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Frontier Communications Corporationinternet and tv service

My internet and tv service has not been working since Wedneday 11/06/19. It is now Saturday 11/09/19. I have called to get answers...why is it not working?, when will it be fixed?, no one has any answers. I get told there's an outage and we don't know when it will be fixed. I'm really tired of dealing with this issue and getting absolutely nowhere with their customer service!!!

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    Frontier Communications Corporationairi smart mesh wi-fi dual pack

    In July, we inquired about a Wi-Fi Dual Pack and a technician came to the house to determine if it would help our internet speed/connection. He said "no", it would not help, and returned with the item. We have been billed $179.98 for this item, which we never ordered or received, for 4 months now. The technician filed a report that the item was not installed. When we call Customer Service they say it is in the "dispute" department and there is nothing they can do. We cannot call the dispute dept as there is no phone number. This department is a "black hole" where bills go and never to be heard from or fixed again. Very disturbing that a business would operate in this manner.

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      Frontier Communications Corporationtelevision service

      I had Frontier installed on 9/6/19, then cancelled the same day because the channels I had requested weren't provided. I was told by the installer that there was a 30 day guarantee (with no charges if I wasn't satisfied. I called someone in Connecticut and was advised they would waive the installation fee. I then called 800/921-8101 and first spoke with Kelly, then her manager Joseph. He told me they would waive the entire bill on 10/3/19. I just received a bill of $172.11 for 1 month's service. I called the number again and was advised that there is no guarantee and they don't pro-rate bills, so they refuse to waive the $172.11 fee. I advised I wasn't going to pay the $172.11 for a half day of service, I was then advised it would go to collections. I asked to speak to Joseph again and was advised they have Josephs all across the country so it would be impossible to know who it was. He had given me confirmation #VTRG68945 so I could confirm my account with a zero balance, but I still received a bill. The first person I spoke with today (10/16/19) told me she saw where they credited the $172.11, but later added it back in. I told her several times during the 45 minutes I spoke with her that I wanted to talk to her manager, she kept coming back to the phone and telling me her manager said he couldn't waive the charge. When I finally spoke to a manager, he said that my account doesn't show they ever waived the $172.11 and then added it back in. I shouldn't have to pay $172.11 for a half day of service that didn't include channels I had asked for. I am not going to pay the bill, but don't want this to go to collections.

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        Frontier Communicationscustomer service, unethical behavior

        Frontier communications disconnected customer for a late payment while customer was in the hospital without any form of notice via mail, telephone or email. Customer uses pacemaker which requires Frontier service for routine readings and check in of pacemaker function. Customer scheduled payment online when realized service was out and contacted Frontier. Initial customer service rep was apologetic, confirmed payment is scheduled online, and agreed to reconnect service for customer. She said that if the service is not back in shortly, to call back. The following morning, service was still out. After calling back, another customer service rep was very rude and denied the request to put the service back in. This customer service rep made it a point to say that she was going into the computer system to deny the previous customer service rep's request. Her reasoning was that the payment was still a few days late and therefore justified. We have since cancelled the service completely. I should add that this was a long-standing customer of 20 years. Awful experience, consistent with other reviews of the company.

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          Oct 07, 2019

          Frontier Communications Corporation — about my service not cut on which is new services.

          To whom it concern I am writing because I was approved on 09/10/2019 for internet date to come out wa...

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          Sep 12, 2019

          Frontier Communications Corporation — quote that was emailed to me

          I had called to change my service only to internet, told them I didn't need a router as we have one. I wa...

          Frontier Communications Corporationinternet

          I just relocated to a part of the US where Frontier offers service. In early September 2019 I ordered their "up to 25 mbps" service for $34.99. This would have been comparable to my mobile service with Verizon BUT would have allowed me, ideally, to stream internet to multiple household devices simultaneously.

          Then the fees started to add up. Taxes on top of $34.99. A MANDATORY installation fee of $75 (no way to do "self install" unless you purchase their nearly-dialup-speeds package--no thanks). A monthly infrastructure maintenance fee of $3.99. An activation fee of $10. And what pushed me over the edge, now you're REQUIRED TO PAY $10.99/MONTH for their equipment. You can no longer use your own modem. For every single month you're a customer with Frontier, you are obliged to give them an extra $11 to use their equipment even if you return it to their office and use your own. Frontier actually went out of their way to make it impossible to get out of the monthly $11 equipment fee.

          Businesses like Frontier treat customers like we're their golden geese. Fee on top of fee on top of mandatory fee. And worse yet, Frontier is listed as having the WORST customer satisfaction according to US internet service providers statistics. Are you kidding? All those fees, unreliable internet, AND poor customer service? No thanks. I realize internet access is crucial to work, school... modern life, but I'll stick with my current company or consider cutting internet at home and using it at school or work or the public library. These fees are absurd--and Frontier, I am still aghast, actually has made the situation worse by requiring customers pay yet an additional fee for their equipment--even if we return it!

          Shame on you, Frontier!

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            Frontier Communications Corporationfrontier modem return

            We signed up with frontier in April 2019, they could not keep our service running uninterrupted or at speed and the last straw was when we called in because our internet was out and the tech sat in our driveway for 45 minutes until I went out to see if he could fix it... He said he was almost done with his shift and would be back the next morning. The next morning, no call, noshow, and when I called frontier, he had closed out the service ticket and never even left his vehicle. We switched. Then when they said they were going to send a box to return the modem. No box came. After 2 weeks, we call again, 2 weeks after that, no box again. My husband went 2 hrs away to their physical store and they would not accept the modem or help in any way. We have reported them to our bank for fraudulent charges and are leaving reviews everywhere with everyone to earn everyone away from this awful company. We had to go to the UPS store and get VIDEO EVIDENCE and receipts for proof of return of the modem and have hired a lawyer to deal with all future interactions because it is worth it on principal alone. You will need to do the same if you sign up with these guys. Preston law in Washington if you're looking.

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              Frontier Communications Corporationlandline

              I live in rural southeastern Ohio. I have had landline services since 2009 at my residence. No other options! Cell phone service is not available. I live alone and have health issues that require the ability to make a phone call in case of an emergency. My life has been consumed by trying to get my phone line fixed and spending countless hours creating new trouble tickets and requesting bill credit for outages. Yes, you can get a credit on your bill but they certainly don't tell consumers that info!! It should be automatic but it is up to YOU to waste your time attempting to connect through live chat (because you certainly can't call when your phone is never fixed) ... it's not only time consuming but impossible to see that you receive your credit on the next bill. Clever way to disguise and label fragmented credits on your bill. My bill is currently running near $60/mo. And since the line has a short (via tech) along the roadway, now I'm being charged for 3-way calls that I'm not making. Check your bill! The short in the line makes 3-way calls and calls 911. It's exciting to receive a voicemail (when service is restored) from your sheriff's dept checking on a call made from your residence. Talk about the boy who cried wolf...wonder if they would waste their time coming to my aid if I legitimately called 911? Something needs to be changed asap...a consumer who has battled this for 10 yrs and it's getting worse. Just a hint of rain and I have no phone at all. As consumers we should have free phone service for years to come when they refuse to fix the problem. Or no phone bill at all, until the situation has been resolved. Frontier, you certainly have us exactly where you want us...keep paying the bill with the false hope that you actually care and are actually trying to fix landlines!!! I get it, there's no profit in helping rural Appalachia by replacing or upgrading landlines ... are you suggesting we are dumb poor folk who don't deserve reliable communication? Just a few people along my stretch of road without cell phone service...why bother with investing money in our landlines, no one would miss us ? Our road is just a small sample of a whole population of people who are counting on you to provide reliable landlines with affordability. Quit neglecting the disadvantaged who live in rural areas throughout America!

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                Frontier Communications Corporationharassing sales rep

                I have a NO solicitation sign st my gate but Frontier Fios still keeps knocking at my door. This is the 4th rep in 2 months who keeps wanting ne to switch to FIOS. All reps would start with the neighbors converted to FIOS. So i still jeep saying NO. The reps would not go away and continuous to ask what the speed us, how much we are paying, etc. I have to clise the door on him. Where should we report harassing Frontier reps? How to stop dolicitation nightmare?

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                  • Updated by Lisnavarro562 · Aug 20, 2019

                    Stop sending reps to my house!!

                  Frontier Communications Corporationcustomer service

                  Frontier deleted a recorded phone conversation we had a few years ago that proves I never asked me for the services they charged me for.

                  They deleted it after the state body of Connecticut, PURA contacted them about the audio recording.

                  They tried to use my own words against me a few weeks ago, saying I listened to the conversation and you said this. When I asked for the full conversation with the backing of a government agency, they said it had been purged from their system.

                  How convenient that a audio recording validating a customer claim was deleted

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                    Frontier Communications Corporationinstallation

                    My husband and I have been trying to get internet service at our house since June. The first ticket we put in was on June 8th. Our multiple tickets have supposedly been lost. If someone offered services in our area we would have gone with them. I have wasted all of my sick time I have accumulated at work to sit at home and wait for technicians that never show up. We have called the Vice President's office to complain. We have complained on Facebook. This experience has been horrible. WE NEED INTERNET! Why is it so hard for your company to do their job.

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                      Frontier Communications Corporationvantage triple play

                      I was lied to from day 1. they told me that unlimited long distance was included in my "Triple Play" package which it says so on the bill. They are now trying to charge me 42 cents per minute for Long Distance calls. They have agreed that I was lied to but no one can do anything about it. I have been a customer for nearly 4 months and i have never received a correct bill from Frontier. I have just switched to another provider in the area and am ecstatic to be awayfrom Froniter, they do not care about their customers. If they were not a monopoly they could never survive comptition in the open market.

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                        Aug 05, 2019

                        Frontier Communications Corporation — no phone service in a week

                        To date Frontier Communications has made NO attempt to fix service at my home. It has been out for a week...

                        Frontier Communications Corporationunwanted voip

                        Frontier verbally transfered a internet service contract to me from another individual without letting me know they were also transfering a voip line. Which I would have declinded if they told me about it. I have auto paid my bill for almost 5 years. $1200 in a service I didn't ask for or needed or even used. They wouldn't even issue me a partial refund

                        Their executive customer service representative said its my responsibility to verify im not being charged for some thing I didn't purchase.

                        This representative also admitted that I could have saved $10 per month if I modified my plan which would be $600 of the $1200 I'm looking for as a refund. He also blamed me for not verifying what I had, and the individual before me, assumed was only internet service

                        The voip line was never used and I just found out recently that I have been charged for 5 years for it

                        unwanted voip

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                          Jul 28, 2019

                          Frontier Communications Corporation — cable, tm & phone services

                          Over three years ago, Frontier took over Southern California Verizon Cable services. I started calling...

                          Frontier Communications Corporationinternet

                          FRONTIER INTERNET SERVICES. YOU WILL BE SORRY! Do not use this company especially if you are one that works out of your house. Always an excuse for poor service but never a resolution. Absolutely horrendous! Will try to be short, sweet & to the point.

                          Liar's. Thieves. Shyster's.

                          They do not keep scheduled appointment's (big one)! Always an hour, at the minimum, wait for any helpful, over the phone, assistance & even then your issue is not resolved. Promised their top speed offered & we never received. Kept telling us if we wanted faster we have to pay more. Ended up paying for the best of what they call their best & yet still no change. Internet always going out even after replacing our older modem with their most updated one.

                          We were forced to go w/Frontier due to the fact they were the only provider at the time. We are now switching providers.


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                            Jul 22, 2019

                            Frontier Communications Corporation — customer service

                            My internet went out for days. I spent at least 7 hours trying to figure out when I would have internet...

                            Jul 17, 2019

                            Frontier Communications Corporation — unauthorized new account after cancelling service

                            Here are the details of my case. I removed my identifying information because I don't need that all over the...

                            Frontier Communicationsinstallation service

                            My wife and I just moved to west virginia from maine and I set up our phone and internet service with frontier communications to be installed on july 2nd. The installation window was between 9am and 1pm. We waited around and no one showed up. So we called up to find out what happened and they said they sent a technician out, but no one was there (not true). So they told us the earliest they could schedule us again was in eight days! July 10th! So once again we waited around for hours and frontier never showed! When I called, the agent said they made a confirmation call the day before and no one answered. This protocol was not made clear to me when we made the account! The problem for us, an older retired couple, is that cel phones don't work out here. That's why we desperately need frontier's service. Hopefully, neither one of us suffers a medical emergency! We are currently scheduled for installation on july 18th. Eight more days! The whole situation is insanity! Iv'e tried reasoning with the agents on the phone, but they won't budge from this confirmation protocol! This is a cry in the dark! Somebody please help us! The installation address is 218 mt. Lebanon rd. Spencer, wv. Frontier customer service is [protected]. My name is john denny. Please help, thank you.

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