GearBubbleheart shaped pendant

S Aug 14, 2018

I ordered a pendant for my wife for our anniversary, it still has not arrived and three weeks ago I told that it would be here a a week and a half. I still have not received it and I either want the necklace or my money back!!! This whole thing smells like a scam and I will report this site to Facebook where I ordered the necklace off of. My email is [protected] and my name is Stephen C. Fischbach. My order info is

18K Gold Necklace
1 Laser Engraved Round Pendant Necklace - 18K Gold Plated - SKU #80
Order #: gb_7a490e569c5be8d2
Transaction ID #: ch_1CqLJNEri5J6h4cwY5OgtGSV
Order Placed On: [protected]:39:56 -0400

I had better hear back!!!

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