Furniture Rowquality of furniture is questionable

My husband and I move often as a military family. We moved into a new home a couple years ago and decided it was time to upgrade our secondhand furniture and some of the cheaper "particle board" pieces we bought to furnish our previous rental. Furniture Row was located down the street from us, so we took a peek at their show room and purchased living room furniture last fall. The living room furniture, thus far, has held up excellently. Happy with the quality, customer service, and delivery, we decided to purchase a dining room set AND a bedroom set from FR earlier this year. Our dining table had to be replaced just a few months after purchase because the varnish was already coming off revealing the bare wood. Surprising considering we only eat at our dining table maybe twice a week and have used only water to clean it. Now, the replacement is starting to have the same issue. Two tables in less than a year, and this set was one of their higher priced options. I know people who have their dining tables for a decade before they begin to show wear. Then, last week, our expensive bed from Furniture Row, just nine months old, broke. One of the slats broke in half when I laid my 18 pound child on the bed to change her clothes. When I called the store I purchased it from, I was told that I'd have to wait for the part, which was backordered, to arrive at the store and pay a 45 dollar surcharge for delivery. Excuse me? Never again. This company sells some really shoddy pieces of furniture with premium price tags. Not to mention that it takes a month following purchase for products to be delivered, which is unheard of. Furniture companies are doing next-day deliveries; it's 2019.

Oct 09, 2019

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