GenXGame.comunauthorized credit card charges

C Nov 12, 2019 Review updated:

I am being charged for genxgame in error.
I never subscribed to this and am gone too old to be a game player.
I have never subscribed to play games. If you do not close this account and return the money that you have taken under false pretences out of my bank account, I will give this complaint to the guards.
This is fraud.
Please prioritise this complaint NOW or I will take it further.
I am furious, I don't have money for some fraudulent company to be taking the food out of my mouth.
The only thing I ever watch on my laptop is showjumping and I'm sure you have manged to link yourself to my watching of that.
Take action on this complaint now or I will.
Very upset
Claire Wall-Kelly


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    felinegel Jan 25, 2020

    Two unauthorized charges canceled account. So well see if theydo it or them. Didnt know this is what shorted me last two.months. The account says its.been since aug. Will be back if not closed

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