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Freeway Auto Ins. 4454 Van Nuys Bvld.

Freeway false advertised no down payment on Thursday July 18, 2007. Lou, one of Freeway's agents, lorded me in their office by telling me I would have no down payment and ins at $85 per month. I was told if I got there on Saturday July 21, 2007 at 10:15 AM he could get me at that rate. However, when I got there he first said, "Oh that rate is gone. I can get you a good rate with someone else." I was in that office for over an hour to no avail. He started giving me astronomical quotes all w/down payments of other previsions such as automatic transfers from your checking acct.

Nothing beats a failure, but a try.


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    Gary Davtyan Jul 27, 2007
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    There is more to it. Call freeway for details. [protected].

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    sdwedo Mar 26, 2009

    freeway auto insurance is a scam they, are not even an inurance compny. They are only a "Broker" at least that is what they told me after charging me $310.20 for only two days of service after I cancelled.

    Never Use these guys they will lie to your face. I cant imagine actually trying to get money out of them after an accident, im sure its near impossible.

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  • Lu
    Lucy May 02, 2009

    Freeway Auto Insurance is a scam. Biggest cheats I've ever dealt with.

    Here in San Diego they employ these fast-talking dishonest guys that will lure you into their office with promises of very low rates, no down payment and so forth. It is a different story when you get there. They will charge you a broker's fee, even if they deny they have one over the phone, and will wear you out with their fast talk until you don't know what you are getting. I spent $150 for which turned out to be a few days of coverage. These people are dishonest and should not be trusted.

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    Michael Mikaelovich Aug 07, 2009

    Dishonest people, they are not a insurance company, they are brokers who shop around to get you the lowest rate. lololol i recieved my statement after giving a huge down payment, the statement said "thank you for you $67 payment from $367 total premium. What ? I gave $572 Down payment.. I called Bristol West my insurance carrier and they said freeway insurance subbmited $67.00 only, the rest $505 was brokers fee... are you kidding me? scam scam scam, and if you try to cancel the policy you cant, " cant get the brokers fee back" thats what that "I have read and understand the above" statement meant.. scam scam scam stay away specialy from Sherman Oaks office, These women agents are cheaters, they wear miniskirts to get guys attention and tell them that their 1 point on the driving record requires huge down payment. scam scam scam

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    sylvia1989 Aug 21, 2009

    honestly, my experience with freeway in sacramento was not bad at all. My BROKER (and he called himself that) really tried hard to get me the best rate possible. And He made me aware of how much his time was worth before the policy even was started.

    I have been to several brokerages here in sacramento, and I can honestly say that Free Way Insurance was looking out for my best interest. Thanks to the big guy in the office.

    Sylvia Gomez

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    R. Reichman Sep 02, 2009

    This guys are the biggest scammers ever. Bought a car from a reputable new car dealership for a friend visiting from Europe who will be here for a year. My friend asked the dealer if they could recommend anyone for the insurance since she hadn’t gotten her California license yet. Next thing you know this guy comes over, the typical fast talk, and I made sure to repeat his statement that the $480.00 he was charging was a down payment on the policy. I repeat he said down payment and don’t worry about the form it was only for formalities. Next thing you know get the bill and $0.00 had gone towards the policy. When we complained they said it was on the form, the manager said “the only thing that counts it’s what is written”. We are filing a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner. This people are criminals!!

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    freewaysucks1234 Oct 01, 2009

    EVERYONE PLEASE READ, A LITTLE LONG, BUT COMPLETELY WORTH YOUR TIME!! This company is horrible. I bought insurance with them and as soon as we got into an accident, they denied us coverage by saying that we had not paid one of our bills. We never even received a bill from them, which they said we would. The reason we did not get receive the bill is because we changed our address and they sent the bill to our old address and said they did not have our new one, even though we had been receiving other mail from them at our new address. So, they did not cover us in the accident, they canceled our insurance so that we had a lapse in coverage and they immediately called my auto leasing company to tell them that I did not have insurance. All without even calling me to inform or discuss this issue. I later went into the office (San Diego) and spoke with Sumood, who seemed very helpful and genuine. She told me that if I paid $80 that they would reinstate my policy, and I was to come into the office to make my next payment. Well, since I thought my insurance was back to normal I called our claims adjuster to discuss the accident and he said we were still not going to be covered and we still had a lapse in coverage. Amazing! So I decide to call the office again to try to speak with a supervisor about the issue. When I called, Christopher answered, I asked to speak to a supervisor, he gave a phone # for customer service and told me to speak with them. I called the phone # and it was an adult entertainment service. So I call back, Sam answers and I tell him what just happened and so says he'll transfer me back to Christopher and quickly puts me on hold. I was on hold for about 5 min. Christopher than picks up and I explain what happened with the phone #, and I once again asked him if I could please just speak with a supervisor, he laughed and then put me on hold, again! I was on hold this time for about 10 minutes and Jen picked up the line. I am very irritated by this time and I immediately explain to her the whole story and tell her that I only want to speak with a supervisor or the most senior employee, she sighed and in a very rude tone told me that I was not acting in a the correct manner to receive customer service!!! Like I was the one being rude! I told her that I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau and hung up. I filed a complaint with the BBB and in the complaint stated that I was fed up with the company and would like to cancel my policy immediately and possibly get a refund of the $80. They responded by saying I contacted them by phone with my new address and that I needed to fill out a form to confirm it. The date they said I called I was not even in my current address yet. And they denied that I went into the office to complete the change of address form. That was all they replied with. Nothing addressing my request for cancellation or a refund. So in my rebuttal I stated that my main concern was the customer service and once again asked for a refund and policy cancellation. So, I have not went in to make the other payment, which was $243.96. I received a notice on 9/17 stating that if I did not pay the amount that they may take legal action or cancel my policy (finally lol). I left it alone because I still had not received word back yet from the company on the BBB and wanted to see what they were going to do to resolve my issue before I made any further payments. On 9/28 I see on my bank statement that they took the money right out of my account! No written, signed or verbal authorization at all from me! Just went ahead and took it! I then received their final response on the BBB on 9/30 stating they are upset that I received poor customer service and that the employees I spoke with were being dealt with. I am so upset with this company! At first it seems like their really a great deal and they care about the customer but after my experience I am sure they do not care. They will not cover you in an accident, nor will they contact you to discuss any issues or even speak with you if you call them. And they will take money straight from your account without authorization, a judgment or even a phone call to advise you. I hope that everyone that took time to read this super long complaint does not get insurance with them or let anyone they know do it either. I was also wondering if anyone out there has had similar issues and how/if they got resolved. What should my next step be? I am going to contact my bank immediately and wonder if I should even try to contact someone at the company. Is all of this even legal????? Thanks for reading, I know it is very long, but it is information that I feel everyone should know.

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    AceMan Nov 02, 2009

    Freeway Insurance is a SCAM, i called in to get a quite and was told i would only need to pay about $55 a month. No Down and that i could pay the first month up front. I asked the "BROKER" if there was any additional fees and he said no. So i go down there and ask to Speak to Damien the guy i had talked to on the phone. I wait for about 2 mins and he walks out and helps me to get established with them asking for my info and such. Then this Clown wants me to lie and say that i am married, claiming i can get a cheaper rate. After all is said and done that's when he tells me that "THEY" are a brokrage firm for other auto insurnace comapies. then tell me i need to pay a "BROKERAGE" fee of $250 i told him i didn't have that kind of cash on me. Then he kept on telling me that if i didn't not sign up that they were required by law to report to the DMV that i did not have auto insurance. Basicly almost trying to strong arm me into getting the insurance through them. I asked him why he didn't mention this so called Fee when i called in and he claimed he had forgotten to mention it then a few mins later said i never asked when i know i did. This comapny needs to be shut down. they are doing everything from Insurance fraud to storng arm tatics and even making false statements. Even though i may have been driving without insurnace as i just was given the car. They are not the ones to notiify the DMV if you do not have auto insurnace unless you cancle or do not pay them in which they terminate the insurance policy. if you just go in to talk about a qoute or and mention you do not have auto insurance they still can't notify the DMV. As the OP i too went into the same office.
    Freeway Auto Ins. 4454 Van Nuys Bvld.

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    pookie butt Nov 03, 2009

    if bristol west new that Freeway Insurance was gouging their customers, they would pull out immediately...unfortunately, they don't know..but will once they see the fallout..Freeway is like an Enron..eventually fast money will fall harder than a ton a bricks.

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    myrnicia Jan 22, 2010

    Regarding freewaysucks1234

    I have had that experience when a company gets money from your bank account without your authorization. I don't know if you had this resolved yet, I sure hope so. But basically what you do is contact the bank and report the unauthorized withdrawal of your funds, and they open up a claim for you and investigate. Basically, they contact the company and request written proof that they had the legal right to do what they did, if they provide it, they are covered, but if they cannot produce one (like in your case and mine), they have no choice but to give the money back. The bank goes after them for the money and then credit that amount back to your account. And yes, these people are thieves, they go by different names, Freeway Insurance, Solo Insurance, and West Coast Auto Insurance also sell their policies. They all lie to get you to their office, and once there, they give you a million reasons why they couldn't give you the zero down and low monthly payment they promised over the phone. I recently visited one of their offices and when I made the appointment on the phone, they told me no down, $35.00 per month, but the company required me to pay the first and last months, $70.00, I could live with that, I thought. I also informed them that my husband had his license suspended, they said no problem, same price. I got there, and I sit in this empty cubicle with this lady who starts throwing all kinds of numbers at me, $360.00 down, and $63 per month. What happened to the $70 for the first and last, and $35.oo per month? I asked, "its because of your husband's suspended license", she said. Then I explained that I mentioned that to the person over the phone and she still gave me that offer. Anyhow, I asked her to leave my husband out of the policy, and just have me as the name insured. Then she said that it would be $230.00 down, and I asked her why if my record is completely clean and my husband is not on the policy. She gave me this crap about if I get into an accident as soon as I left their office, the company wanted to be covered for covering my accident. I told her that that was ridiculous! I asked her to give me back my vehicle registrations and my DL, which she had taken somewhere else. Then she left, came back and started giving me different prices and asking me if I could pay that much, I told her that I don't like those kind of games and to give me back my stuff because I wanted to leave. She got up and walked away again, but this time, she came back with some kind of manager, then he sat down in front of me and asked me if I could pay the amount he was now giving me, and told me to pay them what I had at the moment, then give them my credit card to charge for the difference (over $200.00) 10 days later, I could not believe my ears! I told this bozo that I wasn't playing the "car dealership game" with them and asked again to have my documents back, this time I had to raise my voice a little and use a different tone of voice. They finally gave me my stuff and I left. They are UNBELIEVABLE!

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  • Jm
    jmacdago Feb 01, 2010

    Freeway is a bunch of ### liars. Id like to take a bat to some of those defrauding pieces of garbage. Its kinda my fault for letting them get over on me, , , but you would tend to trust a state licensed business. GO TO THE GENERAL.COM, , , I GOT THE SAME EXACT POLICY FOR 7 TIMES LESS, , YES I SAID SEVEN TIMES LESS !!! [censored] FREEWAY INSURANCE!!!

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    FREEWAYLOVER Feb 03, 2010


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    thefreewaywatcher Feb 05, 2010

    Freewaylover is a liar and full of shi*.. post that policy information ( cut and Paste )t on this page. If Freeway offers you a "Split Down Payment" or their so called "Promise Note", it is so they can charge you a HUGE broker's fee. Get up and WALKOUT. No matter how many hours you have been sitting in the chair. The agents like to draw/write all over the quote sheets as they attempt to explain coverages to the client. They like to mark out the "broker fee" on the quote sheet, and make false promises-- like this wil be your price for next year when you renew your policy.. No insurance agent can predict what is going to happen in the future, ie.. AIG. Stay away from companies like Freeway who now owns Solo Insurance, West Coast Insurance, South Coast Insurance, and several other small brokerages. this is comming straight from an insider who use to charge huge " broker fees" at Freeway...

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    Todd Hylton Feb 17, 2010

    Freewaylover is full of it. Most likely this person works for them. With this bad economy, you guys still have the nerves to take advantage of people that know nothing or little about insurance. Lowballing quotes, fake promises, and crooked agents charging outrageous BROKER fees. This company should be brought up with the bureau of better bussiness. Total ripoff

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    FREEWAYSUX Mar 03, 2010

    FREEWAY?!! hahahaha!! SOLO, WESTCOAST SOUTHCOAST... umm the list goes on & on!! they are all under the same owner!!... as soon as you sign up with them and try wo contact your agent you get sent to their 1800 customer service line!... the employees are like sweat shop people if they dont charge a lot of money their paycheck can come below minum wage they must screw every customer with their HUGE broker fees so the customer gets a $485 broker fee and the agent make only $15 from that!! tell me if this is not ridicoulous thats why the agents are not really the bad ones but the CORPORATION is a total SCAM!! they brain wash their employees and they do a great job with the customers!! their like ENRON!! hahahah the top people make money while the ones that sell close and bring the customer in make an average of about $600 per pay check!! or less!!! TRUST ME I WORKED THEIR FOR 3 YEARS!!! Get your insurance on line now & days this is the safest and cheapest way!!! =) these people should be SHUT DOWN!! LIARS!! and THIEVS!!

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    Pender Mar 04, 2010

    They sure spend lots of money on tv advertising, so their scams to rip off more and more customers must be working.

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    insurance sucks period Mar 05, 2010

    you guys are a bunch of buyer's remorse crybabies i mean come on they got me for a 200 dollar broker fee but they also saved me over 65 a month if u do 65 x 12 =780 the 200 is well worth it also do some research they only sell A rated companies they set me up with drive ins. from proggressive... the moral is read what your signing and if they are saving you more on the year then they are chargin you for broker fee ...DO IT ... if not then DONT... its that simple. but dont get on here and whine because you got played... start paying attention idiots!!!

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    freewaywatcher Mar 16, 2010

    Freewaylover is a liar and full of shi*.. post that policy information ( cut and Paste )it on this page. If Freeway offers you a "Split Down Payment" or their so called "Promise Note", it is so they can charge you a HUGE broker's fee. Get up and WALKOUT. No matter how many hours you have been sitting in the chair. The agents like to draw/write all over the quote sheets as they attempt to explain coverages to the client. They like to mark out the "broker fee" on the quote sheet, and make false promises-- like this wil be your price for next year when you renew your policy.. No insurance agent can predict what is going to happen in the future, ie.. AIG. Stay away from companies like Freeway who now owns Solo Insurance, West Coast Insurance, South Coast Insurance, and several other small brokerages. this is comming straight from an insider who use to charge huge " broker fees" at Freeway... The idiot who posted the above comment could have saved the $200.00 and contacted Progressive directly and purchased his policy online. I hope his sales rep at Freeway at least gave him a reach around.. lol

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    Independent Agent Mar 31, 2010

    People do not mind others making a living. But lying to the general public about no downpayment or calling it " the initial payment " and misleading the public to think that all they are going to pay is $15.00 a month is absolutely unethical. That has nothing to do with the $300+ broker fee that Freeway charges on some of their uninformed customers. Freeway is nothing more than a brokerage started by Kelly T in 1983. Today it is owned by a corporation. They spend thousands of dollars to be in the public eye, and they charge their customers alot more money than the small business owner does to do exactly the same thing. They are like the WalMart of the insurance brokerage industry.

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    JOHN GIUSE May 06, 2010


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    joezett310 May 13, 2010


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  • Va
    vane298 May 13, 2010

    i just purchase insurance through freeway. it was the best experience ever. i understand everything i purchase. they deserve the broker fee they charge me. I did get the price that i was quoted over the phone nothing change when i got there. i also got free road side service which i need. I love freeway and i will never go elsewhere. THE BEST!!!

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  • Ca
    Carla Freitas Jun 26, 2010

    I have been with Freeway Insurance since 2002 and will always stay with this company. Yes, I did pay a broker fee of $250. If someone tells you they will shop around for you, isn't it common sense that they are brokers? :) I have violations in my driving record and unlike MANY of you guys, did my shopping around and called at least 8 companies. You wouldn't believe the prices I was given by Geico, Progressive, AAA and State Farm. Sure, they don't charge broker fee, but at the end of the day, paying a larger down payment and a GIGANTICLY lower monthly payment was soooo worth it to me! It's basic math.
    No one should work for free. Shop around on your own and you will see that only a very small number of people out there qualifies for really low rates for full coverage, since most people DO have violations.Do your homework before complaining about people charging for their services. And if you don't like the price they give you, say NO!

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    Freeway Insurance Broker Jul 06, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I may get a beating for this but I'm fine with that. I am a Freeway Insurance broker! Oh yes the big bad wolf. And I had to see for myself the complaints. After all this is my job. And just so that many people understand yes! there is a broker fee. If there wasn't a broker fee there would be no company to call when you have a problem. Every single on of these little brokerages are broke! They are going out of business. Don't have a question or a bill you want to pay because they may not be there tomorrow. So here is a 101 if I may say on how to be happy with any broker! Please people we have to be realistic to begin. I love very much how many people complained that their insurance was cancelled after it didn't get paid due to the fact that they didn't get a bill. First off folks, like I tell all my clients. I know when my bills are due bill or not, the date is on a courtesy notice you get when you start the policy. If I can make my mortgage payment on time( bill or not) so can any one else. Second when your insurance cancels and there is a lapse in coverage and you have a loss ... No you can not reinstate a policy. No matter what! Allstate, Progressive, Farmers every company I can name off will not cover you or a claim if you have had a loss while you have had a lapse PERIOD!!! Yes you are SOL. Next order of business! If you can not manage your account! Please guys don't ask your payment to come out of the bank. And don't came in the day your payment is suppose that come out and ask that it not come out. The answer is no. We don't sit around all day running accounts for monthly payment and nether does your insurance company. It is electronic and no it can not be stopped at the blink of my pretty eyes, sorry not my policy. I must go on to this: 15 a month 0 down. Well you guys are not going to believe this but guess what! I have clients that pay less than 15 a month! I'd love to post it but I don't share client information. Here is the trick. Very simple! Multi-Car discount, good driver discount and yes only liability. As for the 0 down. Guess what! Here is the trick... Preferred company. You have to have a clean record, no your car can't be in any one else's name, you have to be approved just like at Allstate, Farms and all those squeaky clean companies. But guess what guys Preferred is more expensive because you get higher coverage. Its simple. I think. I know many of you are thinking. Why a broker fee! Why shouldn't all those people just work for me for free? Well guess what. We have to make money too. That's right we have car notes, bills, homes and yes even insurance we need to pay. Might I add that not all this broker fee goes to the broker. As I would not be working any longer and would be tanning on the beach. It goes to the brokerage. Where it is sliced and diced to pay for all those faces that help you when you need it. No not every one can be happy with Freeway Insurance but I've have clients that wouldn't go any where else. And if you cancel your insurance no you don't get the broker fee back. Why you may ask? Well its simple the work was done, the time was spent and no one works for free. And if you are wondering yes this is how most brokerages are. I've been around and I like it where I am. I save people a lot of money on insurance I get hugs and thank you all the time. No we can not beat every one, no we can no be perfect but I do what's right by my clients. I do my best. Feel free to bass me or ask questions. All you guys that do work for free call me. I need a masseuse, a personnel cook, a gardener, a maid, a dog walker, etc.
    Thank you,
    Broker that charges for her time.

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  • Ch
    charbay Jul 21, 2010

    We purchased an insurance policy with Freeway Insurance the same day we got

    our new car.When we purchased the insurance policy, we were told that, we are paying

    for the first and the last month of the policy which was $149.00/month. So our total payment

    came out to $471.00. We payed the amount without a question but somewhat already

    suspicious. A week after we returned the car due to other issues, we canceled

    the policy with Freeway Insurance as well. We were told the same day we canceled

    that we would be getting our reimbursement in the mail within 2-3 weeks. 3 weeks

    past and we were wondering, "where was our check?" We called Freeway and the agent

    that helped us, Kim Sok, to ask what was happening with our check. He told us then

    that we might or might NOT even get any money back, that it wasn't up to them, & it was

    up to Explorer Insurance to reimburse us. So I decided to call Explorer Insurance and ask

    about our refund. They told us that, we were only covered the first month on which

    was the amount of $149.00 sent by Freeway Insurance. So I told Explorer Insurance that we were

    asked to pay the first and the last month of the policy. Basically, Explorer was not

    aware of any first/last month fee. When I found out that we were only covered

    the first month which was paid for. I started to wonder what was the other charges for???

    KEEP IN MIND, when we purchase the policy, we were told that we are paying

    for the first and the last month and our total payment that day was $471.00.

    I called Freeway Insurance again to get everything straightened out, only then they tell me

    that the down payment was including, cancellation fee, policy fee, broker's fee, office fee.

    Im wondering, why didn't tell us that statement when we purchased the policy, a week after we

    canceled nor when I called 3 weeks later to ask for the refund. Instead they gave us

    false information and made us believe that Explorer Insurance was responsible for

    our refund. Now, we were told that we won't be getting any refund even for having

    only a week of Insurance. This was not stated in the contract.

    Freeway Insurance in Fresno, CA

    "agent" Kim Sok and "assistant manager" Terry

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  • In
    InsideSalesGuy Sep 14, 2010

    I read your story and I wanted to tell you something. I worked at Freeway Insurance as a broker. In fact, I was the third highest producing "agent" out of all their offices in California. You say that someone lied to you over the phone and when you got in the office. Well, to be honest that's how most insurance brokers (including ones with whom I worked) operate. Low-balling is an unfortunate part of the business - and not just insurance sales but "sales" in general. ...And I hate it. But know this: I achieved my astronomical numbers without low balling my clients, and to do even a mediocre job with honesty in sales is no easy task. But here's the thing (and if you're going to look at things from one perspective you might as well take a moment to consider the other because this has genuine validity to it). What I've learned, no, what I've experienced is that the customers are just as much a crowd of liars and manipulators as are the monsters sitting on the other side of the desk trying to get you to sign the thirty page insurance application. After spending thirteen hours a day in an office listening to people, one develops an ability to discern [censor] from truth. I have heard the most despicable lies from prospective clients, outright lies from current clients, and desperate lies from those trying to walk out of the office without buying from me. I have heard brokers trying to bully clients and clients who throw their weight around to bully brokers. ...When I get someone in my office who is honest with me and treats me with respect, that person walks away with better service than any one of you have ever experienced at a price much lower than I could have achieved so as to thank my client and encourage that type of behavior in all aspects of life. The liars and deceivers come to me with the hope of beating the "evil insurance guy" by fighting fire with fire, and they walk away with far less money than I was willing to let them.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not disagreeing with you. In fact, let me just say that you're correct. But I want you to come work with me for a year or so and see the broad spectrum of society with which I deal, and experience the dishonesty and hostility that the "customer" daily uses against us. Again, not to excuse lying. Remember I do my best to maintain honesty. But I think that if the customer base needs a change of attitude just as much. We (humanity) are all suffering from the same vices, you know...

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    growuppeople Sep 15, 2010

    No problems with Freeway here. I read the paper work, I asked the questions, read the paper work again and in the end we save money. I've been scammed on insurance in the past. And trust me you all. this is no scam. Most of the comments i've read on here all boil down to adults not taking responsibility for their own ignorance. lol you all sound like a bunch of 3rd graders..too funny

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    FREEWAYSUCKS Sep 15, 2010


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  • Fr
    FREEWAYSUCKS Sep 15, 2010



    [protected]-HELP (4357)
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F

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  • If you charge a fee (like a lawyer, doctor, or mechanic) you should at minimum, provide knowledge and service. Freeway so called Brokers lack industry experience. Freeway Brokers don't know how to properly evaluate a clients risk. These "fly-by" brokers provide no expertise at all. What they do is illegal but they continue to do it because they pray on the weak. Remember what happened to the mortgage industry? All the bad loans and fraud? Where do you think most of these "fly-boys and gals" come from? You guessed it, these brokers are flooding the insurance industry due to the "mortgage meltdown". They did not learn there lesson then and they haven't learned crap now. I CHALLENGE THESE PROUD BROKERS THAT CHARGE A BROKER FEE TO LIST YOUR INSURANCE LICENSE NUMBER HERE SO WE MAY CHECK YOUR RECORDS WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE! HEY FREEWAY BROKERS, HAVE YOU HEARD OF SOLO INSURANCE? HOW ABOUT SOUTHCOAST? OK, ONE MORE... WESTCOAST INSURANCE? ONE LAST QUESTION FOR YOU FREEWAY BROKERS, HOW MANY NO DOWN- $15 A MONTH POLICIES HAVE YOU SOLD THIS YEAR?
    I'm sure if you're making an honest living as you claim, you should not have any problem answering these questions. WE AWAIT YOUR REPLY...

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    best agent Sep 28, 2010

    i was a top agent at freeway insurance and never lied to customers or low balled them, i was always having problems w the management because i refused to do anything shady and/or unethical, i do not wk there anymore but would advise anyone to not go there, all of the good reviews on this site were posted by there employees. they do so many illegal practices like bait and switch, low-balling, keeping someones license so they can not leave, lying about the coverages, and not disclosing broker fees just to name a few. i was embarrased to say i worked there but was w another co that merged w them, my other co was amazing and never had complaints, also they charge up to 100 dollars to take off a car or change an address, that is just wrong, when i worked there i refused to do that or lie to a customer when they made a change telling them a really high price so they would buy a new policy, it is actually illegal and called twisting, i am an independent agent now and am so happy that my clients get the best rates and service w/out all of the drama

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    Victim of Freeway Insurance Oct 08, 2010

    I've had one accident and a ticket in one year, had already not-so-good record and had to have my underage brother under insurance as well. So I needed very cheaper insurance and my friend recommended me to switch it to Freeway cuz it was supposed to be cheaper. My agent was a guy, didn't respect me by treating me as a decent customer, asking me a bunch of questions about my private life and even asked out a number. I didn't feel comfortable but he did make my insurance rate lower anyway and if he did the dirty flirting one more time, i was about to report it to the manager in the office.

    Turns out, he missed to put my ticket on the file and got a letter from Explorer company that they're going to either cancel it or pay double amount starting the next month. So I immediately switched to major insurance Statefarm at the last day of my insurance w/Explorer even though I had to pay almost double for me and my brother, and I filed a complaint against the agent, about how he handled the business and how he treated female customer. But the agent had gut to tell me that he "didn't know" that I had a citation even though I've told him at the office. It was really ridiculous.

    A few weeks later, I've got a late-bill notice from Explorer saying that I still need to pay about $300. I've made downpayment and paid for the first month and I still owe some random company $300? I was out of town for two weeks and now I've received this ridiculous letter yesterday, and the due date for the payment is next Friday. I'm so confused and will put my anger and confusion against the agent but now I've read all the comments, most of my downpayment actually went to the damn broker. Can't believe how they *forgot* something that important to notify the clients and still think they can run the business. Now I have to deal with this insurance bs again. DO AVOID FREEWAY INSURANCE in downtown LA near USC.

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  • TheInsuranceGuy Oct 30, 2010

    This is a little long, but I hope you find it worthwhile -- from an insurance industry insider. I own an insurance agency in Southern California.

    I am an insurance broker, new to the Los Angeles market. Freeway's business practices as expressed here are not surprising in the least. When I was doing my due diligence prior to opening my business, I shopped all the major brokers and many smaller brokers in LA. What I found was appalling. Without exception, I was misled, worked over to get higher fees and had future monthly payments grossly understated. I asked specific questions about coverage and found explanations ranging from marginal to completely wrong.

    This may be because many locations probably have inexperienced or unlicensed agents selling insurance. I have since found out that brokers with multiple locations hire unlicensed agents to sell insurance, which is against the law. Every agent is supposed to have their license prominently displayed, but when I asked to see their license, they often said they were helping out and it was at another office where they normally work. When I asked for their license number so I could check their license status, they never had it available...hmmm.

    At first, I was looking at these agencies as my competition. But I quickly realized I was not competing with them. They were actually going to market indirectly for my agency. How? Because as the word spreads about my agency, consumers who have had bad experiences such as the ones outlined above will want to do business with us.

    How can you be sure you won't have a similar bad experience with us? For one thing, I'm in the office every day, working. Chances are I will write your policy. All my flyers have my picture on them. And I hand them all out myself. After more than 30 years in the insurance business, I have forgotten more than most other agents probably know. But I must confess I'm probably not as good looking. I put my personal reputation out in front when I do business with my customers.

    Here's our latest ad copy:

    AVISO Insurance Services -- we're new and we're changing the way consumers buy insurance -- by providing the best price, no hidden fees and no gimmicks.

    Stop paying too much for your auto insurance. We save our clients an average of $250 annually. 80% of our customers leave our office paying $100 or less. And 20% pay around $30-35/mo.

    How? We have the same rating systems as the rest, but we truly strive to provide professional consultation and the best price. We believe in doing business with integrity. And for the month of November, NO BROKER FEE.

    Call us for an HONEST's free. We won't surprise you with a higher price if you give us correct and complete information up front. If you don't, you shouldn't be surprised when we find out and remind you about that ticket or accident.

    [protected] -- in less than 10 minutes, we'll surprise you -- lower cost and NO BROKER FEE to make it easy to switch.

    Use your savings to add to your holiday shopping budget!

    Worried about tickets, accidents, suspended or revoked license? Even no license? We have more than 50 companies, and will find a low cost solution for you, and if you need an SR-22, we'll give you one on the spot.

    We are serving notice on those agencies that do business any other way. With your support, we will become the premier insurance agency in LA.

    Call us -- [protected]

    Or visit our office in beautiful Downtown Compton, conveniently located at:

    Renaissance Plaza (home of the new Burlington Coat Factory)
    195 E. Compton Blvd.
    Compton, CA 90220

    About us:!/pages/Aviso-Insurance-Services/256158779859?v=info

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  • Ya
    Yanira Jimenez Nov 25, 2010

    Freeway Insurance Services is an auto insurance brokerage that has been doing business for over 20 years. As a broker, we are able to offer coverage from over 20 different insurance companies to find the best rates. We are required by law to indicate our role a broker and our documentation must show that the insurance company is your insurance coverage provider.

    Freeway Insurance can offer policies with no down payment but each case is unique. Factors like driving record, location and type of vehicle will significantly affect the final rates.

    I am sorry that the people posting here have not had a positive experience with us. If you are open to it, we would love to have a second chance at your business. Please contact our customer service department at [protected], Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Pacific if you would like a personal, thorough review of your policy.

    Thank You,
    Yanira Jimenez
    Community Coordinator
    Freeway Insurance Customer Service

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  • Ri
    right here Dec 01, 2010

    Brokers working for Freeway Insurance are misunderstood. We start off with the false advertisement which is posted by the agency and not the broker. The advertisement says $15 per month. This will get innocent people to call, obviously if over the phone we give you the exact rate there would be no purpose for the false advertisement. Keep in mind that the rip off is not the broker, it is the agency. If you go to a small agency you will notice that the broker fee for the most part will not even reach $200. However, you go to freeway and you can get charged up to $485 broker fee simply because the agency is not only ripping off the customers but it is also ripping off its employees. The agency only pays the broker 20% of the broker fee charged. So out of that $200 broker fee the broker only gets $40. In a small agency brokers make a minimum of 30% of broker fee and some agencies even pay 50% of broker fee. Much better right? more reasonable since the agency will continue to make money as long as the policy is active. The reason for which freeway brokers stick around is simply because of the extreme amount of leads that the agency gets from all that false advertisement. So its better to get paid 20% if a broker can sell 5 policies per day at high broker fee rather than getting paid 50% and only selling 2 policies at low broker fee. people trust to pay more broker fee at freeway because that agency is very well known all over tv and radio rather than a more honest mom and pop shop. If brokers got paid their fair amount at freeway, this would not happen to the customers. so blame the agency not the broker. keep in mind that if the broker does not hit commission, the broker will only make minimum wage eventhough the agency will be filthy rich even if all the deals were wrote at a $30 broker fee. i forgot to mention any errors on any application (such as you miss a letter on the last name lol) will get the broker paid instead of that ridiculously low 20% it will drop down to 14%. in conclusion it is very stressful for a broker to make any sort of money with that agency. there are also no paid vacation or sick days, so if your broker was sick watch out because when he/she comes back he/she will be more expensive to make up for missed days of work. remember freeway can care less about their employee. all they care about is themeselves and getting filthy rich and not even showing one good gesture of appreciation to its employees.

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  • Ri
    right here Dec 01, 2010

    Hopefully this can make customers understand the brokers a bit more. Dont have the false idea that you will walk away with free insurance.

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  • Th
    thefreewaywatcher Dec 07, 2010

    Why is a customer service representative even responding on this page. She has nothing to do with the sales cycle. Notice that Ms. Jimenez gave out the 1 800 #. When you call that number, you could be on hold for up to an hour or longer. Why doesn't she give out her office line number, or an extention to reach her directly? I wonder why?
    Freeway was sold to it's current owner(s) for millions of dollars a few years ago. They are not the original company, and they have "monopolized" the market by purchasing some of their competitors. The current company spends millions on ads to be in the public conscience, so that you the buyer think that they have your best interest. Charging you a $200 $300 $400 $500 or even higher broker fee is in my opinion is wrong. Especially in these tough economic times.
    My advise to you the one that was lied to is what my grandma told me as a child, "fool me once- shame on you, fool me twice SHAME on ME"!!! And the rip offs do not stop at signing up for the policy. Freeway has a host of fees that they charge you as they smile in your face and charge you extra money. Just as you should avoid those PREDITOR lenders. You should avoid FREEWAY INSURANCE.

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  • St
    Stealth209 Dec 18, 2010

    There are reasons why the price changes, either you had something on your record that you did not mention or know about. I go threw a broker they charge a one time broker fee as long as you pay your bill on TIME!!! you will not lapse and they will take care of the claim, . Unless you go to a prefferred company and get charged $50 or more oer month.. DO THE Math!! it is better going through a Broker. Plus a preferred company willnot accept you if you have a dui and 3 or more speeding tickets. You all sound like a bunch of idiots. Do you not expect them to make any money ofcourse they will charge a broker fee again!!! DO THE Math!!!

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  • Fu
    FU** FREEWAY INSURANCE Feb 21, 2011

    Freeway insurance is the biggest scam ever!!! They will do anything they can to get away with charging you for a ridiculous broker fee..ya thats right BROKER. Freeway insurance isn't even an insurance company, they are a brokers. They have all of there stupid commercials that make you feel like they have the cheapest insurance. When i called them to get a quote I talked to Mathew Kossak at the mission valley office, he told me that he was going to help me find the cheapest insurance rate since I had been looking everywhere for insurance. He qouted me a price of $180 a month which was one of the lowest prices that I had found since I had 2 speeding tickets. He told me to come into the office so that I could sign everything and complete the policy. I made sure to ask him if I would have to pay any broker fees or deposits, he told me that i would only have to pay for my monthly fees, and said they DONT charge broker fees ([censor]!!). I told him that I would come by after work around 6, he told me that he is supposed to get off at 6 but he would stay longer and wait for me, so I kind of felt bad. (later i found out that the office actually closes at 8pm NOT 6pm, he was just tryin to get out early). When i arrived to the office we went over all of the paperwork and the price went from $180 to $210 a month because he talked me into some stupid extra coverage that i would probably never even need. and then once i had already signed half of the pages he turned to a page that had a $720 "deposit" i told him that he had never mentioned that "deposit" over the phone and he told me there wouldn't be any broker fees or extra deposits. He pretended like he didnt know what i was talking about and said no im sorry everyone has to pay this fee since we find and give you a discounted insurance rate. you are actually saving money with us and this deposit is what helps lower your rate. Basically he made some stupid excuse. The only reason i didnt cancel and walk out of the office was because he had made me feel bad for making him stay later then 6 pm. So i signed and finalized everything. Not only did i get charged the same day for the $750 deposit but I also had to pay another $210 to start the policy. So i threw a thousand dollars down the drain in one day!! A year later they sent me a renewel letter and instead i decided to look at other insurance companies to see how much money i could save. I ended up switching to esurance and only paying $150 a month even with my 2 tickets!!! and i only had to leave a $200 down payment which they let me pay in payements on top of giving me the 1st month free!! so that whole year i had wasted $2000 with freeway insurance!! I was furious so I called to cancel my policy with them come to find out that the $750 deposit i had left was actually the broker fee!! so my $750 went into the agents pocket for commision. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING TO THESE PEOPLE!! THEY LIE!! AND THEY ARE FAR FROM CHEAP. !!!

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  • Fr
    freeway_is_garbage Feb 23, 2011

    you idiots that believe 0 down $15 desereve to be scammed. How stupid can you people be to believe such buffoonery.

    The manager Gary Davtyan who manages sherman oaks was being sued for sexual harrassment. The guy is an idiot and so are his dumb agents that wake up everyday hating life. These guys show up to work in a Tie and only make mininum wage. in order for them to make at least $350 per week they must charge a total of $8, 000 of broker fee per week which none dont do. They are just as pathetic as the [censor]s that drive for hours and thinking that they will be getting $17 per month.

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