Granted this company does advertise VERY cheap room rates, however u get what u pay for. Just like there room rates, there customer service is cheap!! They treat you like an animal, steal all of your money, tell you there is nothing they can do about it, and then hang up in your face. Half of there employees are felons! None of them can speak English correctly. None of the so called departments are ever open and there is never anyone there to help u. This is a so called legit buissness but I don't see how. They need to shut this buissness down IMMEDITLEY.


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    Happy Flyer May 24, 2017

    Totally nailed it. DO NOT BOOK WITH THESE PEOPLE! The reservation is 100% non changeable and nonrefundable. Nothing they can do about it. They will tell you that you can lose all of your purchase price AND pay them a 25$ "fee" for canceling the reservation, then pay for a whole new reservation if you need to change. Their terms state that you can pay a 25$ fee for cancellation or change, but their policy is no change on any reservation. Huh? When you question them about this, they will get very angry with you, argue with you and tell you the supervisors are busy with other customers (you are just some sucker who handed over 160$ to them so technically you're not a customer I guess...). Their English is very difficult to understand. My suggestion is to hang in there! IF, and that's a big if, you can get to a supervisor and drop words like "fraud" and "deceptive practices" you may get a resolution. I wish you luck! You're going to need it with these people.

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