Geek Squadpc tower

M Dec 31, 2019

I took my pc tower into the geeksquad on the 27th of december for them to check and fix a power button on my tower it was taking multiple presses to start the computer. Some time 20 presses. That is all I wanted needed to be done. Yesterday dec 30 I was told it was ready for pick up. When they hooked it up firstly it too over 10 minutes to go from start to the desktop. When I brought the tower in there was no issues except the prow button. I started quickly when it as brought in. Well now I had them take it back in to fix their error when it turned on like I said the start up took forever and there were error reports. I did not sk or request any other issues to be addressee or to run a diagnostic test or any tests or to remove any thing. All I wanted was the power button to be fixed if possible. So the took it upon themselves to do all sorts of tests and now I am still with out my pc. Supposedly they are fixing their the past I have had good service at geek squad. Why did hey feel compelled to do what was not asked of them. What if they can not get it back to the way it was brought in? Then what I will be without my pc due to their error. I need a resolution to this. Need my pc in working ordr they way I brought it in. They did however fix the button as asked but that was all I wanted done

  • Updated by Marytheknees · Dec 31, 2019

    I am still waiting for my pc back after 5 days truly angry

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