Geek Squadhome theater installation and configuration (receiver and speakers)

P Jan 09, 2019
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My name is Puneet Sharma and recently I had purchased home theater items (Klipsh RP 450C and R26FAB) pair)) from Best Buy and subscribed to yearly membership paying $240 plus tax.

During purchases I was informed that BestBuy has options to have professionals install the home theater and configure it in such a way that it would be effective and seamless. I was recommended to go with Geek Squad as part of the purchase to setup / configure the home theater.

Scheduling happened and the Installation was completed (Dated December 27, 2018, Service Order Number : 1262633). I was not happy with the installation at all as esthetically it wasn't done the way I originally wanted it. The team had positioned the speakers 3.9' from the ground, and not higher (5.5'). Also, the receivers weren't fully setup and I had to go through manual to configure which consumed enough time that I had to break from work during weekday to reconfigure paid installations.

However immediately post the setup during the initial days, I began to hear static noise on both the back-surround speakers (Book shelf Speakers of 50W). Each time I stood by the speakers, I began to feel cold draft of a kind. After a brief investigation, I found that these speakers were installed literally 2-3 feet close to the GFIs (Power sockets on the wall), close enough to cause electrical disturbances. I wanted to see how these speakers had been mounted so I removed the speakers (attached to my dry wall) only to find that the installation tea has torn into my Vapor barrier and the concrete has been exposed.

I had to remove both speakers from the wall, still attached to the cables, to notice that vapor barrier (plastic holding pink fire retardant material) has been haphazardly cut and concrete exposed to the dry wall, where the GFIs (electrical sockets) are located. I had called in Professional electrician and dry wall constructional engineer only to be reaffirmed my suspicion. The Geek squad had literally ruined the basement installation by compromising and exposing concrete to my drywall and that too 2-3' feet close to electrical installation.

I have taken photos and video (attached to this mail) in evidence to this disastrous of an incident. This is simply not acceptable and I hold Best Buy and Geek Squad squarely responsible for this mess so much so that I have to engage professional team to fix this mess of an installation. This has affected the heating of the basement and could have potentially caused mold to grow due to sheer negligence and utter lack of knowledge by the so called installation experts.

I squarely hold Best Buy and Geek Squad responsible for this debacle and expect a quick response. I am considering various options at this moment given the enormity of the situation and the stress of having to manage an so called managed installation. I did not expect this from Best Buy. I would like to know how Best buy/Greek Squad is planning to remediate this situation?

Without knowing these damages earlier, I have postponed the appointment with Geek Squad to relocate the rear speakers to January 22, 2019 from 2 pm-7 pm.

Now, I want to put a hold on Geek Squad's appointment to realign the speakers as I have lost complete faith in their ability to execute this job. I am going to do the realignment myself and would like to know how Best buy/ Geek Squad is planning to remediate these damages.

I do look forward to hear from a responsible person on how to move forward.


Puneet Sharma
Cell: [protected]

home theater installation and configuration (receiver and speakers)
home theater installation and configuration (receiver and speakers)
home theater installation and configuration (receiver and speakers)
home theater installation and configuration (receiver and speakers)
home theater installation and configuration (receiver and speakers)

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