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Thank you for taking the time to read this. First, I would like to point out that Fred Meyer Jewelry is GREAT, their warranties are wonderful and aside from ONE manager, their customer service has always been excellent.

If you live in the Portland area and would like to receive outstanding customer service, I would suggest you to go 6495 SE TV Highway Hillsboro, OR and speak to Dan, or to their location in Cornelius and speak to Craig. They will treat you great and be very helpful in selling their fine jewelry.

My complaint is about "the manager" at the Cornelius store. His name is John and he treated me with a total lack of respect and has NO customer service skills at all.

I was making a return, and his back was to me, since he had been acting as if I was thoroughly putting him out of his way since I had entered the store, I was apologizing to him for causing him additional work. He turned to me, held his name tag out and said, "My name is John, I am the manager here." at which point I thought I had called him Don or something and asked what I called him. He replied, "Hon...and my name is not Hon, it's John." I don't think "Hon" would normally be considered an insult; especially when its from a customer of yours who is sincerely apologizing for having you do your job and I was aplogogetic because he acted as though I had asked him to explain the gravitational pull in a 10,000 word essay.

He continued to treat me with a total lack of respect while I returned the two items, that I had purchased the day before, he had me go home and get an item that he didn't need, "for a paper trail", it was not paper, it was a piece of jewelry that I assume he wanted to see.

I wrote up a complaint to the general store manager, who is not technically over the jewelry department. Mr. Wong was kind enough to call me back however and apologize profusely for the lack of customer service I had received. I then wrote a letter to, and left 2 messages for, the Regional Manager, her name is Sue Muccigrosso, and I realize it's a busy time of year for them, but I have yet to receive a response from her.

These returns were made on 12/5 so I feel I have given ample time to receive a response from someone in their company who has authority over him. You can only put 750 words on this complaint, so I can't truly express the arrogance, ignorance and general bad attitude that John had, but I left that store VERY upset and frustrated.

He also repeatedly told me "I am doing you a favor." Making a return on a defective item is NOT a favor. It's an expectation and part of their warranty.

Since I have been doing business at that store for years, I have only had good experiences and would refer people there. Now, I would suggest to deal with Craig if you go there, or drive out of your way and to to the other store. Our next purchase was done on line, because they do have wonderful high quality jewelry. Yesterday we finished our holiday shopping at the store on TV Highway, just to avoid John.

I have worked in customer service most of my life and I have personally never been treated so rudely by a manager, or any employee for that matter, at ANY establishment. You will receive better treatment at a Dollar Tree store.

He even had the audacity to ask me why I wasn't returning the merchandise to the same store I purchased it. That isn't his concern; however, the reason is I purchased it while I was out shopping and wasn't going to drive 18 miles back to that store when I have one 3 miles from my home.

But why would he ask a customer that? Especially a repeat customer, which he could clearly see by looking up our names, the numerous items we've purchased were all there. Even if I were buying a $30- charm, (which I wasn't...we were dealing with 2 items that totalled over $1,000-) he should treat people with the respect they deserve, simple human courtesy. He did not, he was extremely rude from the begining of our transaction until the very end when I asked him to hand me the bracelet I had just purchased, so I could wear it out of the store, and he insisted on putting it into a box and wrapping it up. That and him acting as if I were a child and holding his name tag out towards me were just too insulting to ignore.

What happened to the customer being right and especially when it's a consistent pleasant customer? I have gotten Thank You notes from their employees for always being so respectful, patient and understanding when a time delay does occur with special orders, as it sometimes will, and it's out of their control.

The "manager John" at the Cornelius store is one of the rudest, most disrespectful and arrogant people I have ever dealt with when making any transaction at all. He showed no respect to me, or others around him. To make matters worse, he did all of this in the presence of my 12 year old son.

Since it's been over 10 days and the only person I have heard from was the wonderful general manager of the store, Mr. Wong, I decided to put a complaint on here to warn others of the lack of respect they can expect to receive if they deal with JOHN at that store. Craig at that store, will be helpful, courteous, personable and go out of his way to ensure you get what you are looking for.

As will Dan Garcia at the store on TV Highway. I would just suggest unless you like to be treated horribly, not to deal with John under any circumstances.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this and please pass it on to spare others the absolute frustration, embarrassment and utter waste of time I endured.

Chris and Shannon Reichow


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Dec 25, 2019 4:59 am EST
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our shopping options are limited as we live in a very rural area. My check for Christmas shopping was declined even though my bank account exceeds $13, 000.00

Nov 17, 2019 8:39 am EST

I have been waiting for two weeks, already complained once via messenger, for this issue regarding the app not letting you delete your cart. Every time you try to or individually delete items it puts everything right back in. I can't do any pickup or delivery orders which works best for my busy family until this is resolved.
Please get this FIXED!

Aug 10, 2019 12:55 pm EDT
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Cashier name. Olga
She's berry bad service and rude
She never help to costumer

Mar 23, 2019 7:27 pm EDT

Your line of apparel is cheap. The Erika line of clothing was all cotton and very flattering to older seniors. You don't seem to cater to the people of the Northwest who appreciate natural fibers like cotton. Why not sell Made in America instead of cheap foreign clothing. So disappointed in you corporate choice.

Jan 09, 2013 4:48 pm EST

My wife and myself took a ring to have some work on it and the manager of the jewelry was a real jerk and really didn't k now what he was doing. Poor customer service.

Feb 25, 2011 3:39 am EST

I took in my watch today and ther service was good but they broke the spring trying to get the case back on after putting in a new battery so I took it to Clarks and said they shouldn't of worked on it and he said he might have to order a price to mix it and I'm not going to pay for it FRED MEYERS IS..

Apr 21, 2010 6:57 pm EDT
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I had a similar experience as both of you! My husband and I got each other our wedding set there. It was the one in Ventura, CA. There was only one decent person in there with any real customer service. The manager Patrick I can't remember his last name. Even then my husband and I found out he lied to us. So first off my husband and I got engaged back in November. He had the ring a month or two before. But it always stayed in the original box and somewhere safe. So nothing could bump it or cause it to fall or be damaged. So first few days I finally get to wear my ring I was sitting at work and it just happened to hit the light perfectly and I noticed a small crack on the base of the ring the part that's under the finger. I had my sister, mom and fiance examine it and yup it was cracked. I was sort of upset but I had signed up for the year warranty plan. So I thought well great at least I can get it fixed for free. So thats what I do. Then a few weeks go by and I want to surprise my fiance with his ring for Christmas. I saved and worked hard to earn the money because it was on layaway because for some reason I didnt get approved for any of their cards when I have credit and my fiance did get approved with no credit...uhg anyways. So I finally get his ring I wrap it up keep it safe. A few days before Christmas they call me and say there is a problem with the plan they sold me. I go in and they tell me they sold me the wrong one. I was supposed to get the 1 year but they accidentally sold me the 3 month. I am figuring ok anyone who has any good customer service skills would have said I am sorry for the inconvenience it was our fault. We will switch you over no extra cost. No not them. Even though I made it clear to them it was their fault and I shouldn't have to pay more money. They basically gave me this option. After saying oh we completely understand, they tell me I can either pat the difference which was like $60 extra or get a complete refund but give up the plan. Are you kidding me?! I was super angry. I almost gave up on the plan and got a full refund but I couldn't help but think what if something happens. So I paid it. Christmas comes I give him his ring. And guess what. It's cracked! Really?! So we took it back and they examine it and say oh it's not a crack we can just buff this out. Sometimes this happens and people think its a crack but not. I just thought to myself yeah if you guys had good craftsmanship this wouldn't even happen. So they buffed it out and everything was good for a while. He even had his ring re sized a few times no problems. Except for the rude people who work there. Since my fiance was approved for their card he has to make payments. Normally we would go into the store and make a payment. We go to the store one day and it's empty! They are gone! They did manage to leave a small note on the door saying they Santa Barbara! Thats a 45 min drive more if traffic. I look online and that is now the closest one to wear we live. So not only do they have terrible service but now they have inconvenienced every customer who used to go there. We have to drive to SB now just for a ring shinning to keep our plans valid! So STUPID! Time passes and we finally get married and I can wear my wedding band now. This has also been in the box for months in a safe place. I wear it for a few weeks and what do you know cracked! Granted I will say the wedding band is small. And its made of white gold which is a softer metal. This crack was split all the way through. I showed it to my sister and she said its still bad craftsmanship she has rings that size and same metal that have never broken in all the years she has had them. I was even more pissed at this point. So my husband and I went all the way to SB to get it fixed. Now the manager patrick had told us in the beginning that the skys the limit basically with this plan. We could even get the bands sautered together no charge. So I think fine they will fix the crack and sauter it together. Maybe that will reinforce it and it wont crack anymore. We take it in they say they will fix the crack. I ask to have it sautered and they say oh ok but that will be $48. Uuuum what? we were told that was free. Oh no she says thats just chain bracelets that can be suatered. Are you freaking kidding me?! My husband paid it even though at this point I don't see how it was justified. They said I should be able to get it the next day. It took them 3 days to call! And when I got it back It was a joke! Most rings get sautered by sautering it all the way around. you can still see it was two rings at one point. But they are completely fuzed together. Fred Meyers apparently thinks making one little sauter mark at the bottom of the ring counts and is worth $48. And they did such a crappy job! the bands weren't even aligned properly! So out more money and more ### craftsmanship. The warranty voids if I get work done on my ring by another jeweler. But I have just about had it with Fred Meyer. I am taking my rings to a real Jeweler who can fix their shotty work. DONT GO TO FRED MEYERS THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY AND DO A POOR JOB ON YOUR JEWELERY!

Oct 08, 2009 9:46 pm EDT


I have been through 5, yes 5 rings in less than ten months. ALL DEFECTS! I had to get the regional sales manager involved because the local store managers at two seperate locations here in Boise, Idaho gave me horrible customer service. Then when I told them I'm completely done returning rings and give me my money back they did not want to give me my warranty plan money back. The rings were defective why are you trying to keep my warranty money when me as the customer has spent more time in the store returning my ring then having my ring on my finger. BEWARE of the quality of ring you are buying. I fell into the trap of going back and buying a DIFFERENT STYLE ring spending more and more money everytime thinking that would fix the problem and it didn't. Unbelievable that they would have the nerve after 5 rings to tell me they were not going to fully give me a refund on my VSP plans. I had to raise my voice in the store and told her that I could not believe after all the crap I have been through that they would even think of not giving me a full refund. They tried to keep $125 of my money in my warranty plans.


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