Go DaddyInternet Fraud


I purchased a website and domain name from Go Daddy and will not get my money back. I would like to file theft charges or file a complaint to the credit card companies of Credit Card Fraud. These people take advantage of people who do not know how to use their products and fail to refund their purchases.


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    wifi8827 Jan 27, 2013

    how is it their fault that you do not know what you are doing?

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  • Why The Long Faces Jan 27, 2013

    Hold on, you bought something you have no idea how to use, even with ALL the tutorials they have on their site, and it is somehow their fault you don't know what you are doing??? Theft? WHY would you buy a domain you do not know how to use???? How about they sue you for being ignorant.

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  • Brenda* Jan 28, 2013

    That's like blaming forks for obesity.

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