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About two years ago my elderly parents started receiving notices that they were behind on their payment by one month... But they had all their canceled checks. Even though these were submitted to the company the letters continued. About a year ago I moved home due to the death of my father and my mothers illness. Due to her illness I took over finacial matters fully, including making payments. I reviewed all the records regarding their payments and also found that they were not behind. I submitted the information and after fighting with them for nearly six months... Got them to admit that my parents were not behind. There were other issues such as they were not calling us because they thought my parents were in bankruptcy (Had been discharged more than two years prior). Now my mother has been moved elsewhere and I cannot afford to continue this large... Ever rising... Payment. Payment has not been made in nearly seven months... Eight according to their records... Letters come threatening foreclosure (I want this) and I have on rare occasions been able to make contact with them... But still no foreclosure... How can I make them get this over with?


  • Sa
    sae Sep 25, 2008

    WOW where do i start with freedom mortgage

    well we where with in weeks of closing and had done our appraisal and our inspection as told and then all of a sudden we where not qualified. this is already after being told we were qualified and they had gone up on interest once. They told me that they could not use my husbands income because he had not been on the job a 2years--but for me to go and get a job.. Now how did that make sense (i would not be on a job for a 2 years ) I asked for reimbursement and they stated that they paid for the appraisal and i quoted to them that i had the bank statement to show them that I paid the 350 and I paid for it---oh I was told company policy. Things changed all the time and I had to do all the work----RUN PEOPLE RUN I thought at first people just complain but take my word they are telling the truth. My husband was told by this company "Disneyland gets more complaints than anyone" ok i am going to see goofy but it looks like i was dealing with goofy there. My husband and I made enough money to over qualify to refinance our home with them and our payment was going down and they still were not going to do this for us--use your head "this is why people go out of business" they tell you what you want to hear and then hold on to you and then tell you different. Oh the other thing I was going VA no money down and then at the end i was going to have to bring money to the table OOPS they did not tell me that.

    YIKES glad i got out of this one---i lost 405 dollars but word of mouth will lose a lot more for them. be cautious

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  • Ji
    Jim Feb 26, 2009

    Freedom Mortgage...where to begin. I've never dealt with a more incompetent company in all my years in the mortgage industry. You would've thought they have been living under a rock and have no clue how the mortgage industry works. From them overpromising programs to not fulfilling my closing date. I have been waiting weeks to close a loan that I don't even know is going to close. I iwish I saw these complaints prior to because I would've gone a different route. Freedom mortgage...a.k.a "We Have No Clue What We're Doing Mortgage"

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  • Ro
    Rosemary Mar 15, 2009

    Double check between the loan application and the actual loan forms before you sign. It was not the same and we were not notified of the changes. We were supposed to get $20, 000 to pay off credit cards and the purpose of the loan on the app. said to consolidate debt and the final form stated that we could only take out 1% cash out max which was $3400.00

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  • Is
    Isabel Maione Mar 22, 2009

    Boy, I'm glad I am reading this now before more damage is done. I originally applied for an FHA Slim line mortgage (no money output, and no appraisal). I first was in contact with what I thought was the FHA itself. I was told I was approved, and had papers sent to me, which we signed and mailed backed. Then I heard nothing til I finally reached someone on the phone, and then I was told again I was approved with Freedom mortgage. That papers were coming out to me to be signed? What was it with the papers we signed and sent back priority mail? What happened to our first approval? Anyway, the papers never came. When I called back I was told that I should have received them which I had not. Then I was told the papers would be mailed out again. Which to date I still didn't receive. I paid $400.00 for an appraisal which I was supposed to receive a copy of but did not as of yet. Anyway, I am looking elsewhere, but what I want to know is, which office is the rip off Freedom Mtg. company in? I found five different locations in NJ for Freedom Mtg. Are they all the same company? If anyone who had a problem with Freedom Mtg. reads this please let me know. Thanks,

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  • Im
    I. Maione Apr 07, 2009

    I agree with all of you about Freedom Mortgage, I went on line to (877-342-5025). I received a call from a Kimberly Riedel who was a broker to check on the best quote for a fha refinance on my home. She hooked me up to Freedom Mortgage who she claimed approved me for the refinance. They never sent me the paper work after a month since I applied. She lied about calling me and leaving me messages and about fed exing the papers to me. She told me not to pay since she was getting a payoff amount. When my bank sent me letters about not paying and possible foreclosure she then said she didn't mail the papers because I was a month late on my mortgage, and probably was not eligible for the loan. I finally realized the thing was a scam. I am still waiting for my appraisal which I was suppossed to receive and paid $400.00 for. Be wary of this group, if you want to keep your home.

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  • Ty
    Tyson Apr 08, 2009

    The Freedom Mortgage try to charge me $3000 more then what is in original agreement and took $600 from my account whit out my promotion.

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  • Ee
    eeyore May 11, 2009

    If your going to make a complaint at least you could use a dictionary, so you sound a little more credible.

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  • Ri
    Richard Brown Meadows Feb 15, 2019

    @eeyore If "your" which should be you're was correct I'd say you weren't calling the kettle black but you are. Check your spelling before throwing the first stone.

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  • Li
    Linda Kresge Jul 29, 2009

    I totally agree with all of you. I was pre-approved via telephone, but after 48 days I was no where near settlement. They are the most incompetent mortgage company I have ever dealt with concerning refinancing. I guess its a good thing I wasn't buying my home as I'm sure the Sellers would have walked given the timeframe that elapsed. I also paid a $350 fee for my appraisal (funny how the numbers are different with others) which I am still waiting for. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE TOTALLY INCOMPETENT!

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  • Ex
    Ex Freedom employee Aug 01, 2009

    If anyone wants to speak to me regarding this corporation please let me know I worked there and was extremely screwed.

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  • Ah
    AHHHHHH Oct 21, 2009

    Ok so I recieve a post card in the mail from Freedom Mortgage offer a Streamline refinance. It sparked my interest so I call and speak to a Sean Persons who was a very fast talker to see if this is even worth my time. So he asked me to send him personal information regarding my current loan such as home owners insurance, my current mortgage statement and a few other items because he couldn't give me a response without reviewing my information. I can understand that so I faxed him over the requested documents so I can see if this is even worth my time. So I call back hours later to see what he thinks and was told he is busy with other callers that he will just send out information to me in the mail so I can review it myself and make a decision at that point. Apparently the information he sent was the actual application and was already in their processing department. Freedom Mortgage takes it upon their self and calls my insurance company and requests to have my current mortgage company changed to reflect Freedom and tells them I am in the process of refinancing. WTF! I never agreed to anything! I never signed anything! I just wanted someone to tell me if this is even worth my while. I was extremely pissed off as you could imagine. How could I possibly feel comfortable refinancing with a company that conducts business like this. Needless to say I tore the papers up and will put them on blast because this was by far the most unprofessional form of business I have ever encountered. So people be aware apparently they're very SHADY!
    Michelle - Baltimore, Md

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  • St
    SteveTheHawk Nov 07, 2009

    Yup... they are indeed incompetent (perhaps even unethical and/or dishonest).

    I submit extra money with our regular monthly payment. They treat it ALL as an extra principal payment and pretend that we missed our monthly payment, then try to charge me a late fee. Had to threaten to call the AG's office to get them to correct their error.

    Then, whenever I do actually send in an extra principal payment, I put BIG notes all over it that it is NOT a monthly payment but strictly extra principal, they apply it to future month's payments and of course, tack on interest for each month.

    Pretty much every month I have to call them to straighten out the account. I can't wait to pay off the mortgage and get these people out of my life.

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  • Dj
    DJRJ Dec 11, 2009

    I totally agree...I should've known something was up when my husband and I had to resign documents because the date was incorrect on their paper work. Then I submitted our FIRST payment online, it never posts to my checking account I call them and they tell me it was returned because the account number was wrong. So I repay the payment again and the Representative I'm talking to tells me to call back after the payment posts to have ALL of the fees removed. I call today to do just that and am informed that just this morning they were told they are no longer able to adjust fees and that I can't speak to a Manager.

    They're customer service is awful...if I could refinance today i would...I hate this company!!

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  • Zu
    zukey Jan 10, 2010

    SteveTheHawk, read your loan docs. Extra payments are not applied to the principal loan amount. The ONLY way to pay off a "Freedom" mortgage early is to pay it in full.

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  • De
    Dennis Keith Feb 07, 2010

    How can people complain about not foreclosing?????
    I would not waste my time talking to idiots like that?complaining that they gave you 7 months to make your payment and would not foreclose!!!And you wanted to get it over with!!!
    How can you complain about such stupid things???
    Make your payments and you won't have anything to complain about!!!

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  • Sj
    SJAJ4 Aug 24, 2010

    I also believe that Freedom Mortgage sucks! My mortgage broker stuck me with this company when I originally purchased my home 6 years ago. Somehow, the mail from my house to their office takes longer to arrive than the reverse because I've had a couple of occassions recently when they have claimed that my payment was late. However their deliquency notice sent to my home arrives within a few days of when they sent it. I've used their on-line payment service when I've thought that there was any chance at all that my payment would be late but they charge one of the highest fee's of any bank I've ever dealt with! Does anyone else routinely pay bills on line without a fee? I do it all the time and it makes sense because it costs the company less money than to have process a check that is received in the mail! I currently have three mortgages with three different lenders and Freedom Mortgage has the highest on-line fee's! They claim not to receive payments in a timely manner even though all of the mortgage payments have been mailed on the same day and the other two are processed and applied to my account prior to the due date. Yesterday, I received a letter from them in response to my letter challenging their business practices and they bascially told me to go pound. Never mind that I've had a clean record with them for the past six years and now all of the sudden they're not getting my payments in time? Sounds to me like they're trying to make up for shortfalls by other customers at my (and probably your) expense. Unfortunately, we're stuck with each other for now, but as soon as I can change that, I will! In the meantime, I would recommend that you avoid Freedom Mortgage because it'll cost you more than you bargained for.

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  • De
    Dennis Keith Sep 03, 2010

    How can you complain that you do not pay your bills!!!1
    If you pay your bills, there would be nothing to complain about!!!

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  • De
    Dennis Keith Sep 03, 2010

    Dont you understand that you break out what you want to go to principal and waht goes to payment.

    Loook at your statement and complete it correctly. Nothing can be changed and you cn always make a copy to have as back up. I nver have problems with this!!!

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  • Jo
    JOHN KASS Dec 02, 2010


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  • Po
    PO3 Jan 04, 2011

    File complaints about Freedom Mortgage with the Federal Trade Commission, hopefully if enough people do it then they will get investigated. We can only hope!!!

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  • An
    anon105 Feb 01, 2011

    The general public is very mistrusting it seems. Why does everyone think the company is out to get you? I have not seen one legitimate allegation of wrong doing. Read your loan paperwork and ask questions. Appraisal fees vary and Freedom does not make money on appraisals. Payoff figures change, ergo cash back changes. Before closing you get "re-disclosures"; almost 100% of the time the numbers will be different. (for a multitude of legitimate reasons) The last thing a loan officer wants are the following: Loans taking 48 day (pay is based on units), Less Cash (unhappy client) appraisal issues or unqualified borrowers (waste of everyone's time) Nobody has a crystal ball, we don't know your appraisal value for sure.(nobody lied to you) A loan officer does not want to deny a file. The law states the ownership of the appraisal is the company originating the loan; regardless of who pays (the law changed w/ the HVCC appraisals, are now transferable) Granted, in every company there are people more competent and skilled then others. Truth is, if the loan officer "pads payoff" in the beginning and does everything "right" the consumer will 9/10 times take the deal with .125% interest less and the GFE that shows more cash (the average mortgage consumer demographic) from XYZ Mortgage (most negotiations= YOU are you own worst enemy searching for the "best deal" )I.E. The people complaining on this board. The consumer who educates himself on the process would not complain about things beyond anyone's control. Bone up before making an allegation. Underwriting is an expensive resource, a company does not want to waste resources sending paperwork, underwriting to only deny a file. Why do you guys think the company should reimburse an appraisal fee? Its your cost with a third party to complete a transaction? If you went to court, hired an attorney and lost, would you expect the court the reimburse the cost of counsel? Why would you expect anything different in a refinance transaction because you didn't get the loan? The complaints are the most puzzling and illogical I've seen In a long time. Disclaimer- I DO NOT work for freedom. I was checking them out as a prospective employee.

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  • Pe
    peggy white Feb 06, 2011

    i totally agree with the other complaintees i wished that my husband and myself had researched this terribly company. there's no customer service skills. they constantly lie. enough complaints should come in, federal trade company should look at this .

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  • Na
    NanaBanana1 Mar 08, 2011

    WoW what do I do now. I was going to refinance through them, now I'm terrified.

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  • Ju
    julia77 Mar 26, 2011

    I have to agree with the majority of the complaints. I have been with Freedom Mortgage for about three years now. Everything was going good until the last two years. They started increasing our monthly payments saying our escrow was short when my home owner's insurance nor my property taxes went up. Received a statement saying my escrow was 72.49 short. That I could pay it in a lump sum or add it onto my monthly payment. Sent a check for the lump sum and they still raised my montly payment saying I was short. I just received my monthly statement for 04/01/11 my payment again was 30.00 more than it should have been. My fiance called them on 03/24/11 asking why. Their response was because my home owners had been raised. I changed insurance companies at the end of January that went into effect 02/01/11 and dropped my insurance 200.00. So I called them 03/25/11 and asked the same question the answer I got was because my property was valued higher. The county I live in does their evaluations in October. So how can they know my property is valued at a higher value when the assesment hasn't even be completed. Especially in this economy. My property value dropped almost 10, 000 in the last two years. The point I'm trying to make is that I had gotten two different responses for the same question within a day. I am again on the phone with them to see what answer i get this time. I've beenput on hold and no one is getting back to me.

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  • Bs
    BSimmons2003 Apr 18, 2011

    AVOID FREEDOM MORTGAGE AT ALL COSTS!!! This is by far the worst company I've ever had to deal with. I've tried contacting this company for 2 + months to have someone's name removed from my mortgage. I'm now facing legal action from my ex husband because his name has not been removed from the mortgage as agreed upon in our divorce settlement. This company on 4 separate occassions has promised to send me the required paperwork and on 4 other occasions told me to just "keep trying." This is no way for a company to operate efficiently and I'm at the end of my rope. I feel bad for everyone else who is caught in this horrific web and advise anyone new to avoid this company like the plague. I'm a very tolerant person but I've lost all patience with this company and do not trust it's business ethics (or lack thereof) at all. In short - AVOID FREEDOM MORTGAGE!!!

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  • Tl
    tlcsr66 Nov 15, 2011

    Here is my story. 4 months ago I started the short sale procedure with F.M. The person I talked to on the phone said they would send me the paper work. I asked if it could be emailed and was told oh no it can only be mailed, it never arrived. I called back check if it had been mailed and the person I spoke to said they would send it out but if I wanted to I could fill out the form on line, why didn't they tell me that in the begining. So filled out the form clicked submit...error message!!! I call back and was told the system was down but I could print it off and fax it. I tried to send it 3 seperate times but kept being told they didn't get the fax, finaly got the form sent in and called to confirm they had it, I was told some one would be in contact with me for the next step. The end of September I get a letter requesting several documents, a listing agreement, a third party agreement so my realtor can call directly and the form I sent in 3 previous times. I put together all the documents they requested and sent them by mail with a return receipt and tracking. The package arrived and I got a signature confirmation that it was signed for. Last week I got a letter saying my application for short sale was denied because I failed to send in the documents. I called and asked to speak to a manager, the manager stated I failed to send in the documents I asked which ones he said all of them, I told him I had a signature where it was signed for...long pause...oh wait I found it, you didn't send in your listing, 3rd party agreement, and HUD, sorry you'll have to start all over again. Sad thing is I don't know what to do at this point other than be held hostage by the mortgage company :(

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  • Ke
    Ken Montana Nov 15, 2011

    Freedom Mortgage has a terrible insurance claims department. They sat on my insurance check for 9 months after the repairs to my home had been completed and verified by my insurance company. They will not allow you direct contact with any of their insurance claims department personnel. If I had not had enough cash to pay the contractors with my own funding for the work it could have damaged my credit rating. I would strongly urge everyone to finance with another company, such as Wells Fargo to avoid this mess.

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  • Jo
    JohnSmith77 Dec 09, 2011

    I agree, this is a horrible company. I am a loan officer who tried to get 3 different loans refinanced with them. 2 loans i have completely given up on and went with another lender, they took over 90 days, and kept coming up with condition after condition, basically taking so long on a loan, you would have to provide updated paperwork (paycheck, bank statements etc..) over and over again, so they could keep dragging out the loan. It was completely ridiculous...I've never seen a mortgage company that actually didn't want to do loans! I currently have one more loan in the works with them, and so far it has take 95 days, they keep saying that we are almost cleared, but they keep coming up with more and more conditions that need to be satisfied...never in my life have i worked with such and obviously crooked lender, I'm not sure how they can get away with this, but apparently they do. To any loan officers or anyone else out there thinking of using this company...DON'T! ... unless you want to completely waste your time.

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  • Db
    dblopez Aug 07, 2012

    I and my husband were just looking to refinance with this company, after reading these horrible reviews I have changed my mind. I think the best thing is to contact your lender or realtor for dependable contacts when wanting to re-finance. Thanks for all the reviews and comments; I have a good feeling that we have avoided many headaches and grief in the future. This website was very helpful

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  • Ci
    CIR Aug 16, 2012

    I am in the process of a streamline refinance with Freedom Mortgage as we speak. (700 FICO score with 12 years at the job and 8 years on my residence so all seems good). My profession deals in financing and let me explain my experience with them; I have never witness such incompetence in all my life. I began this refinance 3 months ago and yet they have no clear to close because they are so slow and inefficient. To top it off they want to charge me a 4300.00 origination fee for "simple doing the loan for me". WTH??? I have good credit and all other factors are solid so why they THINK they need to charge me that outrageous fee is beyond me. The only reason why I have continued this far is because I really like the broker I am using. But at this point, admiring my broker no longer outweighs the horrible experience I am going through as of now. In other words, I am about to tell Freedom Mortgage- F**K YOU!!! It does not take 3 months to close a easy streamline loan. But it does take 3 months if your underwriters are complete ###S!

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  • Ll
    Llwalk Sep 19, 2012

    I understand how all of you feel. We had nothing but problems with these dimwits, and I would not let my dog apply with them. They are irresponsible, disrespectful, and in my opinion every person I spoke with there is a liar. I am going to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, and I advise everyone else to do so if you have not already. These people need to be stopped and I am making it my mission to do just that.

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  • Ho
    Hot Man With You Sep 25, 2012

    This company is the worst one yet! I have heard a lot about bad ones but this one takes the cake. When you catch them in a lie they will get mad and hang up the phone!! They will lie to you to send them information. Once you do that they will need to get an appraisal done. They will use one of there own and he will tell you that your value of the is lower to get you to come out of the pocket with money at closing. Please stay away from this company and tell all your friends to do the same.

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  • Ga
    Gautam kunar Dec 31, 2012

    I just started dealing with this freedom Mortgage, they are very rude to deal with at the very first point, they take your money very prompt ly and don't want to adjust if you pay double payment, I am just starting to deal withem but I am very unhappy and I have already told my Loan guy to do something so that I do not have to deal with them for 30 long years, January2013 is my first payment I have already send them a chek which they have cashed on 26thDec'2012 towards my Jan'13 payment which is well in advance and now they are going to auto withdraw in 5th of Jan'13 again for Jan'13 payment, I called them the Lady in the customer service said she can not stop the withdraw, and she was very rude to talk to.this shows the company I asked for a supervisor she clearly said you can't talk to them and they can't do any good for you,
    At this situation what should I do and whom to talk to I definitely want to talk to the head man not any regular guy if needed I will go to their corporate office and talk to the VP OR CEO who so ever is there.
    I need serious help to solve this problem at the start before it get me in big trouble.
    suggest me what to do, will appreciat if any body response to this complain and help me to solve my issue

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  • Ch
    Chas1b1 Mar 01, 2013

    I was the executor of my mothers will the house was sold and the company was repaid. It has been 6 years and I received a letter that Financial freedom had money for the estate and they were going to turn it over to the state if I did not return the letter in 30 days. I returned the letter and called the company. They informed me that the money was already sent to the state. I complained that I had a letter dated Sept 12 and I was calling on Sept 28 And That Has Not Been 30 Days. They were sorry and would try to stop the money and send it to me. After 3 more calls They said the money was sent to the state and I would have to go through the state to get the money . So I started that process and after 90 days the state says it does not have the money. then I was told by financial freedom that they had the money and would send it to me the next week. So next week comes and goes and financial freedom says it was sent to the state by mistake. Another 90 days and the state says it has the money but it needs a letter from Financial freedom stating that money belongs to the estate of my mother 4 more calls and I am still waiting. There has been no less than 20 calls and 15 hours over 5 months to Financial Freedom over this money. I asked how it could be that they held the money for 6 years without returning it to the estate and I was told that they did not have my address That was a lie since the contacted me several times 6 years ago and when they sent the original letter about this money she did not have an answer. This is the most deceitful company and worst to deal with I have run into in 53 years. They probably got stimulus Money

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  • Ps
    Psychosteve Mar 01, 2013

    Will let you know when I cal then today about jacking my payment up like almost 80.00 a month - not going to happen!!!

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  • Ma
    Marc D. Mar 22, 2013

    To whom it may concern:

    I am complaining about being misled and then not having an email and a phone call returned to me. I spoke with aTodd Emrick when I responded to an offer to refinance that said that

    "we pay all closing costs." However, when talking with Mr. Emrick, I was confused bcause he said that I would need to bring a payment to closing that would be used for some costs and that Freedom Mortgage would pay the rest. This seems contrary to what was stated on the invitation to refinance which I received in the mail.

    This is what I asked him:

    If I bring a payment to close, does that count as a payment toward the mortgage? According to what I just read, it is used for fees. If so, then I am paying the fees. I'm still not sure what you are addressing in the escrow amount. I'll have to call you, won't be until Tuesday morning. You can't blame a customer for wanting to make sure he knows exactly what will happen., His only response was:

    Hi Marc, If you don’t feel comfortable with the loan or dealing with Freedom Mortgage, I can go ahead and withdraw the loan. The bottom line on the loan is that you will bring one payment to close, the normal payment you pay now and that WILL go to costs of the loan and we pay all the rest of costs. If you have an escrow deficiency with your current company, you will be responsible for that. Please let me know if you would like to withdraw. I don’t want any of my customers feeling uncomfortable and I would just rather withdraw the loan for you if that is the case. Thanks Todd

    I tried to call him on Tuesday, per my email, got no call back. I then sent him this:


    In the email I sent you on Sunday, I told you that I was going to call you on Tuesday. I tried today, then left a message for you to call back. I have a couple of questions; at this time, whether I am going to refinance with you is dependent upon a clarification I need, which would be easier than emails back and forth. Please return my call as soon as you can.

    He never called me back.

    My final email to him said the following:


    I emailed you on Sunday that I would call you on Tuesday, I called you on Tuesday and was put into a voice mail, I emailed you personally yesterday, and you have not responded. Being unresponsive is one of the major complaints leveled against Freedom Mortgage in complaints I read. I have not chosen to not do business with you; it seens like you do not want to do business with me. All because I am trying to get something straight in my mind before I commit?

    Do you want my business or not?

    I would like to know exactly what games he or your company is playing. Was I one of the ones who was not gullible, so you just dropped the whole thing, thinking I was letting it go?


    I doubt whether I'll hear back from them. Good riddance

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  • Su
    susanku May 22, 2013

    I just went through the loan process with Freedom mortgage. It was a streamline refinance. I supplied the limited amount of paperwork they asked for and the closing costs were less than expected. I had no problems at all with the way my refinance was handled. I actually got a better deal than the first person that called me and I walked away with half the original interest rate and 5 years off my original loan!!! Not bad!!!

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  • I am a licensed Loan Officer who has recently received an invitation from Freedom Mortgage Corporation to pursue employment opportunities with them. Because my customer's satisfaction is extremely important to me, I have gone online to see what people are saying about this company as part of my due diligence.
    It appears to me that the majority of the complaints are directed at loan servicing issues, and most entail rather complex scenarios...
    I obviously do not have any first hand knowledge of any of the situations; but considering that according to the Nationwide Licensing System this company currently employs/sponsors 197 mortgage loan originators - who should be closing at least 5 loans each per month (197x5=985x12=11, 820) - which would be at least 11, 820 loans per year... Taking into account the number of complaints filed, as well as the nature and tone of the obviously frustrated (and frankly in many of the cases seriously uninformed) individuals filing these complaints, I plan to explore the opportunities with Freedom Mortgage.

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  • La
    Las Vegas Dude Jul 23, 2013

    I did a re-finance. Smooth as silk. Three weeks from start to closing. 3.35 Percent. No problems.

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  • Ll
    Llmitchell Jul 26, 2013

    Oh boy. We just sent our paperwork and all the required information back to them.
    I checked with the BBB and didn't find anything so I proceeded. Now after reading these reviews I'm wondering if I've made a terrible mistake!! Is it possible for me to just stop the refinancing? I haven't had any communication problems so far. I've emailed our loan officer there with numerous questions and have received a response almost immediately. But when our paperwork came the interest rate was higher than they said and when I asked I was told they had to do FHA so that was the best they could do. We thought that sounded weird but continued anyway. Now I'm very concerned and would rather stay with my current morgage company that I've had for 12 years than go thru this company and possibly have problems like you all have had.

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  • Jk
    JKEP Apr 14, 2014

    This company has the worst customer service I have experienced in a long time. I'm sure they're aces when it comes to closing but once they have your loan expect to be on hold for 20 minutes or more, have trouble getting a person and hopefully you won't need them to correct mistakes like overpaying your property taxes. LOANCARE should be renamed DONTCARE.

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