Frontier Communicationsactivation of my frontier service for tv, internet and phone.


Contact Frontier ( was Verizon) to suspend services effective May 20th. for 5 months in the summer, was advised that everything was ok and told to call on Sept. 29th. before we leave our northern home to reinstate our Florida service.
Conformation no. [protected] processed, will need to call them to reinstate 2 weeks before before Oct. 13th . Number to call is [protected].
Order no. [protected], call number [protected]

On June 27 called Frontier again requesting them to suspend service as still billing me for all services. Samantha from Indiana made the change again to reflect the suspension. Order # [protected]. Took auto billing off account so they do not access my bank account.

Called today, Sept. 25th to activate our service on Oct. 11, they had to set up new account with a temp. phone number [protected] but said I will get my old number back. The cost per month w/o taxes is $115. They will call if they cannot activate service from their office. Which means would have to arrange to let technician into Villa if they cannot.

My order number is [protected] for these changes. We also get 24 months free for star and another channel. They will also be applying a $104 credit to our account from the old account.

Received an auto message from Frontier on Oct.10 advising that a technician would be coming to my home to activate my system on Oct. 11 unfortunately I had to cancel and reschedule until Oct. 16 as I was not back to my Florida residence until Oct. 12.

When I did talk to a technician to see if they could activate the system remotely as they have done before I was told that my account had been cancelled in July for non payment even though Frontier owed me money.
At no time was I advised by Frontier that my account had been cancelled and sent to collections.

Because of the cancellation the technician has to come to physically activate my service. I then find out that I no longer have my phone number which I have had for 15 years. This situation is unacceptable and I have decided to drop my land line with Frontier and I am still considering what to do about TV and internet.

The service I have received from Frontier since they took over from Verizon has been terrible. The simple task to suspend my service for 5 months in the summer as been a nightmare and even when I do what Frontier asks of me they still screw it up.

As someone who has worked for a service company for 38 years I cannot believe how Frontier treats their customers and after all of this experience I feel that Frontier sees themselves as the victim and not the customer. No service company can exist with that attitude.

George Baillie, 2125 Lynx Run, North Port, Florida, 34288.


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