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G Aug 07, 2018

On vacation, we were stopped by a trolley vendor and asked if we wanted to get a free $50 Visa. We said no, but he kept pitching...we ended up with an offer for "guaranteed" $100 Visa, $100 Restaurant card, 2 seats on a local sunset tour boat, and 2-3 nights free in a hotel. Not one minute more than 90 minutes, he said, no payments required, no signing of documents. Just "watch a 90 minute video about a new travel website", he said. Oh, and free refreshments, coffee, etc. What the heck, we had nothing to do the next morning.
We arrive at the site next day, and they tell us to be prepared for a 2 hour presentation. I protest that we were told 90 minutes.The receptionist says "Well, the presentation is 90 minutes, but they need at least 10-15 minutes with "Our Salesman" afterward. Red flag #1. As the receptionist is filling out our secont "registration", I note that we are only getting a Visa card and a Restaurant card (which turns out to be only a discount card at certain restaurants...not a $100 gift card). I ask her where the sunset cruise and 2-3 night hotel stay are...Flag #2. She says she must discuss with sales manager. Comes back, oh, no problem, you get the cruise and the hotel stay. You are seated with a salesman, in a room with other couples. The salesman works you for 15 minutes. The presentation is slick, and well engineered. They even show a clip from the movie "Up" (wonder if the Producer knows that?), designed to shame you into taking a vacation before you die! Amazing. They flash the names of major hotel chains on the screen, and show you super-luxury sweets. They tell you you can pass it on to your kids (beware of fees). The emcee is a professional salesman to the max, a little too slick for my taste, but that's what he does. They show you all the "Today Only" prices, which start lose to 20K for a full membership, discounted today only! I confess, I was interested a bit, but told the salesman I wouldn't sign anything until I check the company out online. So (surprise) he gets the sales manager. No credit check, and adjustable terms, he says. No, I say, I want to check you out online first. Ok, so use our computer right now, he says. OK, enough pressure. No, I say, we are now 100 minutes in, and I want to go back to vacationing. One more pitch...fee is a fraction of the original, for a shorter term. No, I say, we are done. Finally, fish off hook, he says ok . He gets our "folder", we get our Visa card, Restaurant discount card, and vouchers, and we are back in the sun.
Thank God we did not bite. Please check out the online reviews of this company. Lawsuits in multiple states. Don't believe me...check out the reviews. I will end on a positive: Visa card appears to be good. The sunset cruise voucher worked with no problems. The Restaurant Card is a discount card...

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