Global Credential Evaluatorstroubling system and service

1 Aug 07, 2018

I have ordered a rush 5 days service for my brother, I paid with my credit card right under the application submission. however, after 4 days, the account still shows not paid, despite my credit card already showed a charge days ago. No one have ever trying to contact me which severely waste my time and add frustrations.

I have been calling their service for two weeks, the women who picked up the phone was actually trying to be helpful. but whenever there is a guy who picked up the phone (two times) all he said is he need someone else to answer my question and will call me back. but he never called back.

this kind of working attitude is extremely irresponsible. and it result our application into delay and frustrations.

I am an administrator is higher education institution, we require our students to do evaluation all the time. however, I will never suggest this service to any of our applicants anymore.

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