Ford Motor Companygap insurance

I filed a claim [protected] with GAP coverage which operates through your credit dept two weeks ago. Never was I advised what was needed.I had to call to find out which documents were needed.When I spoke to someone over the phone re: what I needed.She began rambling off all the documents. I interrupted her with a question.She complained that I interrupted her and hung up. Several other employees hung up eg. I asked for clarification on their email address as I received 3 versions and one person told me that he did not receive the document.Today I spoke with Ken who was very condescending and aloof. He would not answer me when he now added a new condition ie that I had to cancel my ford service contract before the claim could be settled. I asked him where it was located in the contract.He said he had to get the contract.Never did and never answered me. Instead he began criticizing dealers . I said this is superfluous. His response to me was "at least I know the meaning of that word." Then during the conversation he called me "dear" I told him this is a business conversation not a romantic call. He incessantly talked over me especially when I repeatedly asked him to show me where in the contract it said I had to cancel my service contract before the claim could be settled. He accused me of yelling. Yes, I spoke up because he refused to answer my question He continued to dodge the questions with a lot of gibberish eg. criticizing dealers and superfluous information about GAP. Finally today Ken sent a list of the needed documents However, Ken said that their company was an "inbound " company. His definition was that they only exist to receive documents since I complained I never got a response from anyone by phone or email regarding if the documents were adequate. I never heard of a company not interacting with the customer on the quality of documents. Based on my treatment of this Department of the Ford Company, I never will purchase a GAP contract thru Ford again. I may never purchase a Ford automobile again . virginia baron [protected]

Oct 08, 2019

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