Global Visas / Ixp VisasScam - stealing money


In January my husband and I decided we would like to go to Canada we decided to contact professionals which lead us to Global Visas, our consultant was Nozipho van Jaarsveld, we had a telecom with her to discuss whether we are good candidates to apply for a student permit. We had a strong case. After having a consultation we were told which documents to get. We requested and collected the documents ourselves.We were asked to pay R20 000 for their services. On their document it states that if you don’t get your visa due to their negligence they will refund you. We asked Nozipho whether a DUI in 2005 would cause a visa refusal, she said no, it is longer than 5 years. We met with her once to make sure she had all the correct documents, we missed a couple and had to return with the rest. Trying to get hold of your case manager is a task in itself, they are almost never available, I called on the 8th of August to find out how our application was going, only to find out that Nozipho was on two weeks holiday, no one bothered to advise us of this. 6 weeks later, we were told that our visas were refused due to my husband being criminally inadmissible on account of the DUI. Now, I would think, knowing the circumstances and working on these cases on a daily basis, she would have requested us to do a criminal rehabilitation first, seeing as they are the professionals, surely they should know this. We didn’t even know what the process for the criminal rehabilitation was let alone that the process of rehabilitation could take more than a year. I later found this out on a website. Throughout the entire process, I asked whether she thought everything would be okay and she continually told us we had a very strong case. I believe the visa was refused due to her negligence. I have sent in a request for refund and was told the process could take up to 30 working days and I would not receive the full refund because they have already worked on our file. What warrants the work for R20 000 really? Telling us which documents to get? R300 courier fee to the CIC, replying to emails, at most 10 phone calls (If you don’t call them and leave a message they will never call you and take days to call you back, so you have to call them daily)? Packing it nicely into an envelope and sending it to the Canadian High Commission? This is unprofessional and unacceptable. Nozipho gave us the incorrect information, causing us to lose our visas, Global Visas are just money hungry and willing to lie to their clients to get the sale. I am certainly not going to leave the matter here. I received an email from them stating that we never told them my husband had a DUI, which is a complete and utter lie, Nozipho is a liar! They are lying, dirty, stealing ###. The employees should be ashamed of themselves. They have now changed their name to IXP Visas - not dodgy at all! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!


  • Ju
    junior dias Nov 21, 2013


    I went in them office yesterday and they were very kind with me.
    I didn't pay everything yet.Now I am afraid to wast my money.

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  • Ix
    IXPVisas Nov 22, 2013

    We are controlled by Immigration laws and we must work with the law. We can not find you on our systems but would love to have the change to speak with you to see if we can resolve this. As our client you have access to your client area and we would love you to leave your feedback there so we can help. Once we have the full details of your case to hand, somebody will be in touch using the information that you originally provided Unfortunately we can not reply on other sites as your case would be private. Your help is really appreciated. -IXP

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  • Ju
    junior dias Dec 03, 2013

    I tried to call to the global visa many times to get my refund back.They are waste time.I dont recomender anyone to pay anything for them.
    They only make promisses, I had applied with them and then at the same day I asked for my refund and they didnt acept my refund.I
    Wasted 600 euros with them, I Make an appointment at the office and the lady wasn't there.
    I wasted time and money with them.

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  • Ha
    hameed1979 Dec 12, 2013

    I received a call from IXP Visa for immigration process asking to pay 3500 AED for registration how genuine is this consultant if they are making fraud, is it possible to get back the money or file a case on them please suggest

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  • Li
    Liza89 Dec 16, 2013


    This happened at IXP visa/ global visas located on Global Visas PTY LTD. 92 Pitt Street, Suite 3, Level 1, Sydney - 2000
    I paid to IXP/ global visas AUD 625 on 7.12.13 and the my case manager was Jamie and she advised that she will look for jobs and stuff for me in Canada. I was on 4 months instalments plan so thats why I paid $625 but I was gonna pay that amount every month on 6th. I called up the next day to give them few details and Jamie was on holidays already for 2 weeks. Someone called me for like 2 mins from UK for making my resume. I spoke to Barta the consultant in few days (who was sick pretty much for 3 days after I signed up ) who signed me up and spoke to me about the Canada's visa and stuff. She just did read out stuff to Jamie. I told them that can I change the main applicant from myself to my partner and Barta the consultant said yes and then then Jamie returned from her holidays on 16th Dec 2014 and she advised me that it would be $500 more to change the main applicant to my partner. I told my partner and he figured it out that this company is a complete scam and money making company who doesn't cares or even is worth paying. I told them that I need a refund for the amount and they advised that there wouldn't be any refund as they made a "RESUME" for me and when I advised that i will make a resume for my partner, the manager of the sydney office "JENNY" said that then we cannot guarantee any job then. I even said that just for a resume you guys charge $625 is ridiculous and they said so this excuses and wouldn't even give visa.

    I did listen to my partner and did decide to stop my file right there and I'm not happy as i did lose $625 for nothing. We all work hard to earn money and people like this are just ridiculous. You guys be very careful.

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  • Ed
    Edward Pringle Dec 22, 2013

    These ### are only after your money..None of their claims are correct. Please everyone keep this company out of your dealings..Never trust them

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  • Sa
    Saurabh82 Jan 13, 2014

    FRAUD !!

    these people are definitely FRAUDS. Initially I started conversation with lady called Berta. Later file was given to Jamie saying that she is client relationship officer. Then it was further passed to Christine saying that Jamie is busy with other cases. Excuse me????

    finally i left a negative feedback on their website and was approached by lady called Jennie who claimed herself to be some kind of manager. She assured me improved services within 4 weeks and assigned Christine again to take over and start case from scratch. From scratch ... again ... why ??? Because both Jennie and Christine were new to my case.

    I asked her for refund policy. And was asked to give them another chance to provide services. No gaurantee for refund anyhow. I wanted to speak to Jennie's boss, and was not surprised to discover she is the decision making person.

    i have been calling all the numbers provided for last 2 weeks, they either go to VOICEMAIL or just KEEP YOU WAITING. i have not been able to speak to anyone since then. 4 weeks deadline was crossed a month ago.

    I ended up paying AUD 1500 in 2 installments. Its not about losing money ... is about losing HARD EARNED MONEY from your savings.

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  • So
    Softy08 Jan 23, 2014

    i have applied tourist visa for my parents and hand over all the paper work there weeks ago but havnt heard anything yet. so i decide to visit their office in Sydney and found they have locked their office. no one is there.

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  • Nw
    nwafor samuel Jan 24, 2014

    i am suprise to see all these cases concerning the company i am entrusting to issue me a visa and work in canada as they promised please i am very very confused about this...somebody should talk to me my e-mail is [email protected] worst is that i am at the verge of paying with my mastercard/verv...please i need advice because i am in total dilemma.

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  • Eg
    [email protected] Feb 07, 2014

    last feb. o2, 2014 i saw this ixp group on my wall. that they are expert in visa prosces for canada, italy, uk and many others...then i tryd to filed up my applications. upter a days ago, i recieve a phone call from dubai..and his name is mr. erano. iwas so very interested since when we had a long conversations. he asking a 3k dirhams to intertain me.upter that..bcoz i was on my duty on that time i told him that if we can discus later coz i am so busy. then on next day again he called me again. he told me if he can speak with me again. i said yes ok... i ask him to send me there ofis adress on my e mail. base on our conversation. bcoz hes always in hurry to pay me urgent a 3k dirhams. he said i can pay by a credit card on thre acount. if i have time, i can go and meet him on thre ofices in dubai. i refused whene i heard on his mouth that if i dont have time to meet him during his ofice our. he can meet me even if hes not in duty. omg.if u are true and real acredited and respectid company. ur not meet anyone during your off day. so i realize that these company is a big scam... tnx god bcoz i never give any amounth to him...

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  • Na
    Nadia14 Feb 14, 2014

    Me and my husband just started to pay initial
    Payment of 4500 aed to ixp but its too late
    When we talk to a friend that they are one
    Of the victims who paid 10, 000aed and no
    One of them succeded.
    Any one can help us on how to get refund?
    Were applying here in UAE..tnx

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  • Se
    Sean Kelliher Feb 23, 2014

    This company is an absolute disgrace. I advise everyone to stay away from them. They tell lies and make things up as they go along. We applied for visas to Australia in April 2012 and have found our they havent filed one piece of paperwork yet. We paid £2400.


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  • Ad
    Adebowale Adeniyi Apr 11, 2014

    i am a victim of this bad organization called IXPvisaa . They are really scam . I paid them $2500 US dollars on four time instalment payment of $625 US dollars each . They stopped replying my mail immedatly i completed my payment .They closed my profile on there web site .
    My username on there web which is " ' is adeniyiadebowale and my password is NRCY6BKU .
    I will advice any potential victim to stay away from this evil doer .

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  • Mo
    mohammedasad Apr 21, 2014

    Its been more than six months since my application was lodged for Australian visa with a delivery time of 8-10 weeks maximum, but unfortunately no update yet!!! I had regular calls from IXP until I paid my fees fully and after that its really getting difficult to get a solid answers. Everyone keeps saying we are following . . . but for how long God only knows. This is so frustrating.

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  • Fe
    felicityhales28 May 27, 2014

    I CANNOT urge anyone enough to stay away from this corrupt, unprofessional and scamming company. My partner and myself have had nothing but grief from them. At first they cannot do enough for you and once you have paid the money, the phone calls stop, the emails stop, they swerve questions. They have actually done NOTHING for me so far and I have had my case open with them for 9 months. All my caseworker has done is send me a few links and forms to fill in, I have literally had to do everything else, they company is useless. They have a sticking attitude and I have had to swap my useless caseworker to another complete waste of oxygen! I am frustrated, angry and sick to death of this God forsaken phoney company! My first caseworker changed her name three times as has the company in the 9 month I have been working with them (well me doing the work, them taking my money for nothing). Seriously, do it without them and go directly to the government of your chosen company, the only reason I chose this route was because I needed the help as I no longer live in the UK, I live in the UAE and thought they might help lighten the load! Huh, what a fool I was. Do it all yourself, you do with this company anyway and you will save yourself 3.500 GBP! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY...KNOWN AS GLOBAL VISAS, IXP VISAS AND NOW IP VISAS!

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  • Dh
    Dhiren Raval May 30, 2014

    They Took £500 from me and then didn't provide me any service. They told me I dont have to pay more then £2000 but after started telling me that I have to pay so many different things. and then started shouting on me on call... They just want to stole money no servicess...

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  • Sh
    Shaun F Jun 04, 2014

    Please please please keep away from this dodgy company . I have lost £1800 and i was told if my case was unsuccesful i would only lose the deposit . Which would have been £600 . They closed my case a now i can, t get through by phone and my emails gets returned . So please spread the news that this is 1 dodgy company

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  • Br
    Brianam Jun 18, 2014

    It is now 18 months since we paid our money (To what was Global Visas) for a Canadian Visa. At the time we agreed on a strategy which was started and to be fair, half of this strategy has been achieved, (although this resulted in exactly the same visa as I would be entitled to if I fronted at a Canadian border post). Then the first consultant left. Since then I have had several new consultants and each one has required several weeks, some of them a couple of months, to get familiar with the case. Furthermore, with each new consultant the "plan" changes, apparently without any regard to the original strategy.

    This company has done NOTHING on my case for the last 12 months. When I finally expressed my frustration at the lack of progress and demanded a refund, I received a threatening letter that more funds were due if I terminated with them. (Ironically they also threatened to start work on my case again!!!)

    This company appears to have a long record of taking money, delivering very little and then going back on what they promised.

    Do not use these people, you WILL lose your money and have to start again like I am required to.

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  • Ra
    rachev Jun 23, 2014

    I was also cheated by these people KNOWN AS GLOBAL VISAS, IXP VISAS AND NOW IP VISAS, they stole from me £2500 for immigration to Australia.
    For this I think that the best way to reclaim our stolen money is making contact with each other and make common complaint against these people. My e-mail is : [email protected]
    Australian immigration government is very interested in these scams!!!

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  • Ni
    Nichola Robbine Jul 16, 2014

    If you look at all the websites for Globalvisas, IXPvisas and IPvisas they are all the same. They all carry the "logo" of the OISC which seems to be the governing body of Immigration to the UK. Companies have to be registered if they are based in the UK and are immigration advisers. I emailed OISC and received no confirmation that they have any of these companies registered with them even though they claim to have offices in the UK. Look up for registered immigration companies, I looked through all the registered companies and did not find these three registered.

    Luckily I haven't paid over any cash and will be going directly to the embassy for the application forms.

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  • Zi
    ZIMBABWE Jul 17, 2014


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  • An
    anonymous 2014 Aug 07, 2014

    My husband and I were about to work with IXP Visas also. We were due to make a payment this week but received a call today explaining that IXP Visas had gone into liquidation and a company called Launch Immigration were taking over all of IXP Visas clients. They explained that they were an independent company which they are not, as there address is the same as IXP Visa's in London. Launch Immigration don't even have a website yet they were only established at the end of July - everything like I mentioned previously address and contact numbers are the same as IXP Visas.
    We are lucky to have no lost any money like most others but we wanted to warn people of Launch Immigration also as they are not what they claim to be, avoid at all costs call the Austrailian immigration on 02074203690 for honest and helpful advice hope this review helps

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  • Vi
    Vigilantexx Aug 11, 2014

    First they were Global visas, then they changed to IXP visas and also IP visas, now they are called Launch Immigration Ltd.

    Avoid these liars, they take as much as they can from innocent people and closed down legally so you can't take your money back from them.

    Their staff are all low life ### who will get what karma gives back to them. They are the reason why people like Liam Clifford can get away with doing this and live a comfortable life. They are sleazy sales people only after one thing... your money.

    Please sought help from your local embassy, no matter how busy they are, don't fall for their lies and entrapment.

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  • Vi
    Vigilantexx Aug 12, 2014

    They changed their names to Launch Immigration Ltd.

    12th Floor
    The Broadgate Tower
    20 Primrose Street
    EC2A 2EW

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  • Ns
    ns.singh Aug 18, 2014

    Hi I have recently applied for Canada visa through ixp visas I have paid them 1000GBP so far and things are still fine with my case but i am really afraid after reading about all these frauds that they are doing. I had asked them to charge me the second instalment of 500GBP on 29th august and the case worker even agreed to it but they still took the money from my account without asking me. I do not want to end up like others I really want to take my case back and want my money back. Please can you advice if there is any chance of getting my money back.

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  • Ra
    Ralphy__ Aug 21, 2014

    @ns.singh - as a suggestion it is a good idea to contact your bank and change your account details. I paid £400 to IP VISAS on 7 July, then I contacted them on 8 July to inform them I no longer wanted to use their services. My emails were then ignored and phone calls not returned. I did eventually get through to someone who informed me my money would be refunded at the end of July. It hasn't been!
    Then I received an email from IP Visas stating my next payment was due however they would make it easy for me and deduct the money from my account. Fortunately I had already changed my bank details. Only through this complaints board was I made aware of the company name change. I managed to get through to Launch Immigration and have been told my name is 'on a list' for someone to contact me. I don't think I will see my money again and would like to warn you not to give them any more of your money.

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  • Su
    sunny_ Sep 04, 2014

    I have had the very same experience with them. I asked the so called Launch immigration if they could give me any details for IXP and have been told that they don't hold any details and cannot do anything apart from adding me to their refund list. Does anyone know if we can make a claim against IXP for the refund??

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  • Vi
    Vishnu Nair Oct 04, 2014

    Hi everyone,
    IXP visas is a fraud company they stole 2500 pounds from me I only got a cv from them for 2500 pounds.My processing started Dec 2013.After my payment finished I didn't get even a phone call from them . It's such a shame the company still running in the UK. Please don't promote suche these companies and I hope nobody will survive infront of god who does suchof these stealing.

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  • Ji
    Jimmy Nawab Oct 06, 2014

    Thanks GOD I been saved, I was going to put my case for job in Canada, and the person Mr. Jhermo Continously Calling me to put my case, they promised me to have my job done with in 2 months I was supposed to meet them tomorrow and I just wanted to have their contact numbers, on google suggestion it appeared IXP Scams, I visited these pages and realised They are making Fraud... well My suggestion for all of those who victimized should raise complain to Dubai Authorities together in one go so the action may be taken against them and no further person can be victimized...

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  • Ad
    Adebowale Adeniyi Oct 09, 2014

    i still don't know why this people activities have not been stop . this people are defrauding people of there hard earn money and there have been series of complain about them . but what surprise me most is that authority never arrest them .they are walking on the street freely and keep changing the name of their company looking for the next victim . To me this is not the best . Had it been that the owner of the company is from africa or asia the hell would have been let loose . But this is a british man, nobody seem to be care about the victim agitation . the man in question need to face international court and should be brought to justice . i as a person want to see want british government will do about this man . thanks

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  • My
    Mylyn Dela Cruz Nov 18, 2014

    Admittedly, i am in the state of confusion whether i am going to pay IXP Visas in order for them to process my application for working permit.At first, i was so glad that a filipino agent called me and explain everything about IXP.I am frustrated to do everything just to go to canada that's why i apply every opportunity/immigration consultants i saw online.Upon reading all these complaints i am now decide not to pursue my application with IXP Visas for they are requiring me to pay 3000SR. In God's perfect time i can find other ways to go to canada.

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  • El
    Elizedaffueels2 Jan 18, 2015

    I'm a single working nurse in South Africa, I'm working hard for the money that I get, I can't just through money around. I paid the full amount off R25 500-00 in the account off IXP visas for work opportunities in Canada. I started to apply the 4/2014, up till now nothing happen, NO Work for me as enrolled/ staff nurse in any country. I did explain to Duncan from the beginning that I don't have a diploma as registered nurse, ONLY a certificate as staff/ enrolled nurse. He then said I still do have a good change for work as that I worked in New Zealand and Australia before.I send my cv to all the work sites the case manager by the name off Carol Ford then I got a new one by the name off Ricky requested me to do??? I phoned Duncan also a few times to please refund my money, I e mailed to Duncan a few times no respond from anyone from October 2014.
    I paid the full amount please people and I want my money back. I got accounts to pay that I put on hold at the time when you wanted me to pay you for work in Canada, that I didn't get. No as in this month off January 2015 I need to pay my depths please. I do have proof off my payments from my bank account.
    Elize Daffue Els
    Case number 3476009

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  • El
    Elizedaffueels2 Jan 20, 2015

    I got a message back to say I must confirm my e mail addressee.
    Please I need to know what is happening regarding my money that I ask to be refunded from IXP visas company?
    Will it be possible to get me a answer back
    Elize Els

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  • Gv
    GVSCAMMER Jan 25, 2015

    no they have scammed you and you will never get any money back just like the rest of us

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  • Ka
    Kante Apr 01, 2015

    Big investigations Going on in Capetown for global visa the police Your victim call this investigation unit on 0824697709

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  • Ch
    Chin Uy May 31, 2015

    Guys, this company is a FRAUD. Be careful to give any amount of money to them as down payment for assessment fee. Don't be gullible to their promises because they are processing for nothing at all. They have been operating for more than five years already but none of their applicants have gotten a job because they are a BIG FRAUDSTERS.

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  • Ch
    Chin Uy May 31, 2015

    Guys, IXP Visas Dubai is a FRAUD. Be careful to give any amount of money to them as down payment for assessment fee. Don't be gullible to their promises because they are processing for nothing at all. They have been operating for more than five years already but none of their applicants have gotten a job because they are a BIG FRAUDSTERS.

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  • Ra
    Ram9848 Jul 27, 2015

    Dont trust IXP visa service UK and a person called Ibrahim Harkwath. He will talk nicely first with company and so many rules but will provide false document with offer letter which has spelling mistakes, then courier fastway uk, courier consulant all are false. Everytime when you african person will answer, uk, india, canada, everyone all african. They will take lot of money in usd like 2000-3000 dollars and will tell stories. Dont trust IXP Visa service UK and espically ibrahim harwarkth he will give you all numbers which never answer and all false documents and i m vicitim and already i checked with embasssy and online which never approved. IXP visa is same Global visa, now brigtvisas and IXP etc.

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  • Bo
    Boluwaji Boboye Aug 19, 2015

    I started with them sometime in February last year, I was so busy at work that I did not have time to run a check on them. I told them I was not ready now that later I would contact them for their services, soon as I rounded up on the project at hand. They said no problem and advised me to leave my credit card details with them via phone call. they made me to divulge all my credit cards details and an hour later, I just started getting an alert from my bank that my account has been debited hugely. I quickly alert them to reverse the transaction and return my money into my account, only for the to tell me to do a mail that I made a mistake to transact the business and that I want to reverse the transaction. Ever since that day I have sent several mails to them without a response and their phone contacts too are not going through anymore. To all and sundries, beware of them, they ill winds that blows nobody good.

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  • Kh
    Khalengisrael Jan 07, 2016

    Please help me, even me I made a payment of 10, 000 AED in 2014 till now I didn't get any information nor I can't reach them. Please advise how to get my money back...I'm worried if I lose this much of money for nothing.. here is my email [email protected]

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  • Ak
    Akasanee Jun 11, 2017

    @Khalengisrael Hi I am just checking if you got your money back as I was scammed too.

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