GoDaddy Operating Companyrenewal which was not agreed

I write to place a complaint about my treated by your members of staff and the renewal price which I did not agree to.

As I received notification of renewal I made contact as I was not happy with the price. I'm a long standing customer and this renewal is too high. I was informed that it was to be put into the hands of a manager for a discount to be applied as the chat agent could not do it. I heard nothing until today when I received an email stating that over £100 had been taken from my account and no discount applied. I did not agree to this amount and informed of this prior.

I connected to chat again and was told I needed to call in. First I was given a non UK number. I informed I was in the UK, however was told it is toll free. I had to explain that the number is not free for UK if it does not have 0800 at the beginning. The agent then gave me the correct number to call in the UK. I called this number twice due to the poor professional conduct I received and the incorrect information. The first agent stated that I can't make a complaint until 72 hours have passed. The second agent did not listen to a word I said and stated he can't write a email complaint for me. I did not ask him to do this so I've no idea why he thought this was the case.

The bottom line is I'm very unhappy with the renewal. I made contact regarding. I was told a discount would be applied. Nothing was done then I get two very unhelpful agents not trying to aid in anyway what whatsoever.

I would like this matter addressed and a discount applied.

Oct 10, 2019

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