GameStopblack friday false advertising

J Nov 21, 2017

I recently purchased the Black Friday Sale of the $199 Playstation 4 WITH a $50 gift card. My order is on the way and arrives this week. I called on the day I ordered to verify where/how my code would be sent to me. I was told it would be in email once the order went through. No email ever came. I called today and was told the Black Friday Sale I bought does not come with a $50 gift card. I am not accepting this. I talked to a supervisor and he would not help me either. On this Black Friday Ad,
It CLEARLY shows the deal I wanted with the gift card. The supervisor told me on the Gamestop site it shows just the Playstation for $199, LESS the $50 gift card. My issue with all this is, WHY was I able to purchase the Black Friday Playstation deal with $50 gift card FROM THE AD ITSELF, if it wasnt going to come with the gift card? This seems fraudulent to me.. The link SHOULD NOT BE WORKING in that ad if this is the case. All i want is the gift card the ad shows I would be getting and WAS TOLD I would get.
O#[protected] 1st call to gamestop store locally: 11/19 2nd call asking where gift card was 11/21.


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