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a lemon of a washer

I bought a brand new Frigidaire washing machine in August of 2007 from Grand Central in Hazleton. It has been serviced 3 times for the same problem since that time, the minimum number of repairs necessary before they will consider a replacement. Now that it's experienced the same problem for the 4th time, I'm expected to wait another 72 hours for them to "consider" a replacement machine. There is a complaint on file with the Company with a reference number of [protected]. I advised them if there is not a new washing machine in my basement by Saturday, January 5, 2008, this will be broadcast on all three local television news stations. With that comment, all I received so far was that someone will get back with me.

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    Pauline M. Renshon Dec 02, 2008
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    I purchased the electrolux washer this past Sept. 2008.
    The washer never goes into the spin/dry cycle. I have
    to bail out the washer so that the water does not flood my floor. Then take one piece at a time out in order to wring dry my clothes. It is the most disgusting piece of equipment that I have ever purchased. I requested a new washer. I was told by the Applicance Store that Fridgidare does not do that.
    Why.? Itfthe Washer is a lemon, why do I have to suffer. The manufacture should make good, but Canada is out of the jurisdiction of USA.

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pathetic customer service associates and worst service

We had purchased refridgerator from this company second time cuz we wre quite happy with the product. How I wish we knew what kind of service they provide after their product is sold. Our compressor is not working and its since last two months we have issued a complaint number J 765. This complaint was raised on 21/10/07. Such a shame that till now this issue is not resolved. Mr Padmakar or mr prabhakar who is looking after this matter is telling me since last two months that he is not getting any compressor from the company. Besides, he is not ready to take the onus of the same. He had the wits to tell me that its company fault not my fault. I asked him are you working as a free lancer or for the company. He stated that 'Madam now you do what you want, I cannot help you?'. Eventually he asked me for one more day and committed that on 1st Jan it would be done. Till today its not done and now he is not even picking up the call. Is this the kind of service such company proivde being international brand. Nobody associated with this company, like their dealer, their ASC and the company itself is not ready to take the onus, so we customers are actually left nowhere to go!
Enough of this crap. Mr Padmakar, who doesnt even have the courtsey to answer the call and had the guts to disconnect my call. His assistant Miss meenaxi is tellin me, Sir is very busy he cannot speak to you, but he called me and told me to pass on this mesage to you that compressor is still not come from the company and we canot gurantee anything as of now. I asked him, how come he is not tellin me directly, she stated Sir is lil busy with his work and cant attend your call. I wondered thruout the day, sir is so busy that he doesnt have the time to attend my call but he has the time to call back his asst and let her kne the status. Is this the type of courtsey your agents provide. Is this the way to deal with the customer. I am in the customer service industry since last five days and even sometime we are not able to help customers immediatley, but we never worked like Mr Padmakar or Prrabhakar. Does he even have the understanding ot sense that what kind of negativity he is accumulating by doing such acts.
What a disappiontment? Being such a international brand such kind of service is provided by them.

  • Aj
    Ajay Kumar Gupta Oct 11, 2008
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    i purchased the refrigerator from appliance citylaxmi nagar, delhi on 22/02/2004 and there was four year warrenty on compressor.
    Some days before, it stopped cooling. i lodged the compalint on dyna enterprise (customer service) then the technical staff from dyna told us that your compressor is not working and it will have to replaced and around 1500 rs will be charges. We agreed and he replaced the compressor but again same problem happens within one month. Again i lodged the compliant then the technical staff from dyna told us that gas was more that is why this problem occurs. After refilling the gas, again same problem occurs then i again lodged the complaint, the technical staff from dyna told us that its defrost system is not working and it will have to be replaced. Sir i got frustated just by lodging the complaint.
    If such a reputated company will do like this, who will believe

    ajay gupta

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defective stove!

Well i have been complaining about getting my stove repaired for the past 3 and a half months. I have had a service tech in to see the problem and they have not repaired it. I have given the run around on this matter in which i am trying to co-operate with bad boy furniture. They have made other appointments with other techs in which can not be fulfilled. I have made people stay home to accommodate their schedule only to find out that they never showed up or not even a courtesy call. (This has happened more then twice keep in mind) the service at bad boy and there commitment to customer service is all a lie... I have not had a oven for the past 3 and a half months and it seems i am will be fighting for this for a while... So keep in mind if customer service is important to you pls think twice at buying at bad boy furniture... as they are not fulfilling their advertising that customer service is # 1 to them.

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    Defective stove top Feb 26, 2011
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    I am a senior and I also purchased an electric range more recently in April 2010 and similarily the white porcelaine stove top started to peel around the burners causing a burnt discoloration look. I became concerned that this might also present a safety issue. Unfortunatley we didn't have extended warranty and they had also told us to deal with the manufacturer, Frigidaire/Electrolux. They sent out a technician/serviceman but his report reflected it as being a cosmetic issue, probably brought on by consumer abuse, eg..using abrasive cleansers etc...which isn't the case at all . We've also never been rough with our appliances. It was emphasized that they would replace the porcelaine stove top only as a gesture, as it wasn't for service reasons..rather, for cosmetic reasons only. To our disappointment they ended up replacing it two times in less than a year but the porcelaine stove top still resulted in the same way. The white porcelaine around each burner continued to peel and appears rusted. We've been told they will no longer address this issue and we continue to dread wiping it down. I 've never had such an issue with any other appliance in the past and I too will never recommend a Frigidaire appliance.

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  • Wv
    WVN Dec 21, 2013
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    I have a Frigidaire range model LGET3033KWE. I bought it a year and a half ago. I paid over $700 for it. Just after the warranty expired the electrical main frame went out costing me $282.82. The oven just went out today. This is a piece of Junk!!!
    Another thing that irritates me is that the Lowe's representative told me this model was one of the best stoves on the market. However, the Dad's Appliance Repair repairman, Berea, KY told me he's been fixing this model everywhere. Needless to say, I will never buy another Frigidaire product.
    WVN Georgetown, KY.

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electrolux canada sucks!

May 11 2005, we purchased the best set of appliances Electrolux Home Products make, Frigidaires Pro Series, On Dec 15. Only 7 months later we had to repair the ice maker under warranty ( no problem) well it never got fixed till late Jan/06. On Feb 21/06,The repairman made another house call to repair the ice maker again, Well it never got fixed till Mar 29/06. In July/06 they finally replaced the ice maker with a new one, at this point the warranty had run out so Electrolux finally covered the cost of the problem that started 7 months earlier after a lot of phone calls.

In Aug/07 the mother board that operates the electrical end of the refrigerator died, and had to be replaced,($400.00) later

Finally on Dec 8/07, our dearly beloved refrigerator died for good, I am pretty sure it is the compressor this time,

So we had to go out and buy a new refrigerator, you can bet it IS NOT A FRIGIDAIRE, In all this we are out $700.00 in repairs and service calls, And we have spent several summer months with no refrigerator, Frigidaire has done nothing to help us after the one year warranty ended, When we told them we had to buy a new refrigerator, they told us the refrigerator problems are over and we have no reason to contact them any further. Can you believe after all we went through they do NOT want us to contact them again. DO NOT BUY FROM ELECTROLUX HOME PRODUCTS, The company treats there customers like ###!

extended warranty

I purchased a freezer andwas talked into an extended warranty for an additional 49.99. I have had the...

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lower door rubber got cracked under warranty period

I"ve 235 ltrs double door refrigerator.
Lower door rubber got cracked in august, 2007 under warranty period. And the same has been reported to local service centre in yamunanagar. But till date it has not been attended

pathetic service

Logged a complaint with SUHAS Refrigeration (Bangalore) who are the authorized service providers for Electrolux products on 17/Oct/2007 for a timer problem with my Electrolux washing machine.

It's been 7 days since and the technicians and their managers have the following list of excuses

- "I am going out of station, will come on Monday"
- "It is raining so can't come"
- "I'll come at 5PM" - and no one turns up nor bothers to keep the customer informed.

Try to escalate the issue, and i'am told Manager is on leave. The icing on the cake is that the support staff don't have the basic ethics to speak to customers.

Shame on the part of Electrolux for not keeping a check on this kind of erratic service providers.


  • As
    Ashok Kumar Gupta Nov 14, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I purchased an Electrolux Fabriguard classic plus washing machine from M/s Tarlochan Electronics, Kapurthala on 9/11/2007 vied receipt no 129. The problem is that as per your advertisement of Electrolux Festive Celebrations the shopkeeper is not giving the prescribed gift offered in the advertisement.

    In this regard a also talked with your contact person at Jalandhar Mr. Manjit Sayal but he said that the gifts are not received from the company. Kindly look into the matter as it is spoiling the image of the Company.

    Ashok Kr. Gupta
    Ajit Nagar
    Opp. RAil Coach Factory

    Mb. 09417312405

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  • Ji
    Jim Mathews Mar 21, 2009

    I Purchased a refrigerator Model- Oxyrich 180 Litres. It started rusting after 7 months. THey gave me a new piece. Then it started rusting again. They replaced the door. Then after one month, the door is full of rust. I am really fed up of electrolux product. Please dont ever take an electrolux product even you get it free

    Jim Mathews

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a month trying to get broken fridge fixed

I have been dealing with this company for a whole month. It took them a week to even get a repair guy to come and fix it. The he said it was the compressor and it should take a week to get the part in. A week goes by I call the service people up that came to check. The receptionist/clerk said it's going to take 7-14 business days to get that part in and she can't go in the back and ask anyone because they will yell at her.

I called Electrolux back up and told them of all this. They could have the part overnighted to my home then I just call to get it installed. They will call me back after they get it setup. They never call. The next day I called and asked again what could or needs to be done so I might have a refrigerator that works. Oh that part is not going to be in until then end of October(another 3 weeks). I need to call the repair people back up and ask them to fax a statement saying that that is too long to wait and I need a replacement. This will take 72 hours.

I call back on Tuesday(the fax was sent on Friday) just to see if they got the fax and they said yes. I call back the next day since it has been 5 days since the fax was sent to see what they were going to do. I am sorry but it looks like replacement has been denied. We can over night the part to you and you will receive it Thursday.

Thursday comes and I once again call customer service to see if the part had indeed been sent out. Yes it will come Thursday. I didn't come

Friday I called yet again to find out why the part didn't come. They look it up and say it was't shipped until after 2:30 pm and it would be there Friday we promise. I get a call from DHL we need a house number to ship this to. It's not our fault that Electrolux forgot to put a house number on this and we are sorry that your so mean and B****y ( my words not theirs). I call Electrolux back and their systems are down they will have someone call me when they get back up. They don't call. I finally get a hold of someone and the system is back up. It's not our fault it is DHL's fault. I hate it when people don't own up when it's is their fault says the customer service guy. I laugh my head off and told him tell me about it, as that has been my experience dealing with them for the last 3 weeks. I having been hearing promises of what they can do to get my refrigerator fixed for a month but hey it's not their fault they make crappy appliances and don't stand by them

I am ready for a class action lawsuit to put these clowns in their place and show them that we will not be taken for a ride any longer. I have called them been nice to them, complained, sent emails to the head of customer service, sent complaints to the Attorney General, BBB and will be sending off a letter the Vice President of Customer Relations at Electrolux.

I have told them this is unreasonable and I am ready to troll appliance centers publicly degrading their products and service, even to the point of picketing appliance stores that sell their products. I will never buy anything that Frigidaire or Electrolux makes ever again.

extremely poor service and no response!

I had bought an Electrolux front loading washing machine more than a year ago. This machine is still under a 2-yr warranty period. The machine developed some fault and a complaint was registered with the Electrolux service center on 28th Aug. The service engineer from Electrolux turned up on 28th Aug and diagnosed the problem as faulty timer and said the timer will be replaced within one week

I have called at least 10 times, calls made to various people including senior service executives but there has been no response. After 3 weeks of delay from 28th Aug I was told that the model has been decommissioned, the spare parts are not available and the machine will be replaced with an equivalent model. It has been more than a month since this happened. No one has taken the responsibility to even call me up and inform on the status.

Would advise earnest citizens not to go for an Electrolux machine if the need arises!

  • Ch
    Chhaya Chandrasekhar Dec 09, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a front loading Machine and it was good all these days. But now there has been a problem and the service engineer says that this machine is absolute and the motor cannot be replaced. Can I get to know if thats true.

    I am at Bangalore and the service center doesn't bother to pick the call or send some engineer home. Can I get some solution.

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  • Na
    Navdeep Malhotra Mar 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am fully agree with you. I had also purchase washy talky but the machine is hope less, and moreover their is no aftersale service by the company.

    Actually now the company is not bothering about their customers, i thik they had changed their policy. Now they are thinking to one time selling only so they are not willing to send their service person after sale. I am alsop suffering from same problem since two years. Now i am planning to go to consumer court. I think this is the last way.

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  • Sa
    Sandie1 Apr 27, 2008

    I have recently purchased an Electrolux AC. While I have paid up the money two weeks back it still has to be installed. Every day the service personnel assure me they will come in that day and don't land up. On being called after waitng for them, they say they've forgotten, they are busy, they have other work. Finally after a lot of talking, they have told me that installation is not their job and it is the customer's onus. they have also had the audacity to tell me to get it installed and they will send one of their people to inspect the installation and see if they can sign the warranty for me.

    The company is only interested in making the sale and taking your money. There is no accountability or sense of responsibility once they've got it

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  • Ka
    kaushalendra Aug 17, 2009

    I wonder how a consumer godds company works with such a poor customer care service in a country like India.
    I lodged a complaint regarding my washing machine in Mathura (u.P.) .A man came from service centre to see it, in three days But did not turn up to repair it even in 10 days.
    Kaushalendra yadav

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  • Le
    lene00001 Apr 09, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very Poor service... the customer care executives do not know what they are saying...very badly trained...they commit something and do exactly te opposite...

    worst service ever!!!

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no rebate as promised by h h gregg

I purchase a Frigidaire range from H H Gregg from Freddy Whitworth. There was a big sign sitting on the range saying $50.00 rebate. He gave me all the papers to send to get the rebate. I sent them to Frigidaire Gift Card Offer, dept 07-66459, P O Box 540034, El Paso, Tx 88554 . They sent a small card in the mail saying to resubmit for this offer you must return this card and the serial number and saying it was an invalid date.I resubmitted to Resubmissions, Dept 07-66459, P O Box 028516, Miami, Fl 33102, [protected] I get no answer, i call H H Gregg and Mr. Whitworth was with a customer and would return my call. I have not heard anything yet. I think either H H Gregg or Frigidaire owes me the $50.00 rebate . I paid too much for the range thinking I would get the rebate.

grievance regarding the problems

I have purchased a 1.5 T WAC model no EAW18CRP in July 2006. The second service or the unit was done in 16-02-07. When we used the AC in May, it started giving some noise. Last year there was not any problem, so we thought the servicing was not done proper. Following were the problems observer by us:

1. During auto cut-off and start of the compressor, it made such a loud noise that we waked up in the night.
2. Later, a humming noise/ vibrating sound were apparent during the running of the compressor of the AC (normal running).
3. Too much water was seen outside the unit. (I was told that it was normal in humid conditions, it is now OK)
4. These noises were not present at all the times. Some times there are no noises at all. On the other times, there are so noises that we have to awake in the night or that day. Most of the times, we observe these sounds after ½ or 1 hour of running of the AC though it is not necessary.

We have lodged following complaint request to the customer care number:
Complaint no [protected] dated 06-06-07
Complaint no 7076620 dated 07-07-07
Complaint no [protected] dated 12-07-07
Complaint no [protected] dated 18-07-07 (not attended till date)
Complaint no [protected] dated 24-08-07 (reminder )

The technician visited two/three times in response of these. The adjustments were made by the technicians but the problem re-emerges after 1-2 days always. Due to this we are not been able to enjoy the services of the AC and are forced to undergo sleepless nights.

We have also talked to service head at Ghaziabad Sh A.D. Pandey on 23-08-07 about our problems. He visited our home on 25-08-07 along with the technician. He waited for 10-15 minutes and declared that the AC was working OK and left. We requested that the noise became apparent after some time and we suffered most in the night hours but he was sure that the AC was working OK and we are making complaints unnecessarily. We just wanted to get the AC checked by a senior and expert technician.

After this there was no response from Electrolux. I am still waiting for any reply. Very poor service.

  • Pu
    puja Aug 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought electrolux fridgie in 2005 aug, its been 3 years only but it started giving problem last year only, i talked to the dealer but it was of no use, the day i clean the fridge it started deposition of ice and the freezer is not getting close, i am so much fed up.kindy send some body or what else can be done kindly let us know.

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non replacement of damaged microwave oven

I purchased one microwave oven on 21.08.2007 on full payment in cash from from Great Eastern Appliances Ltd, 20 Old Court House street, Kolakata on 21.08.2007.

The machine has been delivered in damaged condition. There is a big gap in the door and it is not closing properly. The upper side of the machine is heavily damaged.

I immediately tried to contact your shop through telephone nos. [protected], [protected] and [protected]. But the phones were either engaged or not responding mode all the day long. I made the complaint through fax to their office on that day.

On the next day i.e. on 23.08.2007 I could contact their shop and I was told to lodge the complaint to Electrolux Office through phone no 2406 7146. Accordingly we made compliant on that day and the complaint no is 6009. On 24.08.2006 Mr. Indrajit Ghosh from Electrolux came for demonstration of the machine. He took the photocopy of cash memo on 27.08.2007 and the complaint was forwarded to Mr. Balai Dey, the contact no of whom is [protected]. Accordingly we contacted Mr Dey and according to him due to Stock Audit the delivery could delay upto first week of September. In the meantime I placed a written complaint to the Shop on 7th September, 07 with a request to follow up the matter.

On persuasion of the matter Mr. Balai Dey expressed that the complaint had been forwarded to Mr. SUBHAMOY CHATTERJEE the telephone number of whom is [protected]. On repeated attempts hour after hour, day after day from our side we failed to contact him. Finally after hours of repeated endeavor he promised that the oven would be delivered by Friday 14 th of September, 2007.

Today is 29th September,2007 and we have reached the extreme limits of our patience.

We are extremely dissatisfied and perturbed with Electrolux.

We have decided to return the machine and forego whatever we paid in purchasing the machine

Asok chaudhury
Patuli Township
Kolkata 94

  • Ar
    Arun Kumar ROut May 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had purchased a Electrolux microwave oven,
    model no EM25EG85SL Sl. No. 4171696 and PNC No.947602636 on 01.03.2005 on full payment in cash,
    Microwave's Touch panel program is not working, So show the Authorised Dealer
    but They told that this part is not Available.and Told me You can contact another Authorised dealer.
    Is it Possible?I am Purchasing that Oven your shop.Ok.Even I will contact another Authorised dealer Shop
    but I ddn't get this Part...
    How Can Got this (Touch programme panel) part ...

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  • Sa
    Satish Kumar Jul 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In Delhi, we are running from piller to post to get the detials of service centre to get repair and microwave oven, which we bought in Mumbai. Their website is not working.

    I don't know how to reach them!

    New Delhi

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  • Pr
    Prof Asish K Mukhopadhyay Aug 10, 2009

    I have also similar experience. I too purchased one Electrolux oven model 20EC80SL from Great India Trading Agency, Sinthi, Kolkata on 3-2-07. I n April, 2008, I sfited from Kolkata to Durgapur and found the oven not working. After lot of efforts only I could get the phone number of local service centre at Durgapur. They attended and told that the magnetron is defective and it will be replaced since there is gurantee of 3- years for the magnetron. I am fade up on lodging complaint over complaint. Some body comes and again opens and again says that the magnetron is to be changed. They have collected my guranttee card telling that against that, they will replace the whole machin since that magnetron model is out of market. But till now, it has not been changed. For more than one year, my oven is remaining without working. Pl advice me where to lodge the complaint.
    Prof. A.K.Mukhopadhyay
    15B/20, SEPCO Township, Durgapur-713205
    Ph 9434385282

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faulty washing machine and deficient service!

I had purchased an Electrolux Washing machine (Model 760 FX Digiwash ) on 05.08.05 from Sri Rama Marketing, Dwarkanagar, Visakhapatnam...

The Washing machine started malfunctioning in the month of Jun 07.A complaint was lodged vide complaint no 2180 dated 18.6.07 with Sri Venkata Sai Services, who are official service providers of Electrolux electronic equipments. A service engineer visited us and diagnosed the problem as pressure sensor malfunction. He also said that he would procure the faulty part but did not turn up for two months. After repeated calls the service center sent the engineer in late august 07. This time he took the faulty pressure sensor along with him promising to return with a new pressure sensor. But till date the service center has not responded. We make calls to the service center only to hear that they have not yet procured the spare part.
This whole sequence is creating a loss of faith in Electrolux and its service provision. Our repeated calls to the shop and service providers have fallen on deaf ears.


  • Mr
    Mr Ibrahim Rupawala Sep 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had purchased Millennium Slimline 1045F Electrolux washing machine from your dealer Asiatic Electric Trading Co. On 8/2/2007 we got the Bearing kit and shock up replace from your authorised service centr Cooling Salers By culla (W) Mumbai at the cost of Rs 3036/-
    Now again since the last two weeks we are getting a loud noise and vibration while the machine is drying the clothes. We called Cooling Sales to check and he says the bearing kit has got spoiled again and the warranty period is over in 7 months. I cannot understand how such an expensive part can get spoilt so fast and does it mean that every six months i need to replace it at my cost. The technician charges us for his visit Rs 280/- without repairing. That also he says now we have increased our visiting fees to Rs 400/-We feel that your bearing should have a life of atleast 5 years.I t cannot give way within 6 months. Kindly look into this matter and let us know what should be done. We have not replaced the bearing and asked them to replace it for which they do not agree. We would like to have the telephone number and e-mail of Electrolux complaint dept.Thanking you. Ibrahim Rupawala

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I have been waiting over a month to get a new refrigerator and all I ever hear is 72 hours. I am personal getting tired of the run around. I think they have the worst customer service ever and are no help at all. I think they should have to pay me for my food spoilage and all the fast food we have to buy. They suck I truly recommend to NEVER BY FRIGIDAIRE PRODUCTS...

  • Ar
    Arindam Mukherjee Aug 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,
    I have lodge a complain on 12-13 days a ago (referance no 6k002080816003). One engineer has come after 2 days from the complain date and assure us that he will attend with 2-3 days and inform us that we have to pay Rs 1600 (problem is with compresure). After that nobody bother to visit my house.
    For your further information our Refrigerator is under 5 yrs warrenty for compresure.
    My contact no is 9830722181.
    Request you to please look in to this and slove problem immediately.

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  • Ba
    Bachchan Prasad Aug 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    I had Purchased a double door 230 ltr electrolux kelvinator refrigerator Model: EKL- 235FF, SL No. 40912229 on Dated 07.03.2005. It is not getting proper cooling in lower part of the fridge from 01.08.2008 to till date, upper part is ok. The shop which I purchased the fridge is Shri sidh sons, Kanpur, U.P. Now the shop has been shifted from the old place and not getting any complaint number. Kindly do the Necessary arrangements for maintenance of my fridge and give me the complaint cell No. with full address near Kanpur/Etawah/Auraiya.

    Thanking You

    Bachchan Prasad
    mobile No.9319903577 Land Line : 05683 – 283912

    2117, Rani Laxmi Bai Kunj

    GAIL, Gaon, Dibiyapur

    Distt. Auraiya (UP)

    Pin- 206244

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poor quality product!

I purchased two ac's of electrolux a month back.During installation it was noticed that one of the ac had broken Swing Clip which was immediately brought to the notice of the dealer and to the engineers who came to give demo. Its been over a month even after regular complaints of same to dealer and company no follow up has been there.

There is no after sale service from the company. With this kind of Brand it is shameful that these companies cheat their customers.

pathetic after sale service!

I own an Electrolux washy talky washing machine. I was so impressed by the product that when I needed a micro wave I remained loyal to electrolux product only. recommended the same to a lot of friends too.

But when I needed an after sale service for my washing machine I got the shock of my life. I couldn't even imagine that a company with such a high image and market holding will fail miserably to provide after sale service.

Now, the most horrible part is that I pay proper service charges to the company a cost not less in any manner and that's Rs. 280 for one visit of the so called engineers, even if it is a minor problem like only fixing a loose wire, my problem is fixed only temporarily. The engineer shows me worn out parts, tries to communicate that why don't I deal with him straight it will cost me less and obviously I"ll have all his commitments towards me. If I request him that I like to stick to the moral paths only then he turns his face towards his partner and makes fun of me.

I want to ask the company - are they sleeping over such matters or if after sale service is not important at all for the company?


As for me I have decided never ever to buy any electrolux product and I advise the same to others.


pain in the neck

I have a Frigidaire Refrigerator and the ice maker is not functioning properly, I have called Massena Appliances numerous times, whenever you call you have to leave a message, on one answers your call, you have to be very fortunate for someone to answer you. A technician came and looked at it promising when they receive the parts they will call me and schedule a day to have my icemaker repaired or replace that was November 2006 we are almost in November of 2007 and no one has called. I paid my renewal contract for 2007 they have sent another renewal form for 2008. (What a shame) Can someone please help me, I am very dissatisfied with the service from the Frigidaire Company and I would not recommend Frigidaire product to anyone. I am not saying the product is not good, I am saying when you need your appliance repaired it a pain in the neck. Thank you.

poor service!

I purchased an AC of electrolux but i feel/know that i have been given an inferior product. There was a sound...

fraud and cheating!

We have purchased a fridge ER180, Sr. No.[protected] on 26-02-2006 in the name of Balwan Singh Guleria, Flat No.9, RZ-2066 Street No.26, Tugalakabad Extn., Kalkaji New Delhi-110019.

After one year of its purchase, it’s started giving problems. If we want to defrost it does not work. We have to switch it off for defrost. When we made complaint in this regard a service person visited our residence from Royal Refrigeration, 16/166 Amrit Puri-B East of Kailash N.Delhi-65, Delhi, Delhi saying that since it is already one year completed. He advised to change the thermostat on payment basis. We have agreed to his suggestion and he has replaced the part on 26-05-07 for a payment of Rs.550/-. He has made it clear that if we get the same problem in future it will be repaired free of cost for the next three month.

On the very next day we have called him because the problem is not resolved even after replacing the part. We have made several calls to Royal Refrigeration as well as to the company but nobody are caring. It is almost three months since we are facing same problem. Every time we made call it has been told that we have short of the thermostat and will replace the same shortly.

Subhash Guleria.

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    Lalit Kumar Sharma Nov 07, 2007
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    I am also a sufferer of same problem and emphasize that this is the way Electrolux is cheating making fraud of genuine consumer.

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faulty products and equally # customer care service

Re: electrolux-india-b115340">Electrolux India Ltd

With reference to above we would like to submit the following:

1. We had purchased 10(ten) pieces of Electrolux air conditioners in March.07, threw your dealer in Jagat puri, shahdara. Namely Noble Marketing.

2. We got them installed at our Yojna Vihar residence cum office.

3. Although there were some initial problems with some of the ACs but were rectified in due course after much deliberations with your customer care staff.

4. Is your company comparable to any other unscrupulous neighborhood AC vendor? Well we believed otherwise initially.

5. After three months one of our ACs stopped functioning and we got a complaint registered with your call center vide complaint no [protected] on 14/7/2007.

6. Despite being assured that it will take 48 hours to rectify our complaint nobody turned up till 19/7/2007.

7. On 19/7/2007 the visiting engineer said that the AC is to be taken for repair and he took the Ac on 20/7/2007 by some DYNA Enterprises , 34, Shalimar park, Bhola Nath Nagar, Delhi-32.

8. On reminding about AC on 21/7/2007 we were given a reply that due to erratic power supply the work could not be completed but will be till 23/7/2007.

9. After enquiring on 24/7/2007 we came to know that the work has not started yet and it will take another 3-4 days for work to complete.

I want to know what types of sub standard products are being manufactured by your company and Is this the after sales service one is entitled to after purchasing your products?

Why me, as a customer should suffer for a faulty AC produced by your sub standard company. If my AC can not function in this humid weather than what is the use of purchasing it from from so called company? As a matter of fact had this AC being purchased from a local vendor he would have been able to rectify my problem the very next day instead for running after your stupid and useless so called customer care people.

Let me know the status of my AC before today evening or else I will dump that AC, as a token of your incompetence, in your office and purchase a good branded AC from some reputed company at your risk and cost. I will be constrained to take appropriate legal remedy in exercise of my legal rights.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully


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    vijay thakkar Oct 13, 2008
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    I have purchased through vijay sales - Mahim - Mumbai- a electrolux washing maching - front loading - on 07/12/98.. has started giving trouble since 2004 constantly.. twice the motor was replaced last time was on 22/08/2006.. that was noisy and causing vibrations.. and intermitent leakages.. which is now a daily function.. And since last four days it breakes the sycle and does not open the lead.. And to day it id malfunctioning.. We are unable to get your Mum, bai saervice telephone numbers.. And are without any help..

    Will appreciate your immediately contacting us on our land line Tele. No: 022- 2446 5995 .. / 2444 4207.. or On our Mobile No : 9869058486..

    vijat thakkar

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