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Go Daddy auto renewed my domain and charged me for this. I did not want an auto renewal and they renewed 2 weeks before my product was due to expire. I had previously tried to cancel the auto renewal but had problems with the site. Also they are supposed to warn their customers before doing this. I want the renewal cancelling and a full refund but I can't find a complaints section on the website


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    Jane E Jackson Aug 02, 2017

    I've just had the same problem. I logged in to my account to cancel the renewal which is due in 10 days time only to find that payment has already been taken. When I phoned up for a refund they said they can not refund domains I explained that no where have I been informed that they will take money prior to renewal date and that they are within their rights to take money before the renewal date. This is such an outrageous scam. People be wise do not purchase your domain names through Go Daddy.

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    Stuart Ats Jan 03, 2020

    I have just had exactly the same problem, have called up today prior to the date my domains were supposed to be renewed and advised they wont refund or cancel the domains. I had 12 domains i didnt want and am now out of pocket $500 AUD! Such a scam and so unwilling to help in any way. They pointed me to AUDA (Australian registry company) as to why they cant refund, i read their policy and explained that Go Daddy is actually going against AUDA policy and they didnt care, still wouldn't refund and said too bad. so now i have paid for 12 domains, before they were due, for another 2 years that i dont want! People - DO NOT PURCHASE DOMAINS FROM GO DADDY!

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