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Complaints & Reviews

useless customer service

If you want to order from them, you need to be sure that you won't want to return the items. There's no guarantee they will have a good quality and that customer service will help you. Because most of the time they are absolutely useless and not helpful at all.
Saying this because I know how it is. I had a very simple issue, but couldn't resolve it without their participation. They didn't even answer.

bad customer experience at gap - valley fair mall, ca

Date: 18 nov 2017
Time: around 9.15-9.30pm

I was with my daughter and husband to purchase a jean for my husband. While my husband was in the trial room he asked me to get the next size. I walked to the rep for help and he walked away and pretended not to hear me. Then he sheepishly smiled and came to me n pretended not to hear. I told him this is not the way to treat customers and he didn't seem to care. He was exchanging smiles with another sales person. I complained to the manager but didn't get the feeling they cared. I feel discriminated they way they handled. Very bad experience!

gap staff

I walked into a gap store in dhahran mall (dhahran, Eastern province- saudi Arabia) I didn't realize what...


It's literally impossible to return anything, they simply do not accept returns. It is said on their website that they actually do, but in reality things are a lot different. Gap customer service rep claimed that they don't do refunds and replacements and said that I was mistaken. I tried to get in touch with their manager but it was impossible to do. They sent me a wrong size clothing and all I wanted was to get a replacement. But unfortunately I got stuck with my order and no one from Gap tried to help me. What a huge disappointment.

unethical behavior

Sweat shops. God. Dang. Sweat shops. GAP and it's sister companies, ie Old Navy, have been reported to have a multitude of sweat shops forcing children as young as 12 to work unbelievable hours and when questioned they said that they were unaware it was happening. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus cursus sodales eros,

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failure to respond to claim

This Message is not flagged. [ Flag Message - Mark as UnRead - Take Address ]
From: <>
Subject: Fwd: Complaint <<#[protected]#>>
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2013 21:12:22 +0400
To: [protected]@gap.com

Dear Sir,

What action do you intend to take against GAP Sandton for this inappropriate customer service?


--- the forwarded message follows ---
From: <>
Subject: Re: Complaint <<#[protected]#>>
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2013 19:33:49 +0400
To: "GAP Sandton" <GAP.[protected]@stuttafords.co.za>
Cc: [protected]@gap.com

Dear Sir,

Ignoring a customer particularly after a purchase is the worse that you could do. I believe that its the basic way you treat your customers. Can you tell what action you intend to take and if there isnt, please state so so that I can take necessary steps. As a matter of principle I cannot leave this case unresolved.


On Sat, 30 Mar 2013 11:42:04 +0000
mike wrote:
Dear Sir,

I would think that a brand of your stand would not have any boundary constraint. Mike
------Original Message------
To: GAP Sandton
Subject: Re: Re: Complaint <<#[protected]#>>
Sent: Mar 29, 2013 14:54

Left the country already. In Mauritius. ------Original Message------
From: GAP Sandton
Subject: FW: Re: Complaint <<#[protected]#>>
Sent: Mar 29, 2013 14:43

Good morning Mike

I’m sorry about the what happened with the pair of GAP jeans you bought from our store. It certainly didn’t perform to the GAP standard.

I’d like to know if you’re still in Johannesburg or anywhere in South Africa or have you left the country?

From: ] Sent: 28 March 2013 05:41 PM To: GAP Sandton Subject: Fw: Re: Complaint <<#[protected]#>>

Dear Sir, This email in now addressed to you for action. I'm sure you will be to the level of your brand values and meet customer's expectations.

  • Gv
    Gvantsa Apr 15, 2013

    I am bothering you regarding a horrible service I have received from your agents. I love gap but the service is awful please check my order #17038TT and you see how they treat customers, it is not fair, please anyone help:((

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  • Gv
    Gvantsa Apr 15, 2013

    they just send me the same text all over again! I have such feeling they do not even read my mails

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  • Gv
    Gvantsa Apr 15, 2013

    The order was done on OLDNAVY

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loss prevention pervert

I was shopping at the Gap at Chesterfield mall last week and this man was following me around everywhere. I...

I will never buy anything from gap and will advise all my friends to stay away from gap

I purchased a pair of pants from Gap store. When I tried to return it to the store. I was told they can't do it because the item was a final sale. I called the customer service and was told the item was not a final sale when I purchased it but it passed 30 days. I cannot return it with my receipt. What the store should do was return this item without receipt and offer a store credit instead. However, the amount will be whatever the final sale price was. I asked the represntative over the phone to look up the final sale price but was told they couldn't do it. They told me to go to the store again and have them check the price there. People in the store "Should Be" able to check the price (not guarantee). If the people in the store don't know how to do that, they can call in the customer service center for assistance. I found it very inconvenience. I need to go back and forth to the store and call in customer service. It's such waste of time. I will never buy anything from Gap and will advise all my friends to stay away from Gap.

  • Ke
    Kelly May 02, 2009

    On-line promotions at Gap.com are confusing without clear indicators on merchandise that qualifys for discounts. When you proceed to the checkout process and enter a promotion code there is not an indicator that the merchandise does not qualify for the promotion. It wasn't until the purchase was complete that I fully realized I would not be receiving the promotional price. I called their online call center immediately and the supervisor was exteremly rude. She also indicated that babyGap Home is a vendor and not the Gap. How would a consumer know that and why would it matter when it is a tab on their website. The Gap has not given me a price adjustment. I have filed a complaint with my state Attorney General.

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different price between store and gap online

I have been a long time customer of Gap. I have been always trying to get a best deal-typically waiting for a...

wrongful termination

The criminals are winning. 97.1 FM’s Jamie Allman interviewed Vianni Dickey a former GAP store...

racist security

The undercover decoy/loss prevention agent at the Gaps at the Saint Louis Galleria is named Josh. I know...

rude store employee

The store employee was raising her voice at a old lady, explaining something. I was on the other part of the...


As happens to many consumers all too often, I was convinced by a "nice" salesperson at one of the Gap stores to open a Gap credit card. I very very very rarely do this, as I hate having so much plastic in my name. But I was convinced that I'd save X amount of money on my first purchase so I did it, I opened a Gap account. So I buy $110.00 worth of jeans (on sale) and away I go. Sure enough, I get a call from GE Money telling me I owe them a payment on my card. No problem there, except after making the payment I realized that they just charged me $140.51. At first I didn't realize it, until I was doing my monthly bill filing and came across the original Gap bill --- $110.40.

I called the customer service number and sure enough, Gap charged me a late fee of approx. $30.00! I couldn't believe it: a brand new card, first purchase, and a $30.00 late fee. I asked to speak with a supervisor, who proceeded to treat me like a piece of garbage, speaking down to me like I was a child that had misbehaved. I told him to cancel my card immediately, which he asks me "are you sure, there is no annual fee." The nerve. I told him to cancel the card and he had the audacity to thank me for my business.

Now yes, I was at fault, but we're talking about 2 weeks past due, not 2 months or 2 years! Any other company would have waved the fee, but the Gap thinks it's a much better idea to rip off their customers even more than their regular priced. If this is the way Gap treats all their customers, I would suggest you never patronize Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, or Piperlime ever again. These guys have no clue as to what the words "customer service" mean. Their reps are rude and obnoxious, and they need to learn that they are not the only place in town - or on the web - to buy clothing. Personally, I will never shop with this company again, and I hope you think twice next time too!

  • Ca
    CarpeNoctem Feb 16, 2010

    I work for Old Navy, and Gap and Banana Republic have pretty much the same card. If you are late on ANY payment on ANY credit card, whether it is 1 day late, you WILL be charged with a late fee. Take care of your bills and don't blame the company because you are irresponsible with your bills. This goes for any credit card for ANY company. If you got another fee waived from a different company for a late fee;

    Number 1: Obviously you have a history of being late with bills.
    Number 2: They got annoyed with you to the point of waiving it to get you to stop yelling at them.
    Number 3: Again, don't blame the company for late fees if it's 2 WEEKS LATE.

    1 Votes
  • Fo
    formerGAPemployee Mar 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This complaint is not a legitimate request and should not be posted on a complaints board. This is the real world America not a fairytale. Like with other companies, pay your bills on time and there would be no issues. I'm actually shocked that you took the time to type this out.

    1 Votes

return policy

Gap has recently changed their return policies which are utterly crazy and make no sense. Gap Kids and Baby...

the worst i've ever been treated

So today I go into GAP and their manager or assistant manger (I think it was assistant, but I'm not...

manager rude

I was in with my four children and my husband on sat. 8/15/09. I asked the manager about a bag that I had purchased from another location to always receeive 10% of each purchase. The manager kim told me I could not. I had previously used the bag and received my discount with other employees. I had my girlfriend go in afterwards and she was able to use the bag. I hate to say it nut she was white. I heard several associates say that she was normally like that and rude only to blacks. I did not appreciate it. I have always shopped in gap but after this incident I think my money will be spent elsewhere.,

  • Fr
    fred flintson Aug 16, 2009

    Stopping being a racist you probably didn't even have the bag with you but, are mad at Galleria so posted this phony crap up here. By the way racism is gone we have a black president as you may have forgotten.

    1 Votes
  • Fo
    formerGAPemployee Mar 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you felt that you were treated unfairly in a store in any way, don't hesistate to contact customer service who will be more than willing to investigate the matter. I hope were getting all the facts here.

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Defective merchandise

I bought a Linen shirt from GAP over a year ago and it was only this year I noticed that the buttons were...

manager & staff very rude

I had a pair of paints on hold - an employee from the gap glendale galleria, ca called the gap store in valencia, ca and spoke with paul... When I went to pickup the pair of paints they are stating that they did not call and paul states no one spoke to him... The manager lina was very rude no customer service at all no appologies... There were 2 other sales reps. Maria & mike - they were the same - no meet & greet what so ever... Even the manager had no class - no appologies - when I asked for the regional manager's phone # - they would not give it to me... Do not buy any stuff from gap... One of the worst customer service ever... All the employess including the manager lina were just lolly gagging

decreasing credit line

I've had GAP visa for a while now yesterday I went into pharmacy to have prescription refilled swiped my card and was promptly informed there was an discrepancy with my balance; I hadf money and paid. I contacted customer service this morning @ which time I was informed credit line was reduced without anyone/company informing me, I, m now in process of paying account off and closing out this particular card.

response to service

To respond to all those cusotmers complaining about Gap's service. I worked with this company for years and have been gone for almost a year now. While there are some horror stories around service overall there managers are WAY over-worked. There is so much work to do everyday it is impossible to achieve with the hours they provide their stores. And of course they still expect perfection! Managers are badgered by upper management around creditcard results and store standards. As a manager you are also the cashier, running go-backs, cleaning fittingrooms, doing shipment, markdowns... and the list never ends. With all this to do customers do not have a chance. Once it was the retailer of choice but no more. And unfortunately everyone suffers from that. The customers as well as employees, they have lost many great people by being so demanding. It is a shame.

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