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J Sep 05, 2018

We bought this fridge from Home Depot at the end of July on my husband, John Buckley's Home Depot credit card. (see below for Home Depot order number, and fridge serial number and model number) We paid $698.40 for it. It was delivered in early August. My husband was in the middle of renovating the kitchen, so did not plug it in right away. We now have it up and running but having a problem with the amount of noise it makes. It's so loud, we can hear it with our bedroom door closed. I have had a few fridges in my life but never experienced anything like this. This is not normal or acceptable, and we should not have to live with it. I spoke with a representative of your company and explained the problem, to which she responded that if a service person comes and does not hear the noise I will be charged for that appointment. The noise is intermittent (when the motor runs), so may or may not happen when he's here. What are we supposed to do ? How can we remedy this situation? I spoke with 2 people at Home Depot in the last hour, and 2 at Electrolux. No one seems willing to take responsibility for the problem.
We would like you to honor the warranty policy that came with our purchase.
We would like to return this fridge.
We are willing to buy another fridge, perhaps even an upgrade.

Please contact us as soon as possible to resolve this issue.

Thanking you in advance,

John Buckley and Veronique Rignault [protected] or [protected]

Home Depot order #H2683-48852
Serial number: 4A82402110
Model: FFTR2021TS1

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