GE Money BankGE Money Bank should be ashamed of itself!


I mailed payments for my account on November 3rd. I have always made payments on time and usually made more than the minimum payment. I received a call from GE's collections dept yesterday. I could barely understand her because she was in INDIA. These big companies should be ashamed of themselves. (I digress) she wanted me to make another payment on the phone with her. Their is no way I was going to give her my banking info over the phone to someone in INDIA. So now I have to watch my bank account to make sure it gets posted.


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    Monique Giannetti Nov 29, 2007

    Be careful because they removed the money from my account and told me they never got it when it cleared from my bank. Be sure to keep copies of every time you speak with them or mail/fax them anything.

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  • Ro
    ron henderson Jan 03, 2008

    I am a hearing aid dispenser. they sent me a credit card (pos)machine with out me even requesting it. Well i began using it. A patient complained to them about what, i don't really know. They refunded his money, against california state law, demanded i discontinue the use of the machine and return it because, as they claim, i violated parragragh 13 of the agreement. I never saw any such agreement and have no idea what they are talking about!!!! Someone said something about a class action suit against them. Count me in. When the unlawfully cacell my sales and refund moneys illegally---- they better be ready for a fight. My sale was solid, legal and is not going to be cancelled by anyone other than myself as per california state law. Again, count me in on the class action laesuit.


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  • Ro
    Robert Jan 15, 2008

    I totally agree. GE Money Bank is a company I will never do business with them again. I was a long time customer with an outstanding payment history. I had an issue with some interest charges and was getting no where with the Indian representative. I asked to speak to his supervisor and was told to write a letter. Write a letter??? What century is this??? I guess GE Money Bank does not know the value of responsible account holders.

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    SHELDON ETTER Jan 22, 2008


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  • Pa
    patty Jan 29, 2008

    I missed1 payment got 2 calls a day from a person in india , made the payment through auto payment phone system, was withdrawn from my bank account. Now they say payment was not made, was done Dec. now i have faxed the check. Its up to me to prove its been processed. Big hassle . they haraased me now nothing is being done on their end. Cancelled the card.

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  • Jo
    Joyce E. Onufer Feb 01, 2008

    I agree with all the comments made above. I feel thier Customer Center is made up of very untrained, uncaring, rude, arrogant, poor ethical phone skills employees and we all should get together and find a great Law Firm to represent us. They have not listened to me on 4 occasions and have not bothered to close my account, as I requested. When I ask for somebody I am talking with, who I cannot seem to underatnd my problem or does not try, I ask for someone higher up, I get the same treatment. They act a good act! My grandchildren could understand the problems I am facing better then Caer Credit employees can. They would also agree on Care Credits fradulent actions and activities. They need to own up to how they are scamming their customers. I am all done with their condescending comments as, "I don't follow you!"or "What do you want me to do?" or "I am too busy to continue with this conversation!" (Spoken by a women who was a "escalation";alias supervisor) who shows no interest or compassion. Their bogus attitude drives me into a severe anxiety attack. I am so glad that I am not the only person dealing with this company. HELP!

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  • Ze
    zeuxis R Salazar Feb 13, 2008

    I am having the same problem with GE money bank. I called them for a payoff amount back in October, I sent them the check, three months later I received a call from their collection department. I have been harassed since. No one in the company can tell me what is going on, all they want me to do is give them another $1,097.00. I have called many time and tried to speak to a manager, well the manager is never available. I leave messages for them to call me back and to this date I have not gotten one, all I get is more calls from the collection department. This company really should be sued by everyone who is being harassed.

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  • Ma
    MARIA RUIZ Jun 03, 2008


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  • Ma
    Martha Smith Jul 22, 2008

    GE Money Bank is very unfair. I had a JC Penny card for years and never was overdue or behind a payment and then my husband dies unexpectatly of lung cancer and because of other accounts that I could not pay I had to file bankruptcy but they were left out of the bankruptcy because I had no balance on my account only insurance with Stone Bridge so they cancelled my card and won't let me have another, How unfair is that????

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  • De
    Debra Feeney Aug 04, 2008

    I purchased a salt system for my pool through a company called Aquavantage. It was supposed to be paid off in 4 years. I had an automatic payment sent for more than the amount every month. That was over 5 years ago. When I started getting the calls from GE Money Bank I had no idea what was going on. I checked with my bank and found out that GE Money Bank had bought my note from Aquavantage, the mailing address had changed and I was behind two payments because they had been returned to my bank. I have tried many, many times to talk to someone who will try to understand what has happened and no one will listen, understand or get me someone in charge. I refused to talk to the Indian reps and told them to tell someone from the United States to call me and they did. The rudest woman I have ever talked to has hung up on me twice. I have now canceled my auto pay to them and they can just come after me. I have already paid more than the cost of the system and they say I still have over half to go. All I can say is someone needs to find out the CEO's name and address and let him know what he has representing his company. I never did business with them to begin with and now I'm being harassed. They should be shut down permanently.

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  • Ph
    Phyllis Collins Oct 14, 2008

    I don't have a complaint...I just want to find our how to get my account set up to pay my monthly payment on line...Thanks

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  • Pe
    Penny G Oct 30, 2008

    Wow, I thought I was the only one. I did a balance transfer to pay off my GE Money account. I have a copy of the canceled check showing they were paid in full on time! And still it took 3 months for them to admit they got the payment and they still don't admit they got it on time. They claim they didn't receive the check until a month after it was cleared. How insane is that?! These people defy logic. They are still charging me a late fee and set collection agencies on me. I've referred it my lawyer and I plan on filing a lawsuit against them for harrassment

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  • Th
    Theresa Keskinen Nov 18, 2008

    I just received a phone call tonight from someone saying that my payment was past due also. I have never been late in making a payment to anyone. I payed the bill when it came in and the due date was listed as being 11/29/08 therefore according to me my payment will be on time. You are right about not understanding the person. My person was from India as well. I checked on line after this person called and saw that my address was listed incorrectly the first time and according to them the statement came back. Don't these people realize what they are doing. Maybe if they didn't hire people from India things would run more smoothly.

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  • Ca
    candace Feb 12, 2009

    I agree with all the complaints. GE Money reps are rude, hard to understand, annoying etc. They constantly call me for payments(they even call at night when my kids are asleep-how rude) but I have it to where it comes out of my account automatically. BIG MISTAKE! I still recieve statements saying that I owe and that I have late fees. This company is a waste of TIME AND MONEY .

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  • Vi
    VictoryAlwaysWin Jul 03, 2009

    I admire everyone who has even attempted to pay these people. I can't afford to pay them anything right. What started off as a $500 loan is now over $1200 with late fees & interest. They call 5-6 times everyday. I used to answer the phone and could never understand their Indian accent. I don't answer the phone anylonger. My cell sends their calls straight to voicemail. ...I do eventually plan to pay them but it's so unneccessary to harrass people by calling all day long beginning at 8am until 9pm.

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  • Ve
    Verity Smith Oct 11, 2009

    Guess what? You pay your bills and you won't get called-don't confuse Collections and Customer Service they have two different ways of handling confused individuals like yourself.

    Solution pay them off and go on with your life!

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  • Ha
    Harry T. Feb 19, 2010

    I had to have two heating and air condition units. The total bill was a little over $15000.00. I could have moved some from my savings and paid it off in six to eight months but when I found out I could go with GE Money Bank and pay it off with no interest for 12 months I went for it. I had done this before with some appliances and it worked great. I never carry a balance with any of my credit cards and have a 800 average with the big three credit services.

    I made nine payments. I didn't receive a bill for payment ten. I didn't receive a bill for payment eleven. My big mistake was not checking as to why. I just assumed the account had been paid in full.
    After the contract entered the thirteenth month I got the phone call from our friendly people living in India that I needed to give them my Bank Account routing number so they could collect all of the accued interest.
    I refused and checked through all of my records and found the I did indeed owe $1000.00 and had the bills come as unual I had two months to pay off the account. I sent the final payment and considered the account closed. Of course I got the calls saying by not making the final payment I still owed the interest.

    I feel this is just one method for collecting interest. I would like to know if others have had much the same experience. I think Seniors like me are probably targeted more but not sure. Harry T.

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  • Ro
    Robbinhood Jul 29, 2010

    Yes agreed Ge Money demonstates unethical and ruthless business practice

    The evidence speaks for itself

    Check out this site for detailed info on GE Money's track record

    ASIC acts on GE Money’s insurance and debt collection practices

    GE Money’s consumer complaints mount

    ASIC helps Australian consumers understand new credit laws

    The more consumers that can access reliable information in a timely manner to better

    Consumers should be able to research finance companies first before making a decision to apply for a finance product.

    If consumers can see that GE Money products have distinct disadvantages, that the customer service is poor, the interest rates higher, and the debt collection process is very aggressive and damaging for the consumer it is more likely that consumers will not take up GE Money products.

    Loss of business for GE Money and lower profits will really make an impact against GE Money

    Hit GE Money financially and make a difference

    Spread the word about GE Money complaints

    GE Money’s consumer complaints mount

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  • Je
    jetretry02009 Sep 14, 2010

    ok to the people complaining about giving your payment information to someone in india. First off. its 2010.. its time to get over your racist views. Secondly, I know for a fact GE does not outsource. Outsourcing is selling accounts to a 3rd party to collect payments and help with call volume times. GE is a worldwide company so we have call centers all over the world. The call center in india is a GE owned and operated call center, they go through the same hiring process as someone in the south dakota or ohio call center. They simply are in India. They pass the same background check as anyone else so if anyone is going to be dishonest with your information it could be anyone not just someone in another country. Your one of those people that deserves to have their identity stolen by someone at a US based call center, that way we can all laugh and say karma is a B

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  • Ba
    Barry J Nov 24, 2010

    I too wish I had come here and read up on GE Money Bank. My story is that I used them in Nov. of 2009 to finance my furnace. My agreement stated that I had until Dec. 9 2010 to pay off the balance. Well, I was down to $3280 on Nov.22 2010 and arranged to transfer the balance to Chase Bank but now before the transfer went through the balance has gone to $4237.93!! There is no explanation visible on the website for this $957 increase, but I assume that Chase notified them that the transfer was coming and they hit me with a ridiculous interest rate and fee before it was applied. Their actions are criminal in my opinion, and from what I have read here it is their common practice. So, beware do not finance anything through GE Money Bank. I never will again and intend to make complaints every way I can--attorney generals, BBB, finanace and trade commision--the works.

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  • Ro
    rohernan Mar 26, 2011

    We financed apool with aqua vantage almost 11 yrs ago and are still paying on it in 2011. My husband and I have paid off three cars since then. and cannot finish paying ge money bank for a$4000and something dollar pool.There has to be a way of suing these people for their greed and arrogance. I WOULD DO IT BUT I SUFFER FROM ANXIETY AND STRESS DISORDERS and cannot handle stressful situations because of my high blood pressure and diabetes. Iwould be so supportive if there was someone out there that could take them on!

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