Godaddyrenewing urls


To begin, I am a 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran on a heavy drug regimine. I used your site to renew my URLs. A short time later I became concerned my order had not gone through and reentered my purchase. With slight modification both orders were identical. You would think you would have provision to "delete" one of the purchases but your Supervisor said that couldn't be done.

Problem one: What concerns me is the Supervisor told me because my order reflected two years rather than the "One Year" I have continously purchased through the years, I had to pay the two years. When I said I may have to consider another company he said, "Well you can but when you cancel us your URLs could be picked up by others." I considered that an insult and a threat.

So, how is this going to be handled? Do you straighten this out "fairly" or do we allow it to get real messy. I understand company policy but I can't believe after years of paying you would take advantage of a so called provision that allows you to take advantage of me?

Leo Gosson

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