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I was a customer to godaddy ever since 2007, I had a virtual dedicated server for $40 a month 500G bandwith limit that I barely used it. The traffic on the server was 1 to 5 G average per month. But suddenly in a couple of days that traffic went up to 800G, so my invoice went from $40 to $500 for that month. They charged me $40 for the 500G and $450 for the aditional 300G and for some traffic that I didn't used. After a couple of weeks trying to resolve this issue, 4 phone calls and many many mails, godaddys conclusion was... you used it, you pay it. I requested for a detailed report of that traffic and the answer was 500G IN 300 OUT.

Please please stay away from godaddy


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      Jun 18, 2009

    Sounds like you did you it so you should pay for it, next time think twice about what you put on your server and use bandwidth protection. Any host that your with will charge you for overage, possibly you have just started getting better SEO placement, instead of complaining you should take advantage of the increased traffic and do something with your site. If your not interested or not capable sell your site, all you need to show is a traffic report and there will be a flock of businesses that would love that type of marketing for themselves. Supriseingly GoDaddy sends me tons of messages letting me know I am even coming close for my bandwidth so start paying attention to your emails buddy...:mmm Good Night

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      Jan 28, 2010

    I'm going through the exact same problem right now with them. What our Plesk Admin tool says we've used in bandwidth (5.59GB) is not even close to what the account admin panel (1006GB) on the GoDaddy site says. What makes this even worst is that the site has only been up for a little over a week! I've tried asking GoDaddy to explain why there's a huge difference and they can't or won't.

    KAPpm - you're an idiot

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      Sep 06, 2011

    Godaddy has overcharged me also. I registered per their advertisement both in the search ad and on their site. I took screen shots of the ads both before and after clearing the cache and both showed that they were running a discounted price for domain registration. However, when I got to the checkout screen the discount was not reflected in the final price.

    I registered anyway because I figured they were a reputable company and would refund the difference since the error was on their end. They have not refunded anything and are now issuing all types of excuses. You can not trust this company, beware. Even though they requested a screen shot of the Google ad, a shot of the advertisement on their website with the terms window open, they will not honor the terms which clearly validate my claim.

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