WAHmbulance you baby.

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  • Cr
    cravinbob Feb 20, 2009

    I own a couple domain names, we are unknown yet talented musicians and not valuable but we have to keep websites "just in case". Godaddy hijacked one domain name I own with only one email sent to an unused address as noticification. Email is unreliable and was not my preference for contact. I contacted them and they were unapologetic and wanted a large fee which I could not would not pay. The domain name now belongs to??? A shadowy entity owns it which is probably godaddy just using different names. They have tried to sell it for up to $5000 and now have a pay service which you can use to bid on domain names that the shadowy entity is selling. Just like paying a thief a finders fee to get your stolen items back.
    To Jason: you must be about 15 years old. You write as though you are or you have an IQ in double digits (hint: under 100). Whatever the case you are a mental midget in the language department and a symptom of the illness society suffers called "ignorance". All too common and running rampant. You must be related to someone at godaddy who is also a mouth-breather.
    Anyway, GoDaddy is a thief and is to be avoided. Jason is evidence enough of that.

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  • Ge
    Geremy Mar 02, 2009

    Do not sign up and give your credit card number to They will go into your card and take money as they want with no notice, and no advanced warning, then they hide behind legal jargon in a form to long to see the fine print.


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  • Qu
    quantumjump Apr 15, 2009

    I have had recent problems with GoDaddy fraud. They billed me "automatically" for a service on websites I never originally had "Business registration". When I first registered the websites (March 2008), I was "asked" if I wanted "business registration" to which I did not take, so I was not charged for (nor did I receive) business registration. However, a year later I notice charges for "business registration renewal" (on websites which were not automatically renewed and therefore expired). Since the only way I knew these charges existed (because nothing I had was set to automatic). I was not expecting anything to renew, especially not a service I never originally had or ordered. Here is what the response I received. I will be reversing these charges, so they will not gain from their fraudulent charges. Beware of godaddy.

    Thank you for contacting Online Support. I apologize for any confusion. When this service is automatically renewed we allow a five day refund period if the service is canceled within 5 days of the renewal. Unfortunately this service was not canceled within this period. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.

    Best Regards,
    Cliff P.
    Online Support

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  • Fr
    frankweb Apr 22, 2009


    First, don't be fooled (like I was) that the quick telephone response time is from a 'tech'... it is NOT!

    The person who answers the phone is only a 'glorified secretary' who CANNOT HELP YOU WITH TECH SUPPORT DIRECTLY.

    I foolishly believed when I chose godaddy that i would be able to get fast answers to tech support... i was WRONG.

    They tell you it will take 24 - 72 hours to get ANYTHING done!

    So here is my very very sad story which has cost me THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN LOSSES...

    i had my website with them for 2 years.

    I had a hacker attack me 2 weeks ago who used my server to attack other servers... It took my website (with 100s or realtors who were my members) ... down...

    Godaddy tech support team reported back to me april 8, 2009 that they could not restore my server...

    Well, i had backups to my data and bought a new server at is the ABSOLUTE BEST BEST BEST WEBSITE HOST!

    FANTASTIC support from Their tech team answers 'live' and 'fast' and they 'are' really TECHS.

    back to godaddy nightmare...

    a week after godaddy tells me that my server is 'dead'... they email me that they can ping it... but they extort $25.00 from me to RE-SET THE PASSWORD!

    i spoke to '2' customer service managers... HORRIBLE... they won't waive the $25.00 fee for a mistake THEY made in pronouncing my server, incorrectly, D.O.A.

    so i pay, i have no choice...

    next nightmare... they won't allow me access to my server, it's suspended, because i'm over the bandwidth limit... the hacker's traffic was 500 gigs in one day!

    so i pay more extortion money to godaddy to 'up' my bandwidth...
    another $40

    i figure by now... i can finally access my server...


    now godaddy says that my server is in a SECURITY REVIEW and i have to wait another THREE DAYS to access my server!!


    i wait... to my incredible and HAPPY SURPRISE... my data is backup and all my member real estate agent websites are RESTORED! MIRACLE... especially after godaddy tells me 2 weeks previous that my server was DEAD

    i can ftp in... all member website functions appear to be working fine... (this is 9 YEARS worth of coding!)...

    suddenly without warning, just a few hours later, i can no longer ftp or ssh into my server...

    FRANTICALLY i contact tech support (by email because you are NEVER allowed to call them.. only 'chat' with them and those are the SAME STUPID PEOPLE WHO ANSWER THE PHONE!)

    i tell them do NOT touch my server!!! i need to regain ftp/ ssh access to download / backup my data...

    but the mf'ers... PULL MY HARD DRIVE ... and WIPE OUT MY BUSINESS

    i am now in the process of trying to restore all my data on

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  • Rf
    rfurdzik Apr 23, 2009

    I want to say that GODaddy Dedicated Server Service really screw up our business and not offering any apologizes in return. GoDaddy did not provide any way or advice for us how to restore the whole system. GoDaddy support is very slow and terrible and does not provide any advice.

    GoDaddy backups/restore procedure is misleading as they actually do not provide one. GoDaddy has asked us to re-install all programs and configure all again manually. This is not a professional way to do backup. We had account with other companies like HostMySite and they are able to restore the system for us in few hours.

    There are programs installed, fine tuning for several days, patches applied, configurations etc. We do not even have all installation programs or know the order in which it was applied.

    After few weeks the sites are still not operational and GoDaddy did not provide any advice or way to restore the system.

    We lost months of data and development...

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  • 33
    33business Apr 24, 2009

    I keep turning off autobilling, yet my paypal account got hit today for a 9.99 email charge I had NOT ordered. All I did was buy domain names. You can bet when they come up for renewal, it will NOT be thru godaddy!

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  • Cd
    cdata52 May 07, 2009

    GoDaddy does somethings really well. For instance, the are very accomplished in "auto-billing" your credit card for items you don't want. They are very good at that. They are good at most things related to acquiring your money. Oh, they are great at wasting your time, too!

    What they are not so good at has been mentioned above already. For instance, they lie at any opportunity. They will tell you almost anything you want to hear in order to get you to buy a product or service. The people that answer the phone when you call are ALL sales reps that subsist on your sale. If you don't buy anything, they don't get their bonus. This creates a conflict of interest.

    They are a horribly creepy company. Their tiny mini-cubicles are staffed by morbidly obese, dorito chomping, acne ridden, high school dropouts from Mesa, with too many World of Warcraft T-shirts, too little deodorant, and little to no understanding of personal hygiene, ethics or frankly, business and technology.

    They have lots and lots of security guards, many of them armed. They don't value their employees or their customers. GoDaddy is, and has always been, a SALES company. Keep that in mind and you should be alright.

    I heard they will be selling Shamwows and Snugglies on soon.

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  • Gr
    Greg W May 10, 2009

    I transferred domain to GoDaddy on April 24, expecting to quickly set-up website after completing transfer. Two weeks later I'm still waiting. Account is in a "pending changes" status and nobody knows why.

    Very poor tech service.

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  • Go
    GoDaddy Rips People Off Jun 16, 2009

    GoDaddy changed my account settings to auto-renew two domains that I wanted to drop & I was charged for them today.

    They won't refund the money and instead sent me information on how to turn off the auto renewal. Which I had already done.

    They changed the settings for all of my domains.

    I won't be purchasing crap from these crooks again. I'm going to file complaints as well. I hope everyone here does too. These jerks need to be sued in the worst way.

    Don't use GoDaddy for anything. They can't be trusted & they will screw you eventually - then blame you for it.

    That's my story & it's true. I've used GoDaddy for a couple of years now & I won't be using them any longer.

    They should feel very smug. They got $20.00 one time - and lost several times that due to their theiving ways. Good job ###s.

    I have clients who use GoDaddy & I will make sure they change registrars too. That's even more money lost GoDaddy.

    Good for you. You deserve it.

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  • Di
    disappointedinu Jun 24, 2009


    you people just need to complain about something. some of you complain that their products weren't renewed and as a result you lost them and others complain that things they did want auto-renewed, were.

    You need to keep track of your own purchases and bills. Its all right there in your accounts. I lost some of my own domains last January due to me not keeping track. It's not GoDaddy's fault. They notified me by email and even tried calling me.

    And for those of you who call GoDaddy a sales company. WELL DUH. It's a business. they aren't a business around just to provide you with free tech support. Sorry, if you call someone for help doing something you dont know how to do, then maybe you be willing to sit through a sales offer.

    I mean, 150 years ago it took days to cross the united states, and now everyone has to find something else to complain about.

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  • Di
    disappointedinu Jun 24, 2009

    sorry, "some of you complain that their products weren't renewed and as a result you lost them and others complain that things they didN'T want auto-renewed, were."

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  • Go
    GoDaddy Rips People Off Jun 24, 2009

    disappointed in you is a corporate troll. This is obvious since he/she has nothing of value to add.

    I keep track of my accounts very well, fool. So up yours & up GoDaddy's too.

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  • Di
    disappointedinu Jun 25, 2009

    if you keep track of your accounts, what do you have to ### about?

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  • Ro
    Ron Louis Jun 30, 2009

    Please note: The that they mentioned in the original article is in error,
    as I have that domain on my server, and it is for a band. is a band with impeccable references and has NEVER done anything to any other domain. Further, they are registered with Network Solutions. If needed, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] Don't confuse my honorable people, and their website, with anything related to this article

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  • Pi
    pisseedoff Aug 12, 2009 is stealing domain names. check out

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  • Sc
    Scotty G Oct 13, 2009

    Not sure I know who you are but thanks to Kirk E for backing up the department as it used to be when I built and ran it. Moral and Ethical procedures and honest folks making a good honest relationship without sacraficing their integrity.

    Scott Green

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  • Di
    disappointedingodaddy Oct 25, 2009

    GoDaddy is a crock of ###! I have used them for several years now and had nothing but wonderful service at first. Now my domain has experienced several MY SQL errors. I record every phone call with GoDaddy, for my records, and I have them admitting to KNOWN issues, however in the response this John guy provided to the BBB, he LIED and told them there were NO KNOWN ISSUES! Since they are registered with the BBB, they are OBLIGATED to comply or they loose their status with them. I am calling the BBB first thing tomorrow and providing them the evidence I now have contradicting their statement and requesting the BBB to re-open the case and become more involved in the matter. I already have spoken to my legal team and they are planning on speaking to GO Daddy's lawyers Monday morning as well. I have lost thousands of dollars, hundreds of members on my sits and much aggravation. Their servers are a joke. They constantly screw up and affect my service...99.9% guarantee is what they promise, but it is NOT what they deliver... Oh, and my experience with customer service? The women up there are complete dumb ###! They have no idea what they are talking about 99.9% of the time (LOL) . I find this a difficult statement to make because I am a woman, and hate bashing my fellow sex, however I have recorded EVERY call with Go Daddy and have more than enough documentation to show losses both financially and non...

    PLEASE GO DADDY, do us a favor...close your doors, run in the desert and hide...

    The executive office is a JOKE! Same idiots still there, trying to act like they know what they are talking about...blaming their errors on my .htaccess file...which has not changed or anything in well over 9 months, has been running fine with it and now all of a sudden my sit has "Server errors" in which they try to blame on, last time I checked a 500 Server error was SERVER SIDE NOT CLIENT SIDE errors... I bet this company has some old piece of ### servers that are on their last leg and about to catch their whole building on fire...let's hope maybe they see these complaints and realize how horrible they really are...OH BTW, file your complaints on /link removed/ That way every time someone types in "Go Daddy" under google, yahoo, etc, it will show the negative complaints and they will eventually loose more business that way!

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  • Sa
    SanataV Dec 01, 2009

    This hosting is so bad! So many troubles and waisting my time!!! Do not use it! No body helps you for nothing! Nothing working there! Just waisting time and money, much money!!!

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  • Ce
    CEO240 Dec 10, 2009

    I bid on an auction item, won that item and when I called in to get directions on transferring the domain I was given inaccurate directions be a customer service professional. After about ten hours on the phone they finally confessed that I was given inaccurate information - resulting in the loss of the domain that I had bid on and won. While I appreciate the apology they cost my business 12K in losses due to their error. They will not pay to regain control of the domain, they will not reimburse me for my loss. The can not put the fait of businesses in the hands of people who do not understand their own tools. Am currently withdrawing all of the business we provide them and going elsewhere - horrible horrible horrible company.

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  • St
    stonemit Jan 18, 2010

    Godaddy is not a good place for domain and host any longer. They cheat and rub your money. For instance, if you have your domain expired, they kidnap your domain name for a while and ask very very high redemption fee buy it back! And if you pay by mistake and want to cancel the order, they refuse to give you any cent back. Very very bad company!! A big Liar!

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  • Go
    GoDaddy is a rip-off Feb 23, 2010

    I have avoided GoDaddy. com in the past but recently I bought a domain from them at auction. They took my money within minutes but will not give me access to the domain. They claim it takes "10 days" to transfer an expired domain. Meanwhile they get the benefit of the traffic on this domain going to their park page after they have charged me.

    Either they should not have sold the domain if it can't be transferred to me or they should transfer the domain. I know ICANN won't do anything but I'll send in a complaint anyway in case they ast least count the complaints.

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  • Ri
    Richardperfecto Mar 12, 2010

    they also scammed me, they charge me 20 dollars per each domain i was sellig with them and i had put the auto renew off before, and i was selling 4 domains that's 80 dollars, i'm really angry with them, and they don't refund the money they are scamming people.

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  • Sw
    swindled_by_godaddy Mar 17, 2010

    Their auto-renewal system just keeps auto-renewing after you try to cancel. Don't use this company for anything.

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  • Jc
    JCL2 Mar 27, 2010 is a shameless operation that scams people in multiple ways. They will change your account to auto-renew, ignore your emails, treat you like dirt on the phone, and will ask for private information (scanned copy of driver's license, and "typical" pin numbers that you would use), both of which can easily be used later for identity theft.

    Once I received an email from them stating that they would be auto-renewing my domain, I called and wrote to them multiple times, telling them that I did not want it auto-renewed. However, they very conveniently ignored my request, and charged me anyway. Then they told me that my domain was "protected", so I needed to fax them a copy of my driver's license. I did - twice. They said it was ilegible, and needed to be scanned so that all of the information was clear - including the photo ID and the signature. Now, why is it that when I first registered my domain, they did not require any of this personal information? They just asked for the basics (name, address, phone number...) and a credit card number - that's it. So, now why do they want me to send them this info, which by the way, I've been warned not to send by both my bank and my credit card company? Why would they need to see my signature clearly if they have nothing to compare it to?

    By this point, I had become increasingly concerned about my private information being out there, for who knows who to see and copy. I am not willing to risk having my identity stolen by the low-life ### that these employees seem to be. Since I would not send it, they refused to give me my refund. I then filed a claim with my credit card company, and they did a chargeback. then sent me a threatening email, saying that if I didn't find an alternate form of payment, that they were going to force me to pay the original amount plus an administrative fee. My credit card company told me to ignore their harrassment. Btw, all of the other organizations will be receiving detailed complaints, as well (Attorney General's Office, Online Better Business Burea, etc.). I know my complaint will be just a drop in the sea. deserves a class-action suit, and to be completely shut down.

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  • Re
    Reverend_S Apr 07, 2010

    Hello everyone. Godaddy has done the same to us. I am an ordained minister and we registered a domain name for our church in February 2009. We registered it via Blogger (Google) as the original intent was to host our blog on our own domain. Goddaddy and Google together equated to one big headache. We never did get the domain up and running. A simple request to "push though" our blog turned into a major ordeal and we could never get anyone to respond to technical questions. Godaddy and Google have only pointed the finger of blame at each other. Our domain sat idle for a year. During that time, we asked for a refund. No response. We asked for technical support. No response. Google certainly knew where to contact us to put their hand out for renewal! We have never been contacted by Godaddy. meanwhile gave us a technology grant and registered a separate domain name for our organization. We like their service. They have been quite helpful in instructing our staff how to build our website. We have had this new domain up and running within a couple of days! To make a long story short, we wanted to transfer the domain previously registered with Godaddy and (supposedly) hosted by Google, over to HostGator. Of course, neither company responded and we were instructed how to unlock the domain and obtain the authorization code from HostGator. So of course, Godaddy and Google were put on notice by this action that our domain was being moved. HostGator has not been successful in transferring the domain due to the incompetence of Godaddy and Google, who are still playing whose on first. Google immediately cancelled the email accounts that were associated with the domain (the only part of this transaction that ever was functional). We never recieved any notice from Godaddy that our domain was about to expire. When we signed up, there was nothing that indicated any type of "redemption fee", which is a sneaky way to gouge their customers. Godaddy is not worth the fee to renew a domain, let alone the 80.00 plus renewal fee they are demanding. We are considering going to the news media, as these people have now stolen from a church. That is not good public relations. We have explained to Google and Godaddy that the name on our domain has been Trademarked and so it cannot be used legally by anyone else. We did this because we had an incident where some college kids created an imposter website and were collecting donations in our name. This is what is going to happen if Godaddy sells our domain and considering what I have read on this board, that is a good possibility. We have reported this deceitful conduct to the State Attorney of Florida, our home state. We would also be interested in a class-action.

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