I googled my actual hotel Boston Sheraton because I wanted to book directly with them. I had a 34 minute phone call, made my reservations (was very difficult to understand agent, who led me to believe she was located in Dallas because she represented the HQ of Marriott/Sheraton company). I later discovered when I opened my confirmation email that this company who I never heard of purchased the domain name of the hotel so "any reasonable person" would believe they were booking directly with the hotel. The website had a picture of the actual Boston Sheraton; there was no reason to believe it was any other organization. This company has many, many different phone numbers. My bill so far is $678.50 plus a "resort fee" of $91.96 (per day or per stay? couldn't understand her) . The company claims this is an "extra" hotel fee and not under their control - I FINALLY reached the real Boston Sheraton and they said no such thing. My confirmation also purports that the hotel charges an additional $275.88 ("for energy or safe fees"). All these costs for 3 nights at $153/night; this bill will total well over $1000. Boston Sheraton gave me a price of $527 including all taxes and fees.
This "company" did not respond to my emails, although I opened a complaint ticket. The manager offered me $135 reduction (not to be applied of course until after I complete my stay) but that's not a meaningful resolution for this scam - it's deceptive and fraudulant. Getaroom is actually a (4th) party booking company of Priceline. Nowhere on my computer did I read anything like "getaroom" or "priceline" and I certainly didn't google or query these words at all.
I want my money back; I want no other surprise fees to be charged; I want my reservation permanently cancelled; and I want the municipality of Dallas to do its due diligence and investigate the business model of this organization.

  • Getaroom Customer Care's Response, Oct 04, 2019

    Thank you for contacting and bringing your concerns to our attention. While we strive to provide exceptional customer service to all our customers, we know things can happen that prevent us from achieving this objective. If we have failed to meet your expectations, we appreciate letting us know, so we can continue to improve our services.

    By securing this reservation over the phone, you had to agree to the terms and conditions of this booking prior to submitting payment. In addition, upon completion of your booking, an electronic copy of your itinerary was sent via email to the following address (xxxxxxxxxxx) that you provided.
    Our Reservation Specialist fully disclose the cancellation policy, terms, and conditions of booking, along with all the subtotal, tax recovery charges and service fees. The cancellation policy was also fully disclosed at the time of booking and was agreed to at the time of purchase.
    Because you disputed the charge for the pre-paid reservation with your financial institution, is unable to proceed with the request for a refund at this time. Once you proceeded to dispute this charge with your financial institution, our customer service department no longer has the ability to credit, modify or adjust this reservation until the issuing bank renders a decision on your complaint.

    We regret any inconvenience or frustration that this experience has caused you and hope the information we provided above has adequately addressed your questions or concerns.

    Consumer Relations

Oct 01, 2019

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