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B Nov 21, 2018

What joke this Geek Squad thing is! I recently purchased a tv from Best Buy in West Edmonton. I have hung several tv's over my years, so when their high pressure sales people start pushing you to use that service I immediately say no. So then they start messing around with numbers to try and snow you into feeling like you're getting a deal on it...I'll throw in the mount, or I'll take $300 off the price of the tv, so the mounting is free etc. etc. This tells me immediately that they make more money selling this service than selling the tv, which is why I don't use these services typically, no different than taking the bs extended warranties they all try to sell you.

With all that said, I told the kid that sold me the tv that IF Geek Squad could hide the wires for me instead of them being visible up my wall, then I would pay for that. He said the absolutely can do that. Ok I thought to myself, I'll pay $300 if they'll mount it and run the wires to it in the wall.

They showed up today and have zero means of running wires. They wanted me to get an electrician to my house to move the power outlet and they wanted an additional $150 to put 2 HDMI jacks in the wall behind the tv.

I own/operate a large very successful company in Edmonton. Our business is serving customers, which we do well, so I know all about good customer service and how important return business is to an operation.

A customer purchasing one tv, having a bad experience, posting that experience online and NEVER buying from Best Buy again (oh and telling whoever will listen about it) is not good business and will catch up eventually. Just look at Radio Shack.

An upset BEST BUY customer

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