I was in an accident on Oct. 16, 2017 at 6:15am. I am not pleased at all with how the claim process is being handled. I did not receive a rental car on the first day of the accident and was told the next day when I questioned my rep about it that it was a misunderstanding on Geico's part. This is after I spoke with him several times the day before waiting on the rental without any progress. I also leave messages that are rarely returned unless I call back and can catch the rep at his desk. It has been 11days. My car was deemed a total loss and I have yet to receive my check for the remaining balance so I can purchase a new vehicle. On top of it all the rental company just called me (on a sat.) and said I was suppose to return the car yesterday (Which no one bothered to inform me of).I called Geico and because it is a weekend no one can help me. I am told only my rep and adjuster can do anything for me and since they only work Monday - Friday I would not be able to be helped until Monday. The rep I spoke with did give me the numbers to the supervisors for my reps but they will not be in until Monday either!! I'm sorry but I didn't know I was paying for an insurance company that wasn't able to help me on the weekends after they cancel my rental agreement that by the way my policy states I have coverage of $30 a day up to $900.00, which evens out to 30days of a rental and I have only had the car 11days!!

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