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I inquired the service of Global Visas, Canada on April 6, 2011, to assist in getting a Philippine Visa. I never looked for complaints regarding Global Visas, Canada. However, I spoke with a gentleman who was interviewing me to see if I qualified for the service. Right away he said I qualified and they can help me with the Visa. He said they had a lot of people from all over applying for Philippine Visas. At this time I am feeling good about this Company. He went on tell me how they would help in getting this Visa and it would take two weeks. The cost is $525.00 and we will do everything. I paid the $525.00 in full|.

The next day I was assigned a Case Manager who sent me an email telling me she will upload the required forms needed to file". After 5 days went by she sent three forms which I filled out and uploaded to her for review". Three days later she sent me an email telling me the Embassy change their forms all of a sudden/. So, please down load the new forms and upload when done with each form". Fill out the new Application form and have it notarized; I submitted the bank Statement and took a physical exam with Xrays?. All of these were set aside|. Case Manager sent me another email advising she would need a flight schedule to submit as well. Flight is on the 19 of May 2011. I sent her an email advising all was completed including the 2x2 pictures. She advised to package everything to include my x-rays and send to the address provided below. I sent them that day for $48.68 Next Day U.P.S. She received them before 12:00 noon. Two days later I received another email telling me to fill out the application she provided because they were going to use the Embassy there in Canada. I told her I don’t live in Canada, I live in the United States. She advised she know what she is doing and if you want to get your Visa on time I should fill out and return to her. So, I complete the form with the heading Canada and submit. A week later I received another email thanking everything was approved telling me the pictures where the wrong size why didn’t you follow my instructions. I told her once again I live in U.S. and we use 2x2 here, she stated they have to be 1x3/8 or it will be returned. Now I go back to the post office and they told me they use 2x2 for everything Passport and Visa’s. I gave him paper that was sent to me by the Case Manager and he said ok this is going to take some time to do because we are not setup for this. Once he cut and complete the task I send to Case Manager Next Day U.S.P.S. for $32.00. Three days later I receive another email from Case Manager again telling me I need to provide a self-address envelope. I asked her if she could take care of that and she said it was taken care of. Four days later she tells me the Bank Draft was not accepted and I would have to get another on. At this point I became very upset because I had 6 days before my flight and I asked her what happen to the communication I paid $525.00 for the service and I am doing everything. The only thing you are doing is submitting my papers I could have done this myself. She said if you want to get your Visa I will need that Bank Draft to continue. Now I get the Bank draft and send for $42.00 Next Day U.P.S. Then the next day she told me I will have to re-schedule my Flight again. This is May 9, 2011 and I had already re-scheduled my flight once for $520.00, now you are telling me I have to re-schedule again! I need to speak with a Supervisor. She send me a email telling me she has went out of her way to work on my case putting over clients aside to work on my case. I told her I didn’t think she knew what she was doing she became upset and said “I have did everything for your case” “Good luck with your Visa application”! At this time I come unglued and decide to kiss up to her to get her to finish what she started. Today is June 14, 2011 and I still don’t have a Visa my flight is re-scheduled to June 23, 2011 and I have spent just a little over $2, 000.00 trying to get a visa. Today there was another problem with the self-address envelope did not have enough postage on it to reach me by June 22, 2011 so I can make my flight. So, I called the Embassy and asked questions regarding my application and the problems I encountered with Global Visas, Canada. I told them I started this process back in April 6, 2011 and had problems with everything. The person at the Embassy asks me why did you do that, you could have done this yourself and had your Visa long time ago. I asked if I can send an express envelope because I was told a regular envelope is what I need to send. The Embassy stated you can send them Express envelope address to yourself. I advised the Embassy that it has cost me over $2, 000.00 to get to this point and I am still paying.


If anyone is interested I have everything that took place and all emails between me and the Case Manager. Folks this is not the place to look for help! I even ask for a refund and I was told they could not do it because my case was ready for submittal. This was two months ago and I still haven’t received my Visa. WOW!!! This Company is unprofessional, unhelpful, and not truthful and lack the skills needed to assist in applying for a Philippine Visa. Folks call the Embassy in your area to get the correct answers needed to apply for whatever Visa you are trying to get. I am still trying to figure out what was $525.00 service for. Because they don’t expedite your application, everything is local. There is no since of urgency.

I wish they would try to sue me because I have every receipt, every email that also includes my Flight re-schedules. Currently I am seeking for a refund or a partial refund. Plus I am going through the Canadian Fraud authorities to file a complaint.

Please, Please, Please, Please, Please do not use Global Visas, Canada, they are a rip-off…..


  • Fo
    football_fan Oct 19, 2011

    Im sorry to hear about your terrible situation... I hope that you managed to get to your destination in the end... LISTEN TO WHAT THIS MESSAGE SAYS - AVIOD GLOBAL VISAS AT ALL COSTS!!!

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  • Vi
    vincent114 Nov 13, 2011

    Thanks Goodness! I almost got into prey by this Global Visa! I am a Phillipine national and wanted to find a better job in an open country like Germany or New Zealand. At present I am working in an Oil Country Tubular Goods inspections specialist. And found this seemingly organized and worldwide consutancy one time I browsed my e-mail. I registered my name or signed up and after few days got a call from someone who introduced himself as a Consultant for International Employment Solutions (ISC). The package seems good and professionally contained. The guy is friendly and accommodating and asking me 90, 000 PhP and even offerred me to pay 50% and after 30 days the balance. Fortunately, I still in doubt about this working visa I've been aspiring to get. As this is too good to be true! I am more careful now not to again faced with this unscrupulous people/activities. Here's what I received initially (BEWARE as this good man, Don5913 revealed and warned us! Who knows you will be the next victim):
    From: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Global Visas Case Update

    Dear xxxxxx,

    Case reference number: xxxxxxx

    Please allow me to introduce myself: I am an Immigration Consultant here at Global Visas. I have received your enquiry and I am currently trying to contact you to discuss your case. I will of course endeavor to continue to reach you. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your case further.

    I would like to take this opportunity to provide a brief background on what has helped to make us one of the world's largest and leading immigration consultancies.

    As one of the largest and most successful visa consultancies in the world with branches in the USA, Canada, the UK, India, South Africa and Australia, we employ a wide range of lawyers across the globe, immigration experts and highly qualified experts.

    Our team of qualified immigration experts around the globe are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC), Migration Agents Regulatory Authority (MARA), Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC), US Immigration Attorneys, South African Government approved immigration advisors, Government Know Before You Go partners and more, making Global Visas a very special team of people across the world ready to help you.

    As you might expect from the world's leading experts in visas and immigration, we assist many of the world's leading businesses, international organizations and celebrities, and over 4, 000, 000 people turn to us each year for immigration advice to successfully secure their visa.

    Our premier services are recognised by people 'in the know' and we have often been called 'the expert's expert'. Our unique online systems also allow our clients to manage their case 24/7.

    I hope I have been able to provide just a brief overview of what makes Global Visas so special and why it is widely accepted that we often add the winning ingredient to our clients' cases.

    I look forward to speaking with you regarding your case.

    Immigration Consultant

    Tel: +63 (0)32 266 8472
    Fax: +63 32 239 5891
    Email: [email protected]

    Join us on
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    Global Visas

    And when you reply this is the next thing you would see:

    From: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: xxxx
    Subject: Global Visas - Client care pack

    Dear xxxxxx,
    Case reference number, 1234567
    Many thanks for contacting Global Visas. As agreed, I have attached our Introduction letter and
    our client care letter to begin your application process.

    To accept the agreement please either copy and paste the link below in to your internet browser
    or sign and return the attached client care letter.


    IES : P100, 000 / applicant (revising of CV)

    * paid before the appointment to the case manager

    · Credit Card
    · Debit Card

    Bank to Bank Transfer
    Banco De Oro Bank Account Details:

    Account Name: ICS Global Visas Inc

    Account No: 6100073756



    INITIAL DEPOSIT : P50, 000 (securing the available slot & hand over to case manager )


    PROCESSING TIME: 4-6weeks (upon completion of all documents)


    Also, please see our Global Visas permits and accreditations per country. Please feel free to verify.

    Name: ICS Global Visas Inc. ( Philippines branch)

    Mayor's Business Permit #: 111341
    BIR TIN: 296221135000
    SEC Company Registration #: CS201025818

    For Global Visas UK, all of our agents are registered in the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner( Please search for Global Visas or Ted Mikiel (Phil Branch Dev't Manager) in the website.

    Immigration Compliance Services Ltd: VAT No 873001060

    Company Registration No 5688454

    For Global Visas Canada :

    CSIC(Canadian Society Immigration Consultants -

    CSIC Agent Registration #: M106010 CSIC Registered Agent: Ayana Ibrahimi

    For Global Visas Australia :

    MARA(Migration Agents Registration Authority -

    MARA Agent Registration Number: MARN 09801189 MARA Registered Agent: June Ryep Kim

    On our website, you can also find the complete addresses as well as phone numbers on each country branch.

    Once I have received the related payment, I shall arrange a conference call with your Client
    Services Manager to begin processing your case and helping you secure your visa.

    If you have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact
    me at any time.

    Yours sincerely,
    Anthony Casio
    Immigration Consultant

    Tel: +63 (0)32 266 8472
    Fax: +63 32 239 5891
    Email: [email protected]

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    Global Visas

    Please note:
    This e-mail and any file transmitted with it are confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the addressee and may not be disclosed to or used by anyone other than the addressee. If you have received this e-mail in error, please advise the sender immediately. Any views or opinions expressed in this message are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Global Visas. No reliance may be placed on this message without written confirmation from an authorised representative of its contents. Global Visas employs consultants worldwide registered with all the relevant governing bodies. Contact your personal consultant for full details of individual qualifications.

    I hope I am mistaken but lots of fraud about this Global Visa are surfacing. And hoping too that this will be stopped and in case they are really part of this scam, they shoud be prosecuted. Have mercy on people whose only wish is to have a greener pasture by their sweat and strength! Believe in Law of Karma! God bless you people!

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  • Ar
    aries altre Dec 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi...i hope u r true 2 help d people 2 came in canada hinde ung niluluko lng mga kababayan natin kc ang kabayaran ang buhay mo..sna mataohan ka..hinde ung nanluluko ka ng ibang tao...

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  • Te
    Ted Mikiel Dec 24, 2011

    Please do not associate my name with Global Visas. I no longer work for the company.

    Thank you and Merry Chistmas,

    Ted Mikiel

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  • Sa
    sabelellorinco Feb 01, 2012

    Hi to everyone!
    Recently i received an email regarding to ICS GLOBAL VISAS, INC that they can help me to to reach Canada and work there. As of now i have no idea if they are fraud so if anyone who can help me to notice them please don't hesitate to give your commments and suggestion before i throw my money away because i am just like others who wants to help our family.

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  • Gl
    GlobalVisasTeam Feb 10, 2012

    Global Visas are dedicated to excellent quality of service and put our clients at the centre of everything we do. Last year from our offices World we assisted over 30, 000 people to secure their visas. We received over 4 million visitors to our website and we are proud that 98.4% of all our client in our client satisfaction feedback form stated they would use us again or refer a family member or friend. We have experts in Immigration law around the world in several branches Word Wide.
    Our Team are highly qualified friendly professionals who work hard to secure the best result for our clients. If our clients have a genuine complaint where we have let them down or failed in our duties they are able to write to our dedicated team at [email protected] or you may call and speak to any of our team who would be delighted to help you. We aim to respond to all feedback within hours of arrival.
    Our company has grown to become the world’s favourite Immigration Company because we put our clients first and at the heart of everything we do. Our client’s matter to us a great deal and we have assisted many millions of people with Immigration issues since 1996 when we were founded. That compared to the tiny handful of complaints we receive every year is a real testament to our brilliant work and commitment to our clients. If you have a genuine complaint about Global Visas we want to hear from you. We appreciate all our clients feedback and continue to improve our services every day. Our success rate is currently over 98% and improving.
    Our track record speaks for itself and we are proud to be the World preferred Immigration provider. If you require Immigration and visa assistance we can assist you today.
    We are ready to engage anyone who wishes to write a post on any site but we ask you allow us the opportunity to post the reason why we can not assist you and the reason why you have not secured your visa. The number of people who complain on these sites are less than 0.002% of our clients and we can see you are the same person very often using different names or just repeating yourself.
    Tell us your name and we will reply to you in public if you wish.
    In short our contract is clear. Our clients must provide evidence to the Government of the claims they are making. We provide our knowledge and expertise to your case. We work to ensure your case is a success but we can not turn a lie into the truth.
    Another common reason for these complaints we can see is that some people find it hard to accept we like to pay our staff and we charge for our knowledge and skills. If you decide you no longer wish to go overseas because your life has changed you still need to pay or our services we provided.
    Global Visas are extremely proud of who we are and the great work we provide. If you have something specific to discuss we want to hear from you. Rather than making up fake names and posting rubbish on these sites please be brave enough to provide us the chance to reply with the facts of your case to allow people to make up their own mind after reading the entire case history from both sides.
    We have experts in UK Immigration, Immigration to Australia and Immigration for Canada along with US Immigration, South African Immigration to name just a few.

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  • An
    anoynomous_London Jul 28, 2012

    Global visas are a bunch of crap, yes this comes from my personal experience after hiring their so called "International Employment solutions". The people above are right. They state things like Case Manager, who is somewhere in different part of the world. Professional CV writing services and so on. Even you can do better then them. I made a mistake of paying them £720 and wasting my time. To my luck, I was able to get my money back since I paid by Credit Card and was able to raise a fraud claim via my Credit Card provider (Buyer protection scheme)

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  • Wa
    wawamonique Aug 08, 2012

    ###. Watch me destroy this page. Long live GV


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  • El
    Elphin Aug 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Global Visas try and trap their customers into a so called contract. They state that a call from a consulatnt deems that you are paybale for fees in full despite never signing a contract nor agreeing to terms and conditions-This is hidden under their client care link in one of their very very emails. Despite Distance Selling Regulations 2000 allowing anyone a seven day cooloing off period, Global Visas seem to believe that one chat means that this legislation can be ignored and they can trap you. This is not the case the Legislation still stands and I am currently persuing the legal route. I have also contacted the many media outlets just to rehighlight Global Visas are still up to their old tricks and plaster it all over the newspapers, and also to make people aware of their rights. The will threaten legal action as I see from previous customers, but it is very easy to build your own defence and people disputes through legal channels are as far as I can see won by the truck load. The director of the company has a crimal history for fraud, but also these so called consulatnts need to face legal action, these are the gaces behind the company and these are the people that con you. I am persuing action not only from Global Visas but also against my very own consulatnt. Anyone who hasnt read the warnings in time, i suggest you contact your bank and block their access to you account, and raise a visa dispute/card dispute, then contact your local trading standards-the will persue the case in court. Then write a letter with all your detailed evidence to The office of Immigration Service Commissioner, google them to download the form. Contact any consumer affairs media programmes/media/newspapers. Plaster their Facebbok page with warnings-which they will delete but keep plastering it anyway. The only ones happy with Global Visas are the company and the people who work for them. Long Live the Courts!!!

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  • Jo
    johncy joe Nov 12, 2012

    received a call on 12 August 2012 from Mr. Amir Ali, who is working with Global Visa Company in Dubai and explained me the procedure for migrating to Canada. He enquired about my credit card and loan details. He told me that he need to verify my bank account details, so he asked for my credit card number. I thought that he need to check my credit status and given him the card number. But he managed to take AED 3000 from my credit card without my permission illegally. Later he informed me that he took the money for the processing charges. But I told him I am not interested and cancel any applications he made and return my money which is illegally taken. He promised to return the money in 3 weeks. But now 3 months finished and my money is not returned. He did some fraud to take my money as I haven’t given him any secret code of the credit card. Kindly take necessary action against Mr. Amir and help me in getting my money back with interest. I am paying interest to the bank because of Mr. Amir. The below is the address of the culprit.
    Name of the culprit: Mr. Amir Ali
    Designation: Relocation consultant
    Contact number: 044579428
    Address: 1406 Aspect Tower, Executive Towers, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE.
    Thanks and regards,
    Name: Johncy Luke Joe
    Nationality: Indian
    Contact Number: 00971559830367

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  • Op
    Optmistic Dec 18, 2012

    I tried to find their ACCREDITATION but unfortunately could not find a single details

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  • Am
    amterdam Jan 29, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Case Number :2202362/2012 Employment Tribunals Victory House, 30-34 king sway, London WC2B 6EB 020-72738603 email [email protected]
    ICS LTD T/A GLOBAL VISAS Alistair Markham

    On 14 January 2013 there has been judgement made by Employment Judge Sum amount to paid by 28/01/2013 amount £9, 941.61
    Amount to be paid to the Claimant 14 days 28/01/2013
    The relevant judgement day is 14 January 2013
    The Calculation day is 28 January 2013
    The stipulated rate of Interest is 8%

    3. In relation to such an award ( excluding sums representingg cost or expenses) simple interest begins to accrue on a daily basis from the day after
    the day on which the Tribunal judgement is sent to the parties. The day on which the document containing the Tribunal judgement is recorded as having been sent to the parties is known as.
    payable from and including the following day, which is known as the the calculation day"

    Contact the Claimant : email [email protected]
    Or contact the Employment Tribunals for payment

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  • Th
    theodave Feb 16, 2013

    "International corruption", **Scam** No doubt about that. They have taken 3000 AUD of my money. Shut down their company (it is in the hands of liquidators) in Australia (Global Visas Pty Ltd) and started another company with a different name called "Immigration compliance services Ltd -Global Visas Pty Ltd" and denying me the refund saying that they are different company although they work under the charter of "Global"
    The matter is in the hands of the tribunal.
    Never sign up with them.
    They are a group of thieves, waiting to rob you of your money.
    Beware Beware Beware

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  • Ma
    Marco Branzuela Feb 22, 2013

    Thanks for this informations about this global visas... they start contacting me.. thanks i aware of this global visas scam..

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  • Or
    orojc Mar 03, 2013

    Same experience with us... email me: [email protected] hope they will be in jail soon and must pay damages...

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  • Or
    orojc Mar 03, 2013

    Same experience with us... email me: [email protected] hope they will be in jail soon and must pay damages... let us help each other... it's time to stop them... please contact me immediately..

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  • Sh
    Shubhra Mar 04, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Global Visas are unprofessional company who claim to support their clients; however, engaging with them is a frustrating experience. I requested their assistance for my visa application in August 2012 for a Tier 1 extension and they did a horrible job. They kept transferring my case to different people and no one properly explained anything to me. I made contact with them in June 2012 for the visa application to be submitted in person by early August 2012; however, it was submitted at the end of August 2012 by post, a few days before my UK visa expired. From the time I made contact, my case has been transferred to 6 different case workers. My initial case worker was unprofessional and mismanaged my case all the while fees were withdrawn from my bank account despite doing haphazard job with the application. Further to this, my initial case worker never kept to her word and never called me on our scheduled time. She was so unprofessional that she could not manage her work and instead blamed me for this. She left without saying who will take over my case and then again my case was handed over to another caseworker who also left the position very quickly. Eventually, my visa application was submitted and due to their negligence my visa was denied. In my case, the UKBA have also been negligent and I have raised a complaint with them. I would like a refund of my fees from Global Visas who have from the start and until now poorly managed my case. I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed with my complaint against Global Visas.

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  • An
    anniyan Mar 11, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i dont know why uk government not taking action against the global visas

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  • Mi
    milkbar1983 Mar 26, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello there forum members. I'm interested in hearing more about your claims against Global Visas. Can you email me at [email protected]? Thank you!

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  • Ch
    charm_meppi Apr 25, 2013

    Hi! I just got he same call from Global Visas Inc. today. Yes, they will tell you that they wil help you in processing your working visa once you got a job offer. i also got an email from them with an attachmnt sof: pro formal invoice worth Php 100, 000.00., contract agreement. The Visa Consultant wants me to sign the agreement asap. But, I've told him that I will make a research first on their company. Based from what Ive read fromthis blog site, Global visas is Fraud and robber. The person who contacted me is Reynaldo Pepito. If the comapnu is FRAUD, then this should be shut down.

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  • Rp
    R Patel May 11, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am also the victim of Global Visas the took total £ 2400 for nothing I called them to get the advise about the federal skill worker, Canada visas and the adviser told me different scheme on the same say when I reviewed the global visas I found bad reviews I called global visas again and the refused to refund and instead they took another money and when filed claim
    Form against them, global visas saying there is not record of mine.
    Global visas are fraud, scam.

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  • Be
    beem Oct 01, 2013

    I was one of the thousands of people that this so called immigration experts have conned...I wont go into the details as most of you already know how they operate.$2500 of my hard earned money.IF YOU'RE SOMEONE CONNED BY THE AUSTRALIAN BRANCH READ THE FOLLOWING.
    These are a few things that i did that helped me getting my full refund back.I spoke to a lawyer and this was suggested to me from a well known lawyer in Australia.Follow these steps and i can almost guarantee a full refund.
    Most Importantly remember these guys are now operating under a different name called ICS (immigration compliance services).
    1. Hound them with calls.twice everyday.Try calling from a different number.engage them first few second so they dont suspect who you are.
    2.Lodge a complaint with your local fair trading.
    3.Most Importantly remember these guys are now operating under a different name called ICS (immigration compliance services) so all the refunds files are now closed, so i am not sure in the current circumstances what are your options, again hound them with calls.It may take time but eventually a company like this will realise its not woth dealing with you when they could be using all this time conning someone else.
    4.Lastly but certainly not the least most of the Globalvisas/ICS branches around the world operate without a valid immigration license.Ask them this question? What is the name of the MARA agent working in the branch.By law every immigration department in australia need to have atleast one MARA registered agent.Ask them for their name and MARA number.By law they have to provide it to you.
    TRY THIS!! let us know.Trust me company like this will not look into legal options because they know ther're in the wrong.

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  • Bi
    bimboy Oct 11, 2013

    they must refund the money they got from every client and I am a victim too

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  • Mi
    milkbar1983 Oct 18, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi beem, very interested in your comments. Can you check your inbox on this forum and reply to me via the email supplied? Cheers

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  • Te
    +Teresa1982+ Aug 17, 2018

    Yo recibí de ellos esto con una promesa de trabajo en los EEUU.
    Desconfio xq el documento adjunto nada que ver de original.

    Archivos adjuntos
    7:25 (hace 4 horas)
    para yo, bcc: yo

    Ver mensaje original
    No traducir automáticamente los mensajes escritos en: inglés

    Un ttention: Jaaziel Bermúdez,

    CONSULTOR global de Visa Estados Unidos es un consultor independiente con licencia visa especializados en la adquisición y el procesamiento de todos los documentos legales necesarios, como la forma I-129, 1-797 Petición para un trabajador no inmigrante de Departamento de Seguridad de Estados Unidos Inicio de emisión de visas de Estados Unidos y permiso de trabajo en US consular aquí en Estados Unidos de América para las personas que quieren trabajar y vivir en los Estados Unidos de América.

    Nosotros le informa de que hemos recibido el correo que envió en cuanto a la obtención de sus documentos de viaje "Visa de Trabajo de Estados Unidos". Puesto que usted ha sido empleado por la empresa con sede en EE.UU., la visa se requiere es de H-1B, es una visa de no-inmigrante que permite a las empresas estadounidenses emplean a trabajadores extranjeros en ocupaciones especializadas.


    Los solicitantes que son del mismo sexo, tener una enfermedad contagiosa, o que tienen un trastorno físico o mental peligroso; son o han sido adictos a las drogas; tienen menor comprometido y / o actos delictivos graves, incluidos los delitos de vileza moral, el tráfico de drogas y la prostitución (que trabaja en un bar, cerveza, o el servicio de masajes go-go); o son propensos a convertirse en una carga pública; Las personas que entran en esas categorías por las leyes actuales deben ser rechazadas y se les niega una visa.


    Por lo tanto, usted está obligado a proporcionar los siguientes documentos enumerados a cabo para el procesamiento de sus documentos de viaje {} visa. A continuación se presentan los documentos necesarios para la tramitación de su visa estadounidense.

    • SCAN copia del pasaporte INTERNACIONAL {Tenga en cuenta debe ser válido por tres {3}} mes
    • COPIA DE TRABAJO SCAN carta de nombramiento
    • fotografía de pasaporte

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