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This place in Clarksville Ky even though I have a 2017 full bumper to bumper service for oil changes tire rotation etc, they will not do these items without another major thing added to the appointment like some other kind of repair - which I do not have on this new Tarus
We told them to add tire rotation and they set an appointment November 6th but would not do a straight oil change under this warranty plan with or without use paying for the service with money.

This is a crappy way to do business on a company who owns a fleet often as many as 9 ford products. Your other local Hopkinsville KY dealer is even worse when it comes to service and equipment and lack of people who can even run the equipment

Now since my ownership includes the cost of this service and I can not get the service my legal company calls that fraud!. Can you fix this if you care, or do we sell our equipment to car max and buy some cheap GM product because the service in our new area of resident is to cheap or careless or un-professional to provide service
Let me know how your company intends to help us, prior to us taking other majors

Oct 20, 2019
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  •   Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Gary, your legal company is mistaken. The Ford Motor Company has been in business for over a century and has never committed fraud. Please consider contracting a more experienced legal team to carefully read the terms of your maintenance contract. Thanks!

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