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My Microwave oven caught fire while using the baked potato auto sensor setting on the microwave. The food/compartment area started on fire and flooded my home with smoke. My first round with Electrolux Corporation Customer Service, the CSR chastised me for using paper towel in the microwave (see user manual page 6 on paper toweling and the endorsed use thereof). The next phone call was to Frigidaire, which said the accident was due to my not purchasing an extended warranty agreement. I made some progress with second supervisor. The company offered to have an authorized dealer come out to service/replace parts (due to the sensor failure which caused the fire) at Frigidaire's expense. An authorized tech did come to my home and declared all parts fixable except the interior box. Since one of the parts requiring replacement (the compartment, scorched, discolored) is not available for replacement; Frigidaire is offering me a 60% rebate (customer penalty 40%) on a new unit. The company has fully conceded to paying for replacement parts and the labor to fix the microwave, Unless!- the parts are unavailable. The unit is trashed on the inside, but because the part is 'unavailable' and the unit is out of warranty, I am stuck with a torched microwave oven. The microwave reeks, the sensor panels are scorched and the Electrolux Corporation identification plate inside the oven is scorched beyond recognition. I am lucky my house didn't burn down. This product is not safe. Frigidaire is more interested in blaming and punishing the customer for parts unavailability than fixing a problem. Frigidaire has reneged on an agreement to provide parts and labor to fix my microwave oven.

In dealing with Frigidaire's Customer Service Department; it sounds like there is a huge party going on in the background. The CSRs stick to a script and insist that if a part is unavailable, too bad for the customer. The CSR's are very limited in their abilities to manage serious consumer concerns, however, in fairness to them, limited by Frigidaire to proactively see a problem through to resolution. The worst part of their representative's behavior was saying (though they admit liability) I should go after the dealer for total replacement, not them. I am standing by to hear from Electrolux Corporation as well as from the Liability Department of Frigidaire. Frigidaire and Electrolux both are the subject of a Consumer Protection Agency report filed last week. BBB contacted 9/21.

Frigidaire Microwave Oven


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      Jan 16, 2010

    We've had the exact same thing happen with our over-the-range microwave, model PLMVZ169HCA.

    A baked popato on sensor cooking. Sensor never shut-off the microwave, thus a fire inside and the door bursted open with a squall of smoke filling the entire downstairs very quickly. The only reason the flames hadn't had a chance to catch the house on fire was because the door flung open with such a force, it bounced back and shut the microwave again, containing the flames. A scarry thing to happen. And a long time to live in a smoke-stinched home...

    We've also had the exact same experience with CSR's... first, it was out fault for not cooking correctly. Then, it was our fault b/c warranty wasn't extended. Then the offer of repair, which I explained would cost more then replacing. Plus, how would one rid of that stinch? Then, the offer of 60% rebate on a new unit. When did a sensor failure become a consumer's fault? I am not 100% satisfied with how the Manufacturer handles our SERIOUS complaints. They will face a lawsuit one day soon if they refuse to recognize there is a flaw in their sensor cooking.

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  • J
      Mar 03, 2014

    The same exact thing happened to us but we caught it before the whole thing went up in flames. We stopped the microwave and pulled the potato out and ran outside with it while the house filled with smoke. It permanently changed the color of the inside of the microwave into a yellow hue. It still works fine but the lesson here is NEVER to use the sensor for potato. Obviously this IS a problem.

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      Aug 02, 2014

    My Frigidaire Microwave just spontaneously combusted a couple days ago. It was purchased only 2 years ago but is out of warranty so their customer service department offered me nothing. Her advice was to call one of three repair companies at my own expense. Wow. The model number is FFMV164LSA. Luckily we were home at the time and my daughter smelled something burning. Then I see actual flames in the microwave about 4 inches high. It was the turntable ring that had caught on fire and burned a hole through the glass too. Luckily we were home and caught it in time. If we were out, it would have burned the entire house down. Beware of this microwave and a company that clearly doesn't care. This is be my last Frigidaire purchase!

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      Dec 14, 2014

    Wow, same exact thing happened to us last night. Frigidaire over the stove microwave, baked potato sensor failed, fire in the appliance, microwave totally destroyed.
    I called today, no response, left a message...oops it's Sunday. I emailed a message to, got a holiday e-newsletter in return. They need to upgrade their Customer Service. #FMGV174KFA. 9G00508225. When we purchased the microwave, we also bought a Frigidaire stove. And just last week bought a Frigidare refrig

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  • W
      Dec 17, 2014

    I just happened to do a search for this problem and found these complaints. I should have searched when it happened to us last summer. In Oct 2013 we purchased a Frigidaire professional series over-the-stove microwave and had a potato catch fire. I had used it the day before to bake a potato with no problems and when my daughter tried to make one, it failed to shut off and the potato caught fire. The microwave has not worked since and I was thinking about replacing it with an identical unit since I was not sure that it wasn't operator error! now that I have found this I will have to re-think! Hopefully one of the other manufacturers will have a unit that will match since they all seem to use slightly different stainless.

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  • M
      Apr 03, 2015

    Same thing happened to us tonight. I had no clue that baking a potato on automatic would not be safe and we have done it nearly a hundred times. Now the house is smoke damaged and the mike ruined and we must replace it quickly. All of our appliances are fridgidaire galaxy as were our previous appliances. We only replaced them as we redecorated.
    What is a safe microwave to buy?

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  • N
      Dec 07, 2015

    Our Frigidaire Model # FMV157GC has started running by itself several times. We are afraid of fire so have unplugged it. From the above comments it looks as though that the company is doing absolutely nothing about it. They will when a house burns down with people trapped in the fire. Definitely not buying Frigidaire again.

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  • D
      Jan 15, 2016

    Same thing happened to us yesterday. Used the baked potato setting and guess it never shut off because when my wife returned to the room, the microwave was on fire and the room was filled with smoke. The oven won't work at all now. We're checking on our warranty as it is about 18 months old.

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  • R
      Dec 09, 2019

    Can't believe it's 2019 and this problem is still occurring. Put a potatoe in the oven on a plate and used bake potatoe button. Next thing I know my fire alarms are screaming and the house is full of smoke. The baked potatoe was on fire. The microwave no longer works and the house stinks of smoke. Won't be buying another Frigidaire product no matter the cost.

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  • W
      Dec 29, 2019

    Just happened to me. Cooked a potato with sensor cook and it didn't turn off. Started fire and filled the house with smoke. This product needs to be recalled.

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      Dec 29, 2019

    Everyone should report this to:

    Maybe it will lead to a recall.

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