Geek Squad Appliance Appointment Service / making an appointment with the geek squad for refrigerator repair

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We made an appoinment to have our refrigerator repaired (2nd Call Out on ice maker) on June 4, 2019 for a June 11, 2019 service visit under Work Order number [protected] for a 12noon to 5pm time slot. During the initial call, I was asked for the service address (our current address of 1048 Sterling Ct, Crown Point, In) which I provided. I also provided the home phone of [protected] and a cell phone of [protected]. The appointment took roughly 20 minutes on the phone to make. Later in the evening of June 4, 2019 we got a confirmation email with the wrong service address and wrong phone numbers. The service address in the confirmation email was in Valparaiso, In, some 30 miles away from Crown Point. Repair techs from the Geek Squad were just here at the end of May to work on the same refrigerator! And now they cant get the address of service logged in correctly? So I called on June 5 to change the service address and phone numbers...which took over an hour on the phone to straighten out with the original Work Order cancelled and a new work order no. [protected] issued for a June 10, 2019 service visit. In total, I spent an hour and 20 minutes of my time trying to make this service appointment. That is an unsatisfactory level of service, all caused by the original appointment representative not getting the address logged in correctly! That knucklehead needs a note put in his performance file.

Jun 05, 2019

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