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Your office is very clean but your internet wiring is dirty. Hope you can clean them up, slowly. Simply looking at it gives me stress especially now that we don't have an internet connection and still awaiting your technical team. To add, whenever there's an internet interruption, technicians will immediately say it's a network issue. Char. Is there no other reason available? Network issue but my account is the only one affected?

Fortunately enough, I went outside to submit and retrieve my kid's modules, I saw a repair team from Mirait. (Felt relieved, finally they're gonna fix our line). I greeted them good afternoon and asked if they happen to know (insert technician name here) because he's the one in charged of our scheduled repair. He was confident in answering me that he didn't know the technician I was asking for. He looked and even sounded really familiar though, so I searched on Facebook and yes, confirmed with his mole on the center of his nose. My intuition was right all along. I even asked few of my neighbors if the guy on the FB profile pic was the same guy that was in front of us. He was, without doubt. Why would he lie, then? Please let your technicians wear their IDs so that we'll know if he really is the one assigned to fix our internet. He wasn't even wearing one.

Our scheduled repair today is 1-5 PM but guess what? No one contacted me yet. Had I not went outside to check, I wouldn't have known that there was already repair team outside but that guy still insisted he wasn't the one who's incharge in our scheduled repair. If not him, then who? Why is his name on the app. To make the long story short, they left.

What now? Its past 5PM. Still no update.


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