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Forever 21hours of operation

Arrived at Westfield Shopping Center Mall in Palm Desert California a little before 10 a.m. Saul staff sweeping and cleaning floors no store hours posted on the windows waited for about 20 minutes realize that they were not going to open at 10 until we looked it up online recommend posting hours on Windows when the mall opens up earlier and staff behind the window could have let us know that it open at 11 instead of just looking at us standing there buzzing around

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    Forever 21bad behavior of security personnel

    We went to Forever 21 Robinsons Magnolia branch earlier. Nagpasama ako sa friend ko para bumili ng leggings. Nakakatuwa kasi yung saleslady very accomodating. She gave me recommendations kung ano yung pwedeng itry. So ayon nasa fitting room na ako. Yung friend ko naman, habang naghihintay sa akin, umupo sya muna and sa tabi ng upuan sa may fitting area, may nakita syang wall outlet and nagcharge sya. Di naman nya alam na bawal. Ang nakita na sya ng mga saleslady. Siguro nasa dalawa kasama na yung nagaassist sakin pero di naman sya sinasaway. So akala na okay lang. Palabas na kami ng fitting area and may guard na lumapit sa amin ang sabi "Alam nyo bang bawal magcharge dyan". Sobrang galit yung approach nya so nagsorry naman kami. Ang direcho lang hanggang palabas na. Bago pa kami makalabas. May ida pa ulit guard ang humarang samin. Sobrang panget ng approach "Kayo ba yung nagchacharge don?" Wala man lang maam or miss na tawag. Sabi namin. Opo kami nga po and may kumausap na nga po samin. Pasensya na po. Pero tuloy tuloy pa din yung guard. "Bawal yung magcharge dito.Alam nyo naman na private to. Pwede ko kayong icomplain!". Sobrang nakakashock kasi ganon yung approach samin. Pwede naman kami sawayin nung nagchacharge pa lang ng phone. Nakita na yung friend kl ng ilang saleslady ang walang lumapit so akala nya okay lang. And kung kailan nakabili na ako at lahat saka lang kami nilapitan nung guad. Wala pang 10 mins yung pagcharge ng friend ko pero parang ang dating eh nagshoplift kami or what. Sobrang bastos nung approach nung ladyguard na hindi na kami gaano nakaimik kasi nasa state of shock pa kami. Iniisip ko tuloy, siguro kung ibang customer yon na sosyal sosyal, hindi ganon yung approach nila. Sobrang nakakadisappoint. Walang customer service. Pwede naman kami pagsabihan ng mahinahon at hindi parang pinapahiya. Sabihan pa kaming "Pwede ko kayong icomplain!" Humingi na kami ng dispensa. Pero hindi ko talaga mapapalampas yung ginawa sa amin. You can watch the cctvt. Mas okay siguro kung maring nyo pa kung paano yung approach mga mga ladyguard don. Customers din naman kami. Hindi dapat ganon ang approach nila. I'm so disappointed sa Forever 21 Magnolia branch. I told this story to my sister and gusto nyang bumalik sa branch na yon to talk to the manager. Nakakalungkot. Never na akong mamimili sa branch na yon because of what happened.

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      Forever 21this company has a lot to improve on

      Consider this when applying to Forever 21 at Oshawa Center. When a company provides multiple hiring positions, despite of when the store started business, it means this store is already experiencing and having many civil issues affecting their business. This one here started September 2016, and currently hiring for over 10 positions. Why? Because the business needs help. Why does it need so much help? Perhaps the issues are from the management.

      One giant issue of this company/store, is over-hiring and cutting hours. They just over hire so many employees, (the manager also claims he/she does not fire people, making him/her seems like the best manager ever) but at the same time having to cut employees' hours due to this, in order to make the business look like it ain't loosing money. It's unfair! Especially when we all are here for one reason - to make a living! The company is doing so for the reputation, making it seems like it is a friendly workplace and everyone is treated like a family, providing a lot of hiring opportunities, but explain how is it friendly when it is cutting people's hours, even those who works full-time are sometimes ask to leave early. There are even employees who only work once a week. How is this a friendly working environment?

      The management needs to improve on 3 subjects.
      One is to improve on interview and hiring skills. During the online application and job interview, the job description is very minimal. The interviewer expect you to know, understand and have the experiences in the position you are applying for, even when the job ad said "no experience required". Therefore, it can lead to surprises when new employee started the actual work, thinking the roles doesn't match up with the job description.
      The interviewer claims the store to be multi-cultural friendly, for he/she hires employees of different races, but yet, has no knowledge of different cultures do businesses differently, due to cultural differences. (The founder of Forever 21 is a good example. A Korean couple opening business across North America. He uses Asian standards to maintain his business. Like employees are not allowed to confront shoppers if caught them stealing, because in Asians' mind, this is consider little things to not worry too much of. Americans/Canadians wouldn't make this a company policy knowing that it can affect the business by loosing money. Look at the company now when comparing to other clothing retail stores that are founded by North Americans, which one is earning more? Research that!) You just can't expect a new employee with only abroad working experiences, to apply that into the current job position, when knowing that he/she is new to this province and position, and is here to learn and gain Canadian work experiences, just to stay strong and try to make a living. That's what the new employee is here for. Either you don't say you're multi-cultural friendly, or you simply just don't hire people who only has abroad working experiences, when you have no patience in providing the training.

      Secondly, the management needs to improve on training skills. When promise to provide complete proper training for new employees, please do so in a proper way. For example, when you are training a new employee to do a whole complete proper opening, you need to schedule him/her to be at work an hour earlier prior to the mall opening time. Let him/her have the experience of doing the whole complete procedure, instead of scheduling him/her to half hour prior to mall opening time, and expect him/her to do an 1 hour work all within 30 minutes. You are the manager and yes perhaps you can do the job within 30 minutes, but he/she ain't a manager. So don't expect too much! Learn to see things from new employee's perspectives, not putting your abilities of doing something towards the standard, and expect them to do the same. You're the manager, not the new employee. He/she doesn't have to do what you can do, for he/she ain't the manager. So be patient and provide the new employee with all the complete training properly with patience.

      Lastly, the management needs to improve on improving themselves. When stressing the importance of being a role model and communication, the management aren't even doing so themselves when expecting the employees to. For example, a role model management would give all the proper break times to each and every employee, not causing some employees having to miss one of their breaks and sacrifice their own time and energy. A good company can only become better when learning to reflect on themselves, taking critics, and improving themselves, just like when interviewing, you ask the candidates what are their weaknesses. It's the same logic. When inferiors advice superiors what not to do, is not because they don't respect you, it's because he/she wants you to remember you are representing the company. A sales associate once came up to the cash counter to advice the superiors not to be behind the counter and chatting loudly, when there are no line-ups at the cash. One of the assistant manager flipped out and said "who does he/she think he/she is? He/She is only a sales associate. How dare he/she talks to me this way". If you ain't violating the company rule, would you think one would speak up? It ain't about the level of position you are, it's about representing the company. If you want to chit-chat loudly, do it outside work. Do realize you are at work to work. Work on communication so that you can handle such situation better. Why make something so small into a drama when it is a good opportunity for you to improve yourself, make yourself better and show you are a role model.

      Safety awareness needs to be taken more seriously. New employee was almost injured by a misplaced fallen ladder on his/her second day. Stock manager used an old clothing rack for moving the boxes of items to return to the warehouse, and one of her finger got injured and blood burst out. When the company is aware of this old broken clothing rack, why not replace it! Employees went to get the first aid kit when this injury happened, the first aid kit weren't even properly provided. Ice packs are still in the kit and not in the fridge like it's supposed to be, band-aids weren't even in the kits, only bandage cloths, and not even a wound spray in the kit. Explain what this first-aid kit is for then!

      Founder, there is no point of spending money on plastic wrappers and wrapping papers to protect items, which is not so environmental-friendly, when you don't even care if shoppers are stealing. Us, employees, are like working for a company which encourage stealing.

      Most outrageous thing that happened when resigned, the manager expressed that resume betrayed him/her, insulted the work experiences stated on it as well as the skills, and accusing the writer of this post to be a liar. The manager stated if performances and ability don't match, then don't put it on resume. How dare the manager said what not to put on resume when 1) the writer of this post did work for that position and have experiences, 2) the manager obviously know the writer of this post is trying his/her best to adjust and adapt to this new place where there are no families nor friends to support, and that the writer of this post is fighting hard to make a living at this foreign country, so don't dare freaking tell the writer of this post that an incomplete resume is better. The writer of this post now clearly understand how bad this company is, especially that the company hire someone so outrageous as a store manager. The writer of the post does not regret to resign the job.

      Seriously, not worth working here when working hours at this unhappy workplace with a not so good paid. Other clothing retail companies are already hiring full-time positions above $15, when here is still under $14. Also, during interview, the manager said he/she got hired as a manager without prior experiences, so just this can tell you a lot about how this store is.

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        • Updated by IamAnnonymous · Aug 09, 2017

          Also, another important thing I forget to mention regarding being a role model and violating company rule is that, when you are put to work at the cash, each cashier is suppose to only work with their own machine, meaning no other person is allowed to work on your machine without permission or without being supervised, and when you are not working on your cash machine, say for example on your break or covering a coworker's tasks since he/she is on break, then you're suppose to sign off. However, no one who works at the cash is doing so. Therefore, sometimes this leads to false accuse towards the main cashier who is responsible for his/her cash machine, to be the one stealing money, when the amount of money that's suppose to be in the machine doesn't match up. It could be anyone that uses the same machine who made a mistake when returning changes to customers. The management never accuse the head cashiers because they believe the head cashiers are fully and properly trained so they shouldn't be the ones who make the mistakes. Mistakes can happen to anyone! If the main head cashiers are so-called well trained, they should have known not to let multiple users use on one machine, and that they cashiers are properly sign/log off. We have a total of 6 or 7 cash machines, why is it limited to only opening 3 machines and some people have to "share" the machines when that's not the company policy.

          Another company rule many colleagues break is holding items for their own purchases before the customers. You are not suppose to hold items for yourself while you are working. You can only purchase store items outside your working hours, meaning after or before work, and during your 30 minute break (however wouldn't advice to shop during the 30 minute break because you may be ask to assist customers when you are seen on floor, and you loose time having your meal and/or having a washroom trip. Basically, 30 minutes is very short and pass by very quickly). Only those who works within the management team can check your bags when you leave work, and the only ones who can cash in employee's purchases. (Employee discount is only 10% off)

          Beware of nasty coworkers who say one thing to your face and another to your manager. When you work under minimal supervision and something happen to you, say you made a mistake or when your work performance is unsatisfied, the manager is not going to confront you because he/she is too busy to know the truth of the situation, so the manager will get the story from one of the assistant manager, and if the assistant manager doesn't know the whole truth and/or making up stories, you are still the one in trouble and the one to be blamed. This is what the poster of this complaint meant by the store is having issues with communication.

          When you actually start working, you will realize your position is just words and titles, what you are really doing as daily tasks, is doing almost everything. You are expected to be trained for doing every roles so you can cover another person when they are on breaks. Sales associates working on floor, the fitting room, the cash, the stock room, the visual displays, the shoes and accessories...etc. You are basically being force to work up towards the management team rather you like it or not. Some roles also required tests and certification, you are not allowed to be put to work under the station if you are not certified. There are 5 certificates in total to be completed if you want to be in part of the management team. When an employee is put on examination, he/she is suppose to watch a video about the role first, then asked to be put to perform the tasks for the test. Basically, you are working for multiple positions but your pay stays the same. Worth it?
          The poster of this complaint was suppose to and been told to watch the 5 videos to work towards the 5 certifications, on his/her very first week of work, because he/she works within the management team, but that never did happen, the management never scheduled the time for this to happen, so the poster of this complaint has to learn everything on his/her own. It's A LOT to take in for someone who never work at retails and the position is all new to him/her. Again, training not fully and completely provided, nor it is properly provided. It makes an employee question a lot, exactly how much does the management get trained. Why so many things are promised or suppose to be, but never seen? What happen to the role model, the communication, the training...everything!?

          To sum it all, it's simple to see how the store have issues because when the management have a lot to work on, the team ain't gonna perform well either, because the management is the role model, and when the role model isn't representing the company role model, the whole team is just gonna stay at where is it now, and no one can perform work above and beyond in this condition.

        • Updated by IamAnnonymous · Aug 13, 2017

          A guy come in store requested to see the manager so he can hand in the resume, yet the manager not only told him we're currently not hiring, but didn't even take the resume. The thing is, at the time we are hiring a cleaner, and the manager just told me that the guy doesn't look like a type of person who would apply for a cleaner position. Isn't it illegal to judge people based on appearance especially during this hiring process? It's like jumping to the conclusion too fast without even giving a chance to know this guy better. People don't just look for jobs without reasons. There are people out there willing to do anything just to pay off bills and all, and to gain work experience just starting from a kick starter position. It's just a retail store who hires minors such as part time high school students. It ain't like a office company who needs professional cleaners that knows how to use big cleaning machines and all. Our cleaning tools are just the basic broom, mop, vacuum, duster, wipes, garbage bags...etc. Basically, anyone can do this without being certified.

        • Updated by IamAnnonymous · Aug 22, 2017

          Left company around the end of last month, receive salary statement this week, when store promised to mail it to me a week after I left.

        Forever21horrible customer service & very arrogant attitude

        Horrible Customer service & Very arrogant attitude.

        I purchased over $120 online & $50 in store about 5 days ago. And now the items gone on sale from $19.90 to $13.93 & from 15.99 to $11.13.
        When I called them for the price match, they are refusing to price match the items, and extremely with a rude attitude, their response is “That how it is, that is our policy, if you don’t have other question good day”
        Last time I ever purchase any item from them.

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          Forever 21delivery, customer service

          Avoid these careless, time wasting imbeciles!!!
          I ordered on 1st june, parcel was delivered to a wrong place, a week later my parcel was sitting on a sofa in my buildings reception area, box was opened!! After inspecting it I made a list of missing items wit prices/prod uct codes/item descriptions, sent all to f21. They spoke to ups, who then called me on 14th june confirming it was indeex delivered to a wrong place. I kept emailing and emailing, had no responss until monday this week. First line was asking to provide a list of missing items.. This is their reply to my email where an extensive list is included!! This is what these donkeys do, they dont read emails, merely brosing them and ask for info u already sent over and over. Im owed nearly £300for missing items and decided to return the rest simply because I want nothing to do with them, order I made is worth £460 and im yet to get a single penny back. How can a so called company have one nr for all kinds of enquiries and one email?! Ill open a paypal case against them and will never buy anyth from there. All my friends withnessed this battle and none of them are going near that shop either. Avoid!!

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            Forever 21forever 21 online store, india

            I had ordered a product last month and it was lost/delivered somewhere else. The customer care had updated wrong information and told me it was delivered properly, while I did not get it. After taking up follow-ups several times, they informed that it had been lost.
            Later they told me my money would be refunded in 4-5 business days (that's what the website also says). I have been following up since more than 20 days now, and they only say that it's been processed and the money will reflect in my account in 24 hours. The most horrible service I have ever come across. This is an issue of fraud, dishonesty, horrible service, and carelessness..

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              Forever 21employees

              Today July 1, 2017 I was shopping in forever 21 to find my Fourth of July outfit I was helped by a young lady by the name of Chanel. Very friendly, new where everything was except one particular item. She asked another employee by the name of "Tatiana" if she could help find this item. It was a jean dress with balls on them. When I approached Chanel she told me to continue to shop and she would find the item and bring it to me. It took a little longer than expected and I'm guessing because as I was in the the area where shoes were located I seen an Indian lady who I'm guessing was a manger loudly approach Chanel and two other females YELLING LOUDLY "WHAT IS GOING ON, WHAT IS THIS, BREAK UP THE HUDLE, IF I ASK YOU AGAIN ILL FIRE YOU ALL" I seen Chanel then walk away ... she approached me and told me the dress wasn't located because she isn't allowed to talk with other coworkers. I found that approach to be very awkward and weird I asked her for the managers name she said preya. I think the way the employees are being treated is sad and disrespectful. Never would I ever put my employees on the spot like that in a full store. I seen Chanel walk away only to be followed and intaginized by this woman who is suppose to be her manager. She isn't suppose to be belittled. I then seen the other female who was helping her find the dress take her badge off and walk away. The level of disrespect was at an all time high. They need to understand their positions and when and where to handle things. I will not be returning to the concord store. Chanel handled herself really well and I told her I would make this complaint. My name is Amelia Collins, I can be reached at +[protected] I hope something is done about this. Thank you for the allowing me to voice my opinion.

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                Forever 21 — forever 21 ezdan mall qatar

                Hi I would like to share my shopping experience in Forever 21 Ezdan Mall Qatar. I bought my bag there and...

                Forever 21delivery and customer service

                I ordered items from this company and paid and extra $23 for expedited shipping. I called customer service because I was concerned it had not been shipped. They informed me it would come on the said date. I called back later in the day and spoke with a supervisor (Raymond) and he said I would receive it on the assigned day as well. I asked Raymond was he sure? He then stated well if you don't get it today you'll get it tomorrow. I said which one is it! He then repeated everything he previously told me! Finally the item was shipped BUT to the wrong address. I called to correct it and I received nothing but attitude and poor customer service from an agent named rain! I'm livid! I will never shop forever 21 again! I should not have to spend money on items that don't arrive in time! I should not have to deal with poor customer service! The lack of empathy and supervisors is totally unprofessional.

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                  Forever 21zip break on skirt

                  I live in the UK and came to New York obviously wanting to do some shopping, so happy they had a forever 21. I wore the skirt once last night and zip broke, after one wear, I can't even return it back home as there isn't a forever 21 store in the UK. If you would be able to provide a refund or send another of the same as this quality was not of a high standard.

                  zip break on skirt
                  zip break on skirt

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                    Forever 21customer service

                    I visited your Walt Whitman store and I have never in my life been treated so horribly in a store. There were an abundance of employees on staff so I know the store was not understaffed. There were 3 on registers, one of which seemed to be a manager and there was one in the dressing rooms. My shopping experience from he start was not good because there were 2 women literally screaming at a little boy. It made everyone in the store very uncomfortable. Multiple customers brought this to the attention of the employees and they seemed indifferent and did nothing. Ok, not a huge deal. Fast forward to waiting on line. I was in line to buy one item. I waited in line for what seemed close to 20 minutes because they were having issues with the credit card machines which I know is not their fault. However, there was one girl on the phone trying to fix them and 2 other cashiers, 1 of whom was struggling to help a mother and daughter with the machine because their card wasn't working. So there was only one girl taking everyone else in line. It got to my turn and I walked up to the counter and the other customer pushed her way in front of me and gave me a dirty look. No one said a word. The girls behind the counter also gave me a dirty look. So I stepped back and said ok then and the customer said "my card isn't swiping" which was not my problem. She didn't need 2 registers and the attention of all 3 employees. Everyone behind the counter just continues giving me dirty looks and I was about to put my shirt down and walk out until I saw the problem customer leave. So I saw it was my turn, walked up to the counter and no one said hello, how are you, or anything. The girl grabbed the shirt and continued to talk to the other girls behind the counter about how there are too many customers for a Monday and how she wishes they would all leave. She continued to say how no one should be in the store on Monday and I quote, "what is wrong with everybody coming here today". This is while she was ringing me up. I was completely taken back. She then said my total, and I have her the only cash I had because I didn't want to experience a problem with the credit card machine. My total was 16.64 and I have her a 20 dollar bill. She then says after putting in the amount I gave her, "don't you have 64 cents, my life would be a lot easier if you could just give me the change." At that point I just wanted to leave. So I dug in my purse and gave her the exact change. I counted it in front of her. She then refused to give me my receipt and $4 change until she counted it penny by penny and put it in the register. I have never experienced service like this in my life. I worked retail for 4 years so I know it can be tough, but I would never treat a customer the way I was treated today. With all of the competition online, I would have expected customer service to be at least pleasant. I left the store today almost in tears and I wish I had never gone.

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                      Forever 21 — terrible customer service form assistant manager

                      I was in the forever21 at the Bridgewater mall in New Jersey when I encountered the most disrespectful...

                      Forever 21 — mistreatment by employees

                      The dressing room attendant was rude and overly bossy. Another employee told me "I don't know do you see how...

                      Forever 21a dress I ordered

                      I ordered a dress online I was attending for memorial day weekend. Order#[protected]. When I placed the order online it said it would take 5-7 business days. Dress still hasn't arrived. Tried to call & cancel order & associate was rude, talking over me, & wouldn't allow me to cancel order. Asked to speak with supervisor waited on hold for 20 mins. Never ordering from forever 21 again. This is the 2nd issue I had with forever 21. This company sucks

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                        Forever 21 — unauthorized credit card charges

                        I ordered an item online (on 05/19/2017) for $15.90, but set it to deliver to the closest store. On...

                        Forever 21 — package never received & customer service never helped. it's been 6 months.

                        I placed an online order to be delivered to a local Forever 21 store back in December 2016. I never received...

                        Forever 21my order

                        I have ordered a few things online and it says that my package was delivered to me but it never has. I have now left the USA and would like to be advised how I will receive my package? I will be in Europe so I will need the package to be sent there. I really like my order so please advise.

                        Thanks so much. My order number is
                        Order Number:

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                          Forever 21store #338 katy mills

                          I went to forever 21 yesterday and was checked out by employee Jasmine cashier #2087696. Not once before, during or after the transaction was I acknowledged. No may I help you, your total is...have a great day, thank you...nothing! The entire time she held a conversation with another employee. I didn't say anything but I observed the whole time. As a former manager in retail, this is not the type of service you want representing your company. I thought it was very rude and unprofessional. I love shopping at your store and I'm always greeted by sales floor associates, but for a cashier not to say a word at all to me is totally unacceptable.

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                            Forever 21t-shirt

                            I went to F21 store (DLF Place Saket), most of the time i go there for shopping.There was one white t-shirt worth Rs 909/- (or 999) but on the tag it was 549 something i beleive & that tag was scratched.That guy on cash counter told me that its new price 909.I said yes dats ok, I agree but i need to gift it to someone so need the tag of Rs.909 only and he said no its not possible the price has been increased.See how can someone sell something with scartched price, in which we can see the old price was 549. I dont care for the price whatever it was. But the thing is that they should sell with correct price tag. I dont think I'm wrong anywhere.Tottaly disappointed with the service.They are not able to understand my problem and selling the thing with scratched price tag, I don't think anyone will buy.I need solution for this, thats the reason I'm sending this mail to you.

                            Please revert as soon as possible.

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                              Forever 21customer service and shipping

                              I ordered a kimono cardigan and paid for next day service. My shipment was placed 7:30 am EST which is way before the 11 AM PST cut off for next day delivery. I logged in the next day and saw that my garment had not shipped yet. I called customer service and was lied too. They advised me my shipment went out and I will be receiving it that same day. Three days later, still did not receive my shipment. I called fed-ex. Fed ex advised that my shipment was not sent by the sender until 3 days after they created the label. They create a label to just fool you that they are sending it the same day, and then don't send it until days after. I had fed ex send me the procedure and what happened in writing. I contacted forever 21 customer servicer again so I can file a complaint and get my money back from the shipping that was not sent next day. I received the worst attitude and no one wanted to send me to the correct people that I can process a complaint with. They wouldn't even switch me over to a manger. Such liars, and thieves.

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